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Next3 Offload Vs. Imagify

Like Imagify, Next3 Offload optimizes images… but it does a lot of other things Imagify doesn’t do!

If you are just looking for a simple image optimization plugin — Imagify is enough for you.

However, just optimizing the images is not enough to speed up your website, right? You can use a variety of other methods along with the image optimization such as offloading media to cloud storage, delivering media through CDN, Minifying JS and CSS, optimizing the database, etc. to boost your website’s loading speed and user experience.

And you know what? It is possible to leverage all these features for your website using a single WordPress optimization plugin.

…introducing Next3 Offload.

Voted by its users, this WordPress plugin has recently received Monster’s Award as the best optimization plugin of the year 2023.

Try Next3 Offload today, you’ll know why users love it.

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How Does Next3 Offload
Compare with Imagify?

Feature Next3 Offload imagify
Save Media Files in Cloud Storage
Minify CSS and JS Files
Built-in Image Optimization
Backup Original Images
Database Optimization
Create AVIF Image
Create WebP Image
Image Compression
CDN Integration
Dedicated File Manager
CSS and JS Offload
Lifetime Plans
Lifetime Update and Support

Why Should You Prefer Next3 Offload
to Imagify?

Speed Optimization Made Easy with One Plugin

While Imagify basically works with image compression and optimization, Next3 Offload comes with a lot of cool features like offloading unlimited media files to the cloud, database optimization, bucket creation, CDN support, caching, image optimization/compression, and so on.

So, if you use Next3 Offload instead of Imagify, you don’t need to buy any image compression plugin, data optimizer tool, or even offloading plugin separately. Next3 Offload is your Swiss army knife for WordPress speed optimization.

Unlimited File Offloading to the Cloud (Missing in Imagify)

Next3 Offload allows you to offload unlimited media files to your preferred cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Bunny Storage, Wasabi Cloud, Digital Ocean Spaces, StackPath, IDrive e2, CloudFlare R2, and dozens of popular cloud storage platforms. You can either create new buckets or choose an existing bucket to store your media files as soon as you configure cloud storage from the Next3 Offload’s Dashboard.

Cloud offloading is one of the most amazing features of Next3 Offload compared to Imagify which doesn’t have this functionality at all. Once you start using this, you can easily minimize the pressure and disk usage of your website’s server.

Minify and Offload JS and CSS Files (Missing in Imagify)

Next3 Offload plugin not only stores your media library or chosen media files to your preferred cloud storage, but it is also capable of doing the same for JS and CSS after minifying them (of course, you have options to enable/disable). Ultimately, your website becomes much faster than you think with just this incredible speed optimizer plugin aka Next3 Offload.

Buy Once, Enjoy Forever (Missing in Imagify)

While Imagify only offers 3 monthly and 3 yearly plans, Next3 Offload offers 3 lifetime plans along with 3 yearly plans to make sure you can choose the right plan for your website. Once you buy a lifetime license from Next3 Offload, you will get rid of recurring payments (it means you just need to pay once and the plugin will be forever yours).

Upload and Offload Instantly (Missing in Imagify)

With Next3 Offload’s dedicated file manager featuring the drag-and-drop functionality, you can upload and offload any media file like images almost instantly to your selected storage provider.

Optimize and Compress Images

Both Imagify and Next3 Offload lets you optimize as well as compress images to make sure your website loads faster and the images do not take up too much space on your website’s server.

Next3 Offload Vs. Imagify: How is Next3 Offload a Great Alternative to Imagify

Database Optimization is Easier than Ever

Unlike Imagify, Next3 Offload lets you optimize your database every week. If you activate the feature on Next3 Offload, you can delete page and post drafts, page and post revisions, trashed pages and posts, spam comments, trashed comments, and expired transients on a weekly basis. However, you can enable/disable all of these database optimization features individually using the toggle buttons.

