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Next3 Offload Vs. WP Rocket

Next3 Offload is an amazing alternative to WP Rocket with more functionalities added!

If you are looking for caching, minification of JS and CSS files, image optimization, offloading media files to cloud storage, and serving them with CDNs — all in one plugin, Next3 Offload is designed for you.

While most of the optimization plugins like WP Rocket focus on just one or two core features ignoring the combination of a few, the Next3 Offload plugin is an exception. Next3 Offload works like a Swiss Army Knife to improve the speed of your website.

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How does Next3 Offload compare
with the WP Rocket?

Feature Next3 Offload WP Rocket
Save Media Files in Cloud Storage
Minify CSS and JS Files
Built-in Image Optimization
Database Optimization
Image Compression
Drag & Drop Media Upload
CDN Integration
Dedicated File Manager
CSS and JS Offload
Lifetime Plans
Lifetime Update and Support
Media Lazyloading
GZIP Compression
WP Offload Media Migration

Why Should You Prefer Next3
Offload to WP Rocket?

A Complete Speed Optimization Solution

While WP Rocket works mainly with caching, minification, database optimization, and CDNs, Next3 Offload comes with advanced features like offloading unlimited media files to the cloud, bucket creation, drag & drop media upload to the cloud, in-built image optimization, and so on. So, if you use Next3 Offload, you will not need to buy any image compression plugin or offloading plugin separately. Next3 Offload is your all-in-one solution for WordPress speed optimization.

Store Unlimited Files to Cloud Storage

Next3 Offload lets you offload unlimited media files to your preferred cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Wasabi Cloud, Digital Ocean Spaces, StackPath, IDrive e2, CloudFlare R2, and dozens of other cloud storage. You can easily create new buckets or choose an existing bucket to store your media files once you configure cloud storage from the Next3 Offload Dashboard. This is one of the most unique features of Next3 Offload compared to WP Rocket which misses this functionality.

Offload JS and CSS Files (and Minify Them)

Next3 Offload plugin not only stores your media library or chosen media files to your selected cloud storage, but it is also capable of doing the same for JS and CSS along with minifying them. So, your website becomes faster than ever with just this single speed booster plugin.

Buy Once, Enjoy Lifetime

While WP Rocket only offers 3 yearly plans, Next3 Offload offers 3 lifetime plans along with 3 yearly plans to make sure you can choose the right plan for your website. Once you buy a lifetime license from Next3 Offload, you can get rid of recurring payments (imagine the stress it comes with) and keep using the plugin for years.

Upload and Offload Instantly

With Next3 Offload’s dedicated file manager with drag-and-drop functionality, you can upload and offload any media file like images almost instantly to your selected storage provider.

Optimize Image by Default

While WP Rocket doesn’t come with built-in image optimization, Next3 Offload is way advanced regarding this. With the default image optimization feature, you can compress images to your preferred size before uploading them to the cloud and thus save the cloud storage. You can also choose to keep a backup of the original image file if you want.

Next3 Vs. WP Rocket:
How is Next3 Offload an Effective
Alternative to WP Rocket

Database Optimization Made Easy

Next3 Offload offers a weekly database optimization feature to make sure you can keep your website optimized and super fast. If you enable the feature from its interface, you can delete page and post drafts, page and post revisions, trashed pages and posts, spam comments, trashed comments, and expired transients.

You can choose to keep any of these out of optimization as you’ll get individual toggle buttons to enable and disable optimization for your comments, transients, posts, and pages.

Live Demo Available

Yes, Neither Next3 Offload nor WP Rocket has free plans. However, if you ever feel like experiencing the Next3 Offload’s interface and its functionalities before buying it, you can have a free live demo from its official website. Once you explore the live demo, you can decide whether the plugin meets your needs or not. Pretty simple, right?

Dozens of Storage Providers and CDNs

When it comes to choosing storage providers to store or copy your WordPress media library files, Next3 Offload lets you choose from Amazon S3, Bunny Storage, Wasabil Cloud, DigitalOcean Spaces, and any S3-compatible storage providers of your choice.

Similarly, when it comes to delivering your stored content with CDN, you can choose Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, and other custom CDNs of your preference. Along with enabling/disabling the delivery cache, you can also activate the Force CDN delivery if you wish.

WebP Conversion Support

It doesn’t matter in which format you upload your images on your WordPress website, you can easily convert them to WebP to reduce the image file size without sacrificing the quality.

Quick and Easy Backup of Original Media Files

You don’t have to lose all the original images after you compress the images for better speed and server management. You can keep a backup of all the original images if you want just in one single click.

Flexibility in Offloading Just As You Want

You are in the driving seat to define whether you will offload media files in bulk or individually, clean the offloaded media files from local storage or not, and offload the JS and CSS files or not. Even you can choose to move all the offloaded files back to local storage again if you want. You can do it all just clicking individual buttons designed for each of the features

Lifetime Support and Updates

We all love to think long-term, don’t we? Thinking of this very basic human instinct, Next3 Offload offers lifetime plans. If you choose any of the lifetime licenses, you will enjoy lifetime support and updates for free. Also, note that we give special attention to lifetime customers when we get support tickets from them.

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What people are

Some of the most successful website owner in the world use
Next3 every day. It’s also used by hundreds of thousands of
talented individuals, like you. Here’s what people have to say:

Themedev has Awesome products, Basically i use Next3 Offload, well support!!
Definitely the best experience! Devid was super helpful on the chat and they resolved my query within minutes!
Astro Yudha Kertarajasa
great plugin, they are very active in updating, and fixing bugs, the support is very good, hopefully themedev will be even better after this
Nick van de braak
This support is the best i ever had!! Response time like max 1 minute, i had a problem activating a plugin and within 5 minutes it was working perfectly!!
Mike Horth
I had a few issues setting up (my mistakes). the support team are excellent and very fast and very patient.

I would trust them whole heartedly.

No hesitation on recommending them at all.
Maximus G
Purchased Next3Offload from them, the plugin didn't work out of the box due to the theme not correctly sizing images (not their fault). Images would offload but not display and the support helped me within a day to make the appropriate changes to the theme code and correct the problem. Seeing the negative reviews, I was worried, but it turned out fine after all.
Bought the plugin and had issues with certain things not working as it should. Shuvo at ThemeDev support managed to sort the issue - thank you for your assistance!

Questions You May Have in Your Mind

  • No, it is not. You can use either CDN to deliver your content or use cloud storage to do the task for you.

  • Next3 Offload lets you optimize your database once per week.

  • No, you can store unlimited files in your selected cloud storage and deliver them from the storage or CDN.

  • Yes, you can use both Next3 Offload and WP Rocket on your website at the same time without any conflict.

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