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Why Do You Need To Add a CRM
Plugin to Your Site?

Adding a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin to
your website can provide a number of benefits for your business, such as:

  • Active Leads: A CRM plugin like NextCRM provides forms or opt-in forms on a website to take out leads. As it works on collecting all the contact information of potential customers.
  • Contact management: A perfect CRM plugin sorts and manages all important information and contacts to keep track of customers interactions, history etc.
  • Lead tracking: A CRM plugin can help you to track leads through the sales funnel by providing you with detailed analytics and reporting. So you can see where leads are coming from and how they are progressing.
  • Email marketing: The plugin allows you to run automatic email marketing campaigns by creating an effective email list and sending relevant emails to your targeted customers for increasing conversions and potential customers.
  • Customization: A CRM plugin develops the customization portion of user experience and it helps to know more about customers' preference to design a suitable website with an effective marketing process.
  • Sales tracking: This email marketing plugin can help you to identify issues and opportunities, and improve your sales process and conversion rate by tracking sales, manage customer interactions and automate the pipeline.

Features of The Best WP Email
Plugin NextCRM

Multiple Integration

Show overall Campaign Review

Displays overall subscriber report and campaign progress report in a graphical chart.

Simple to Setup Forms

Manage Contacts

This feature helps to manage contacts like creating new ones, delete, edit or filter by keyword.

Manage Contacts

Import & Export

Import allows you to save all the data into a file. Also Export email list and data into the dashboard contact field.

Export Import Contacts

List & Tags

Show all the customers' emails in a list. You can add new, edit or delete any email from the list. NextCRM also supports Filtering the emails by tags.

Export Import Contacts


Allows filtering the customers’ emails with required fields. Segmentation allows you to enable some extra specific fields to filter the email lists according to customer type.

Export Import Contacts


Select your required fields to create a form for gathering the customers information. That means you can manage and create the form for your customers.

Export Import Contacts


Display the overall campaign details with status. Also provide the scope to preview, report, edit, delete email campaigns.

Export Import Contacts

Automatic Contact Funnels

Enable the required features if you want to collect WordPress visitors, new contacts of new registered users, commenter, Customers etc.

Export Import Contacts

Your Business Info settings

For every email campaign and other email regarding tasks, set one basic email address and business details. So that you don't need to enter the information each time you run a campaign.

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Dashboard Overview at A Glance.

Have a look on overall report on Subscriber, list, contact and campaign overview. Think about
the growth and positive vibes of email campaign with just a look on Dashboard overview.

Subscriber Report

NextCRM represents a report which can tell about the users’ activities like if they are leaving or clicking. Without this funnel analysis, you can’t track the user data to analyze the overall campaign performance.

Subscriber Overview

Subscriber overview displays the subscribed and unsubscribed audiences. It represents a graphical overview of every month’s subscriber report to analyze the overall result.

List overview

Show the list of emails that participated in the email campaign. That means you can see the email list of your targeted audiences that were collected for the email campaign.

Contact overview

In this portion of contact overview, you can see the total contacts, number of subscribed and unsubscribed contacts.

Campaign overview

Shows the number and percentage of Total campaign and Running campaign

Manage Contacts

NextCRM provides the full flexibility to have all information about each contact and edit
the list as per your need. Filter, edit and analyze any information about the
contact without any hassle.

Contact List

All contacts that are collected for email marketing purposes are shown in a list. Overall customization flexibilities are provided for your convenience. It makes the list edition, preview of the customers, etc more easy to access.

Contact List

Contact Overview in a Pop-up

Contact Overview provides all the information about every audience or contact details like email, address, phone etc. This information helps you to analyze your targeted audiences.

Contact Overview in a Pop-up

Contact Emails

As well as contacts status (lead, subscribed, commenter etc.), the emails and other details are also represented in the section.

Contact Emails

Contact Notes & Activities

In every email preview you can find a portion for Notes and activities. All notes and audience or customers activities can be checked from this part.

Contact Notes & Activities

Subscription Forms

You can create a subscription form to collect emails. That means the subscription
form and its fields are customizable and you can create it as you want.

Form Setting

In the subscription form you can set the fields for first name, last name, date of birth etc to gather this kind of basic informations of your customers.

Form Setting

Message Settings

When updating the form, Message settings allow you to provide some messages under specific conditions where a Successful message, Already message, and Alert notification is provided after filling the form

Message Settings

Display Settings

In display settings you can set a button text, icon class etc for the form that you are customizing for audiences.

Display Settings

Popup Settings

When you want to set the form as a Popup, you must enable it and set the Popup's position, width and height etc to create a perfect Popup.

Popup Settings

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Engage a huge number of customers, gather leads, and attract audiences with exclusive
offers to grow your business with the perfect email marketing strategy.

Create Campaign

This is the most important feature. You need to create particular campaigns to promote your business.
When you are ready to run a campaign and working for it, you get all the
scopes to edit the campaign related features.

