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Make your WordPress blazing fast by offloading your files to Cloud!

Offload your media to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage and speed up your website. Offload your Existing Media Library to Cloud, then rewrites URLs. It can also transfer WordPress all media files to Cloud automatically.

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Why did you choose Next3 Offload ?

Integrated with AWS

Easy to manage Cloud

Using Our Plugin, you may upload files, create buckets, directories, and upload different image sizes to Cloud.

Create Bucket

Transfer Media

Exiting website media files are automatically transferred to Cloud and media URLs are rewritten.

Upload Files

Upload Files

When you use wp media to upload files, they are automatically stored in Cloud and can also be used in any post.

File Manager

Speed Up Site

Your server is no longer required to serve files like images, zips, PDFs, videos, CSS, and JS. It may focus all of its resources on processing PHP and serving WordPress pages more speedily.

Files Usability

Files Usability

Anyone can use the Plugin File Manager to store files, which they can then use anywhere in the WordPress directory.

Super Friendly Support


Compatible with WooCommerce, EDD, BuddyPress, Wp Rocket, any CDN Service, and any Theme or Plugin.

Why should you offload your images?



All of your files will be provided via Cloud servers, which will relieve the burden on your server and speed up your website. This has a significant impact on your Page Speed score, resulting in a higher ranking in search engines like Google.


Server Requests

Reduce server requests to offload files like images, zips, PDFs, videos, CSS, and JS. It may focus all of its resources on processing PHP and serving WordPress pages more speedily.


Load Page Assets

Pages will load more quickly as images, CSS, JS, fonts, and other assets download more quickly. This is precisely what Amazon CloudFront and other CDNs are made for.


Google Rank

Google is speed-obsessed, and since 2010, its search algorithms have taken page speed into account. Therefore, by making your pages load faster, you can elevate your position in search results, increase organic traffic to your website, and boost conversions and sales.


Lowers Website

Your website will take up less space on your server if all of your contents are stored on Cloud. Finally, you can save money on website hosting by performing more backups and doing them faster.



According to a 2010 survey by Akamai, 57% of users will leave a page if it takes three seconds or longer to load. The happier a visitor is, the more probable it is that they will stay on the website, click on to the next page, and make a purchase or fill out a form.


Better Website Cloning For

You can now clone your website to any local workstation without copying all of the images.

How Next3 Works?

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Offload Exiting Media


rewrites URLs


Remove Files - Server


Speed Up Website

Make your Website lightning-fast
& offloading ​files to Cloud

Offload your media to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage
and serve it lightning fast or another CDN.

Offload your Exiting Media to Cloud

Starting now, Next3 Offload Media will begin offloading the files in your existing Media Library.

  • Offload wp-media files to colud
  • Monitor your offload process from settings page
  • Cloud Providers:
    • Amazon AWS
    • Google Cloud (Upcoming)
    • DigitalOcean Spaces (Upcoming)
    • Wasabi Cloud (Upcoming)
  • Control pause and resume process
  • Display percentage(%) of Cloud Stroage & Local Stroage
Easily Upload your Exiting Media Library

Control Cloud Storage from WP Media Library

We've sprinkled controls throughout the Media Library to provide the appearance that WordPress natively supports Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and DigitalOcean Spaces.

  • You can select many files at once and select whether to copy them to cloud storage
  • Delete them from cloud storage, or copy them back from cloud storage to the server.
  • Toggle options for move or copy files from the Media Library to the cloud.
  • Display Cloud Info:
    • View Region
    • View Bucket
    • Rewrites URLs
    • File path
  • Multiple sizes (Depend on WordPress Media sizes) copy & move local between cloud stroage
Control Cloud Storage from WP Media Library

Remove Files from Server

Next3 Offload Media can save server storage space by removing media files that have been offloaded to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage.

  • Removes all offloaded media files from the server in the background to clear up storage space
  • Monitor your removing process from settings page
  • Control pause and resume process
  • Display percentage(%) of Offload files & Local files
Remove Files from Server

Download & Remove from Cloud Storage

Have you removed all of the offloaded media files from your server? With the touch of a button.

  • "A single click" offloaded files load into WP Media Library
  • Display into WP Media & Select file for use anywhere into WordPress (Posts, Pages)
  • Easily get your offloaded media from Cloud:
    • Amazon AWS
    • Google cloud (Upcoming)
    • DigitalOcean Spaces (Upcoming)
    • Wasabi Cloud (Upcoming)
  • There is no need for scripts or the command line.
Create unlimited Bucket

Copy Between Cloud

Do you need to copy your offloaded media to a different bucket on the same cloud storage provider? Perhaps you're transitioning from a staging bucket to a production bucket?

Next3 Offload Media allows you to simply copy media from one bucket to another within the same cloud storage provider. Files are quietly copied in the background.

File Manager

Feature Comparison

  • Features

    WP Offload Media
    Sumsh Pro
    Next3 Offload
  • Ontime-payment
  • Product Price
    $1,199 /Yearly
    $7.5 /Monthly
    $299 /Lifetime
  • Unlimited offload files
  • Software Updates - Lifetime
  • Free Support via Email, Live - Lifetime
  • Offload your existing media library
  • Cloud File Manager
  • Clean files from the server - Already Offload
  • Download and remove from Cloud Storage
  • Copy between buckets
  • Move files to the new storage path
  • Link up media items that already exist in the cloud
  • Speed up the delivery of CSS, JS, Fonts, and other assets
  • Individual Offload Exiting Media
  • Website media files transfer to aws
  • Drag and drop media files upload
  • Create unlimited bucket
  • Upload unlimited files - Cloud File Manager
  • Auto upload into Cloud
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Compatible with WPML

Our Next3 AWS plugin supports multiple countries and definitely works with WPML. Like a consequence, people from all around the world can feel more at ease using guided marketing scheme.

Your Success is Our Inspiration

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Yaroslav SOKOLOV Plugin Developer

Next3 AWS is surely the most powerful Plugin for Amazon S3 Service, Easy to use AWS files into WordPress Website..

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Ivan Roca Consultant

Awesome features of Amazon S3 Service, and Easily create buckets, set region and upload files from Wp Media. Most beautiful..

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