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Next3 Vs. WP Offload Media

Next3 Offload is a premium yet affordable
alternative to WP Offload Media

It is no plugin other than Next3 Offload that was voted as the #1 optimization plugin for WordPress in 2023 and won the Monster’s Award. It shows how impressed the users of Next3 Offload are with the features and usefulness of the plugin for optimizing their media files and offloading any or all WordPress media files to a wide range of cloud storage.

Next3 Offload offers you not just unlimited file offloading (which WP Offload Media doesn’t), but also lifetime plans so that you just pay once and enjoy offloading files for years!

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How does Next3 Offload compare with
the WP Offload Media plugin?

Feature Next3 Offload WP Offload Media
Ontime Payment
Product Pricing $449 /year $1,199 /year
Unlimited media file offloading
20+ S3 Object Storage
Upload & Offload SVG
Lifetime Software Updates
Lifetime Support
Media Library Offloading
Image Compressor & Original File Backup/Restore
WebP Conversion & Restoration
CSS & JS Assets Offloading
Minify CSS & JS Assets for Offloading
Individual CSS & JS Asset Offloading
Database Optimization
Individual Media Offloading
Multi-Cloud File Manager

Why Should You Prefer Next3 Offload
to WP Offload Media?

Unlimited Media File Offloading in All Plans

Unlike WP Offload Media, the Next3 Offload plugin doesn’t give a limit like 2000, 6000, or 10000 media file offloading to the cloud in all the pricing plans except one. Rather, it lets you offload unlimited media files to the cloud in batches for any of its premium plans. You are free to choose the number of file offloads per batch and then go and offload an infinite number of batches as per your requirement.

Not Just a Few Cloud Storage, It’s Many

WP Offload Media lets you offload your media files only to 3 storages – Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage. It’s not the same if you use the Next3 Offload Media plugin. Next3 Offload covers Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud, and 20+ S3 Object Storage to store your media files. It’s way many options, isn’t it? 😀

Flexibility in Pricing

Next3 Offload offers 6 premium plans in annual and lifetime categories for users to make sure nobody gets deprived of using the plugin to speed up their website. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are an established businessman or just starting a business or website, you are free to choose the right plan for you. You can choose licenses for 1 website or multiple ones if you feel like it.

CSS and JavaScript Assets Minification for Offloading

It’s a true blessing! You can minify the CSS and JS assets of your website while offloading them in the cloud. It will help load them faster and the outcome is a uber-fast website.

20+ S3 Object Storage Support

While WP Offload Media doesn’t let you offload your media files in the Amazon S3-compatible object storage, Next3 Offload does. With the Next3 Offload plugin installed on your website, you can offload your media files to any S3 object storage as offered by MiniO, Cloudflare R2, Stackpath, Vultr, IDrive e2, UpCloud, and more.

Individual Media Files Offloading

You don’t have to offload all the media files or the entire WordPress media library to the cloud. Rather you can even choose even 1 image or media file to offload in your preferred bucket. It’s completely up to you how many media files you will offload to the cloud – from 1 to unlimited is the limit.

Allow SVG File Offload

Our tools also supported SVG files upload to WP Media and you can offload SVG files to the Cloud.

Existing Media Files Offloading

You don’t have to offload the entire WordPress media library to the cloud. Rather you can select all existing media file to offload in your preferred bucket. It’s completely up to you how many media files you will offload to the cloud – from 1 to unlimited is the limit.

6 things Next3 Offload can do
vs. WP Offload Media

Image Compression Before Offloading

Next3 Offload enables you to compress images before you proceed to offload them to your preferred cloud. It will help you save space in the cloud and thus let you offload as many images as you can in the cloud storage saving you money. Also, you have the option to save the original images in the local storage if you want to.

WebP Conversion and Restoration

As WebP is the next-generation image format, Next3 Offload has added the WebP conversion and restoration ( back to original format) feature to make sure you are way ahead in the future while living in the present.

Database Optimization

Next3 Offload can also help you in keeping your database small and optimized. You can clean up your database once a week to delete all page and post revisions, trashed posts, spam comments, trashed comments, expired transients, and more.

Compatibility with other plugins

Next3 Offload is built based on communication, trust, and deeply committed relationships with developers behind other plugins and services, and integrates well with various popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Elementor & Gutenberg, WordPress Multi Lingual Plugin (WPML), BuddyBoss, and many more.

Lifetime Plans with Lifetime Updates and Support

One of the biggest advantages of Next3 Offload that truly stands apart is its lifetime plans. While WP Offload Media only offers yearly plans for users, Next3 Offload goes the extra mile offering 3 lifetime plans (Personal, Development, and Business). For all these plans, you can expect to get lifetime support as fast as 6 to 12 hours. More amazingly, you won’t miss any future updates of the plugin with new features if you get a lifetime license of Next3 Offload.

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What people are

Some of the most successful website owner in the world use
Next3 every day. It’s also used by hundreds of thousands of
talented individuals, like you. Here’s what people have to say:

Themedev has Awesome products, Basically i use Next3 Offload, well support!!
Definitely the best experience! Devid was super helpful on the chat and they resolved my query within minutes!
Astro Yudha Kertarajasa
great plugin, they are very active in updating, and fixing bugs, the support is very good, hopefully themedev will be even better after this
Nick van de braak
This support is the best i ever had!! Response time like max 1 minute, i had a problem activating a plugin and within 5 minutes it was working perfectly!!
Mike Horth
I had a few issues setting up (my mistakes). the support team are excellent and very fast and very patient.

I would trust them whole heartedly.

No hesitation on recommending them at all.
Maximus G
Purchased Next3Offload from them, the plugin didn't work out of the box due to the theme not correctly sizing images (not their fault). Images would offload but not display and the support helped me within a day to make the appropriate changes to the theme code and correct the problem. Seeing the negative reviews, I was worried, but it turned out fine after all.
Bought the plugin and had issues with certain things not working as it should. Shuvo at ThemeDev support managed to sort the issue - thank you for your assistance!

Questions You May Have in Your Mind

  • Yes, absolutely. The transition process is as smooth as butter. We can assure you that you won’t lose any files offloaded by WP Offload Media to the cloud if you switch to Next3 Offload from WP Offload Media. However, we have dedicated customer support to help you make the switch if you need it.

  • We have multiple lifetime plans if you do not want to pay per year for plugin updates and support. And let us tell you, those lifetime plans are cost-effective and are already purchased by so many website owners.

  • Of course, it is. Next3 Offload plugin is developed by a dynamic team and is always getting more features added to it. It offers personalized customer support by professionals who can help you anytime you ask for it.

    It has 6 pricing plans to choose from and that’s why it doesn’t matter whether you have just one website or multiple ones – Next3 Offload is the right choice. And one last thing to mention, you do not have to worry about the number of files you want to offload and media compression if you use the Next3 Offload plugin.

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