Campaign Preview

Campaign preview allows you to see the email that is prepared for sending in the email campaign. Before sending the mail you can confirm it and edit the mail if needed.

Campaign Preview

Report Campaign

After completing an email campaign you can see the report where all the details about the mails and audiences will be represented. It will help you to analyze the success of email campaigns and count the number of active customers.

Report Campaign

Access Campaign

Any campaign can be modified. Not only that you can duplicate any campaign to change particular tags or functions. You can stop any running campaign if needed. Also preview, send, report, delete every required option are available for your convenience.

Access Campaign

Automatic Contact Funnels

Setup automation system for collect customer lead automatically from sources,
like as WooCommerce Order, EDD Order, and Others Platform.

WordPress User

After enabling the module of Automatic contact funnels for WordPress Users, the best WP email marketing plugin NextCRM automatically adds the new users who are registered in WordPress.

Comment Form Subscription

Automatically add the visitors in the subscription list who add a comment in your website.

Easy Digital Downloads Order

Collect emails of the customers when their order has been processed.

WooCommerce Order

Collect and segment email contacts of the customers when their order has been completed.

Grow Your Business with Automating
Email Marketing Campaigns

Get the amazing and feasible plugin NextCRM to follow the easiest email marketing
strategy accessing a huge number of features and modules.


Create Contacts List


Send Emails


Set Automated Funnels, Sequenced Emails


Turn Leads & Send Campaign

The Most Feasible Features

More functionalities and features to help you sell more things and collect
emails from all across the world.


WooCommerce Order

You can compile email list subscribers with each Complete or Pending WooCommerce order. Additionally, you may gather emails from other WooCommerce websites using the API.

user registration

WordPress Registration

You ought to get email addresses from users who register on your website. Using the API, you can also get email from other WordPress websites.

comment optin

Easy Digital Downloads

You can compile subscribers and add them to an email list with every Complete or Pending EDD order.

wordpress user sync

Product wise listing

Customer data can be sorted by product. An API can also be used to obtain consumer data, such as WooCommerce and EDD order information.

inline form

Inline Form

Inline forms allow you to embed forms anywhere on your website and gather subscribers for whatever list you desire.

custom fields

Custom Fields

It's simple to edit and deploy forms anywhere on the website using custom HTML opt-in forms that have custom fields.

slide up

Slide Up

The slide-up box can be used to gather new emails. The amount of the page that has been scrolled can also influence when the form appears.



If you like to gather email addresses via an email subscriber modal. The form can be displayed anywhere using the Modal box.

list gradient


Sending emails to a list of contacts is now simpler than ever. All of the listings, segments, and tags can be immediately altered.

multiple lists

Multiple Lists

Multiple lists can be sent emails to at once, removing the need to create a new campaign to send the same email to a separate list.



To cluster and segment your contacts precisely each time, you can create an infinite number of segments.



When you tag email contacts by their action for simpler reference, it makes sense.


Import Contacts

To import email lists from other email marketing systems, use our built-in import options. It is simple, quick, and painless to migrate.


Export Contacts

Your email contacts can be exported to CSV with only one click of a button. Export email lists whenever you need them

auto clean list

Auto Clean List

So that you don't have to manually keep track, NextCRM will remove emails from your list depending on bounces.

auto clean list


The same contact can have many lists added to it. due to the fact that a single customer uses several services.

email campaign

Email Campaign

You may set up campaigns directly from the WordPress dashboard without leaving your website.

standard campaign

Standard Campaign

To stay in touch with your subscribers, send routine marketing emails immediately or schedule them for later.

automated campaign

Automated Campaign

You'll never have to use a manual process again if you send emails automatically with an automatic campaign.



There is a template for that, of course! You can create your own emails or utilize our gorgeous built-in templates when sending emails.

Are you ready to promote your business?

Engage a huge number of customers, gather leads, and attract audiences with exclusive
offers to grow your business with the perfect email marketing strategy.

Feature Comparison

  • Features

  • Product Price
    $499 /Annual
    $399 /Lifetime
  • Ontime-payment
  • Software Updates - Lifetime
  • Free Support via Email, Live - Lifetime
  • Gutenberg support for Campagin Templates
  • Integrate with WooCommerce, EDD, WP Registration
  • Multiple Integration(mailchimp, sendinblue, active campaign, getResponse, etc.)
  • Subscriber Report
  • Set Automated Funnels and Sequenced Emails
  • Create Contacts List
  • Importing/Exporting Contacts
  • Add/Edit Unlimited Contact
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Developer API - connect with anywhere
  • Unlimited Websites connect with CRM vai API
  • Unlimited Subscribe Form
  • Integrate Multiple SMTP

Seamless Integration


Are you ready to promote your business?

Engage a huge number of customers, gather leads, and attract audiences with exclusive
offers to grow your business with the perfect email marketing strategy.

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