Key Advantages of Salonly.

The Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin for WordPress generally connects with a calendar system for scheduling purposes. It might additionally include functionalities like online payments, service bundle choices, and customer profile administration. This aids in simplifying the procedure for both clients and businesses, enhancing the convenience of scheduling and payment for customers.

  • Customers can book appointments online and make payments easily, eliminating the need for phone calls or in-person visits.
  • Payment options include: Stripe (Credit Card), WooCommerce Checkout, and Cash or Offline Payment.
  • A Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin for WordPress can automate many scheduling and payment tasks.
  • This reduces the employees' workload and frees them to focus on other projects. A well-designed booking plugin can improve the customer experience by providing clear information about service choices and prices.
  • Businesses can use such an exclusive plugin to keep track of available time slots.

A Quick Overview of the Booking.

With the online salon booking plugin Salonly for beauty, spa & salon, you have overall control
over every aspect of functions. Including the front-end salon service booking forms,
the back-end configurations, and manage scheduled customers.

A Quick Overview of the Booking.

Single form

Place the salon online booking system in its single form on any of your chosen pages so that customers can confirm their bookings. Use a shortcode to pick a page and a specific position that matches your website's design.

Single Form

My Account

Customers are able to handle orders, download invoices, and access Account Settings. This includes the ability to modify passwords, update First Name, Last Name, and Billing Address.

My Account

Booking Summary

Customers can view a summary of their booking when they begin the booking process. Additionally, the system calculates total working hours, the overall booking amount, and other related details.

Booking Summary

The Dashboard Report

Graphical report

Represents graphical results on overall sale, booking, income etc. overview.

Single Form

History Overview

You can see and observe the overall history to count the improvement from this section.

History Overview

Booking Overview

Represents all the booking records which help to count the overall record of successful and pending booking.

My Account

Sale Overview

To see an overview regarding sale, this section will help you to have a clear idea on sale.

Booking Summary

Income Overview

For analyzing overall income, you can go through the income overview.

Booking Summary

Booking Summary

The dashboard provides access to reports including booking history, order summaries, and the payment gateways utilized by users.

Booking Summary

Adaptable Form Data Controls

Service Types

Plugin users can manage salon services types and access backend settings directly. As an admin, you can add an unlimited number of Service types along with their associated costs. This will make it simpler for customers to choose services based on the specific type of service they own.

Single Form

Service Items

You can organize available service items as a list as well. This means you have the option to establish a list of services with distinct names and separate sales, regular, and other pricing. Moreover, you can incorporate service items into the selected bundle to exhibit them under the packages. Customers can then select a service from this section. To finalize their booking, they only need to opt for the desired service.

Service Items


To enhance consumer convenience, you, as the admin, have the capability to generate service bundles. When a salon service type is chosen, the related packages will be displayed alongside. Alternatively, you can designate certain packages as standard across all service types. It's possible to create multiple packages featuring details like sale prices, regular prices, discount descriptions, available service items, service categories, service duration, and more. This way, you can structure each package according to your service arrangement, and customers can easily select a specific service by clicking the "buy now" button on a package.

My Account

Setup Time

As an admin, you have the capability to activate a time and date slot directly from your dashboard. This allows you to establish the available time and date options for service provision, including weekends and holidays for the convenience of customers. Beneficially, your customers can effortlessly choose their preferred time and date with just a few clicks.

Booking Summary

Team Members

As an admin you can add all team members to display as service providers with their information and rating.

Booking Summary

Custom Field

The admin has the ability to create an unlimited number of custom fields for gathering additional customer data.

Booking Summary

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Salon Services can be booked in a very simple way.
Just follow these few steps:

Integration of Payment Systems

Activate the automated confirmation of customer payments in the car service booking form's payment
system. Configurable payment gateways include Stripe and WooCommerce Payment (Upcoming).

Individual Details

Within the Personal Information Section, you can establish a personalized input field for gathering client details. Through backend options, you can conveniently manage and introduce new fields using a multi-nested repeater.

Personal Information
Payment Method

Payment Method

Selecting a currency and enabling or disabling the payment system allows the payment management choices accessible in the backend settings. By referring to the WordPress Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin’s Documentation, you can generate new Payment Gateways. The available Payment Gateways include Stripe - Card, WooCommerce Checkout, and Cash | Offline Payment.

Discount Coupon

The Discount Coupon feature of the Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin Salonly lets you establish a coupon code. This code can grant a percentage or flat discount. Customers simply need to apply the coupon code, and the discount will be automatically subtracted from the subtotal amount.

Personal Information
Payment Method

Deposit/Down Payment

With this unique function of the WordPress online salon booking plugin Salonly, you can define the entire booking cost. Your customers are only required to pay the deposit amount to confirm the booking. After receiving the complete service, they can conveniently settle the remaining balance of the total amount.

Do you need a plugin for Beauty Salon & Spa Online
Booking services?

This plugin allows you to quickly reserve a time slot in just one minute.
Customers can easily schedule their online salon booking services using this tool.

Billing PDF

The backend settings encompass options for downloading the booking invoice as a PDF.
Customers can retrieve their order's invoice, and you have the ability to modify
the invoice through the PDF settings.

PDF Invoice

Effective Characteristics

Explore the key features and functionalities of the online salon booking plugin to
attain your desired outcomes.

Friendly Functions

Amiable features

The plugin provides easy and practical features that users can utilize to enhance the overall salon servicing process with greater ease.

Easy to Customize

Simple to Customize

It offers customers versatile customization options to help them improve their websites.

Say No to Code

No Coding Knowledge

The Salonly plugin does not require any coding expertise. Users can utilize this cleaning service provider plugin without the need to learn coding.

Editor Flexibility

Order Form

The backend options of the WordPress online salon booking plugin simplify the management of order forms and all associated form data.


Extensive reservation form

By utilizing the backend options of the Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking plugin, you can effortlessly oversee multi-step booking forms and seamlessly modify all form data.

Theme Compitible


Both free and premium themes are compatible with the plugin Booking. Additionally compatible with platforms such as DIVI, Avada, Enfold, Astra, and others.

On Click Install

Integration of Payments

You can set up your Stripe - Card, WooCommerce Checkout, Cash | Offline Payment. Gateways payment configuration for online booking confirmation.

On Click Install

Dynamic Calculation

You can observe a real-time calculation based on your reservation details. This includes the complete reservation cost, any applicable discounts, and the resulting net total.

How Does It Work?

The Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin makes the overall booking and scheduling process more
easy and user friendly for online salon booking. Just follow these few
steps to pick up an available schedule:

Create Booking Form

Config Settings

Manage Booking

Do you need a plugin for Beauty Salon & Spa Online
Booking services?

This plugin allows you to quickly reserve a time slot in just one minute.
Customers can easily schedule their online salon booking services using this tool.

Seamless Integration


Frequently Asked Questions

An online salon booking plugin for WordPress is important as it automates the appointment scheduling process, providing customers with 24/7 convenience to online salon service booking. As it reduces manual workload, minimizes booking errors, and enhances the overall customer experience.

A Beauty Salon & Spa Online Booking Plugin for WordPress can provide seamless appointment scheduling, boosting customer convenience and satisfaction. This streamlined process can attract more clients, improve resource management, increase revenue etc. ultimately fostering business growth.

No, I just need to run a WordPress website and install the plugin. The user-friendly beauty salon & spa online booking plugin will provide you a really easy user experience without having any coding knowledge.

Yes, there are three packages available: personal, business and developer. All these differ from price, license and number of sites.

You can smoothly make a reservation online using Salonly. Follow the steps and required fields to confirm a reservation.

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