Live Demo for Quick Testing

Though Imagify has a free plan with 20 MB of image optimization per month, that’s too low for high quality images, isn’t it? However, though Next3 Offload doesn’t offer any free version, it offers you free live demo to view the funcationallities and user interface of the plugin. It means that only if you are satisfied with the features and how the plugin looks, you can make a decision to purchase it or not. Pretty straightforward, right?

Dozens of Storage Providers and CDNs Availability

When it comes to choosing storage providers to store or copy your WordPress media library files, Next3 Offload lets you choose from Amazon S3, Bunny Storage, Wasabi Cloud, DigitalOcean Spaces, and any S3-compatible storage providers.

On the other hand, when it comes to delivering your stored content with CDN, you can choose from Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, and other custom CDNs of your preference.

Along with enabling/disabling the delivery cache, you will find options to activate the Force CDN delivery.

Next-Gen Image Conversion Support

While Imagify lets you convert your uploaded images AVIF format as next-gen image format, Next3 Offload offers the WebP format, another popular next-gen image format used by a lot in websites to keep media files optimized without compromising the quality.

Backup of Original Media Files

Once you optimize or compress the image, you may want to keep a backup of the original images for future use. You can back up all your media files in their original format using either Imagify and Next3 Offload. Both the plugins do an amazing job here.

Offloading Preferences

This is an exclusive feature of Next3 Offload. You are in the driving seat to define whether you will offload media files to your cloud storage in bulk or individually, clean the offloaded media files from local storage or not, and offload the JS and CSS files or not. Even you can choose to move all the offloaded files back to local storage again if you want. You can do it all just clicking individual buttons designed on Next3 Offload.

Lifetime Support and Updates

Yearly or monthly plans come with the hassle of recurring payments. If you wish to use a plugin for the long term, the best idea is to find the LTD of the plugin. Unlike Imagify which offers only monthly and yearly plans, Next3 Offload offers 3 affordable lifetime plans along with 3 yearly plans to make sure you can choose the right plan for you.

If you buy any lifetime plan of Next3 Offload, you will get lifetime updates of the plugin for free along with lifetime support via live chat and support tickets.

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What people are

Some of the most successful website owner in the world use
Next3 every day. It’s also used by hundreds of thousands of
talented individuals, like you. Here’s what people have to say:

Themedev has Awesome products, Basically i use Next3 Offload, well support!!
Definitely the best experience! Devid was super helpful on the chat and they resolved my query within minutes!
Astro Yudha Kertarajasa
great plugin, they are very active in updating, and fixing bugs, the support is very good, hopefully themedev will be even better after this
Nick van de braak
This support is the best i ever had!! Response time like max 1 minute, i had a problem activating a plugin and within 5 minutes it was working perfectly!!
Mike Horth
I had a few issues setting up (my mistakes). the support team are excellent and very fast and very patient.

I would trust them whole heartedly.

No hesitation on recommending them at all.
Maximus G
Purchased Next3Offload from them, the plugin didn't work out of the box due to the theme not correctly sizing images (not their fault). Images would offload but not display and the support helped me within a day to make the appropriate changes to the theme code and correct the problem. Seeing the negative reviews, I was worried, but it turned out fine after all.
Bought the plugin and had issues with certain things not working as it should. Shuvo at ThemeDev support managed to sort the issue - thank you for your assistance!

Questions You May Have in Your Mind

  • Next3 Offload lets you compress your images with 3 compression levels: High (85% compression), Medium (50% compression), and Low (25% compression). You can choose any of these compression levels as per your preference.

  • If you have large images and you want to resize them to fit a maximum width, you can choose from 1920px, 2048px, and 2560px. You can also disable this feature if you want.

  • Next3 Offload lets you convert your image files to WebP for better quality and browser support.

  • Absolutely yes. You can always move all your offloaded media files to local storage again.

  • Sure. Next3 Offload enables you to either offload all the existing media files in bulk or individually depending on your configuration.

  • There is no problem if you want to use both Imagify and Next3 Offload on your website, you can do that. They are well-compatible.

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