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WP Offload Media Alternative: Offload WordPress Media

WP Offload Media Alternative: Offload WordPress Media

As a WP Offload Media plugin user, you may find a WP Offload Media alternative plugin for better functionalities and increasing your WordPress performance. 

Effective media management is important for WordPress maintenance. So, you need to offload media plugins to optimize your WordPress site effectively. Among all plugins, WP Offload Media has been a popular choice for offloading media assets.

If you are a WP Offload media plugin user and searching for an alternative plugin that could meet all your requirements then this blog is for you. We are now exploring alternatives that may better suit the unique needs of a website.

We will dissect the plugin’s details with strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to guide you in making choices of selecting the best WP Offload Media alternative plugin that will enhance your website’s performance. 

Why is choosing the right Offload media plugin for your website?

Choosing the right offload WordPress plugin for your website is very important. Because a WordPress Offload plugin has a direct impact on the overall performance.  

Why_is_choosing_the_right_Offloadmedia_ plugin_for_your_website

These plugins play an essential role in various aspects, such as speed, loading times, and resource utilization. All these are fundamental for a website’s success. 

The right offload plugin can increase the loading speed of your pages. It contributes to improved user satisfaction and search engine rankings. 

These plugins often offer features like WordPress file upload to cloud storage, image compression, asset minification, etc. Its main task is offloading media files to cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Bunny CDN, Wasabi, Digital Ocean, etc. These features collectively contribute to a more efficient and seamless browsing experience. 

The importance of selecting the appropriate offloading plugin lies in its ability to strike a balance between performance improvements and the specific needs of your website. As it ensures a faster, more responsive, and user-friendly WordPress site.

The best WP Offload Media alternative plugins for WordPress

Choosing the right alternative from this shortlist depends on your needs. Each of these plugins brings its own set of features, allowing you to tailor your choice to the unique requirements of your WordPress website.

Let’s talk about the top 5 WordPress offload media plugins that can be the WP Offload Media alternatives:

  1. Next3 Offload
  2. Publitio – WP Offload Media
  3. Offload Media – Acowebs
  4. Updraft Plus
  5. Media Cloud

1. Next3 Offload: 

WP_media_alternative_next3 _offload

Next3 Offload is the most popular WordPress offload plugin nowadays. It contains thousands of features altogether.

To accelerate your website, it offloads your media files to services like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi, or S3 Object storage.

With Next3 Offload, you can seamlessly upload files, establish buckets and directories, and upload various image sizes to the Cloud.

Next3 Offload Features:

  • Automatically rewrite all Offloaded Media URLs.
  • Offload media files to the cloud server. 
  • Easily monitor the entire offloading process from the settings page.
  • Automatically rewrite URLs for a smooth transition.
  • Effortlessly select multiple files at once and choose whether to copy them to cloud storage.
  • Conveniently remove files from the cloud storage server or copy them back to the local server as needed.
  • Seamlessly manage various file sizes (based on WordPress media sizes) for easy copying and moving between local and cloud storage.
  • Remove all offloaded media files from the server in the background to clear up storage space.
  • Clean up all media files from storage space that have already been offloaded.
  • Utilize its built-in feature to effortlessly move files to a new cloud storage provider of your choice.
  • Download files directly to WordPress and efficiently remove them from the old provider with ease.
  • ‘Offload Media’ automatically copies uploaded media to the cloud.

2. Publitio – WP Offload Media


One major advantage of the WP Offload Media solution is that it helps conserve server storage space. You can free up storage by deleting your files from the server after transferring them to the Publitio Media Assets Management system.

While modifying and producing a post, the plugin’s Sync Now option automatically uploads media from the post. The whole media collection will sync when you click this button. Please be patient as huge media libraries may take some time to upload to Publitio.

Publitio Features:

  • Turn off hard media tasks (streaming, transcoding, etc.
  • Make an automatic backup of your library.
  • Cut down on the amount of storage on servers
  • Control over your cloud-based files
  • Lets you control who can access or save your files

3. Offload Media – Cloud Storage | Acowebs 


You can move files from your media folder to cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Google Cloud Storage by using the Offload Media – Cloud Storage plugin. Files from the WordPress media library are synchronized with cloud storage. 

The plugin minimizes a file’s size by removing it from the media library after transferring it to cloud storage. The plugin allows the use of pre-signed URLs, which improves media file security by guaranteeing that only authorized users may access them. 

Long-distance file transfers between your website and S3 bucket are made quick, simple, and secure with the help of this plugin.

Offload Media – Cloud Storage Features:

  • Syncing your media to Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, or Digital Ocean Spaces is beneficial.
  • Because fewer server requests are made, websites load more quickly.
  • It is possible to construct object versioning to prevent media invalidations.
  • Support for Woocommerce

4. Updraft Plus


One of the top 30 WordPress plugins, Updraft Plus is well-known for its cloud storage and backup features. Though its backup features are what make it most famous, its cloud storage choices are just as good.

UpdraftVault Storage, an integrated remote storage system in the plugin that is based on Amazon S3, guarantees scalability, dependability, and flexibility. Users using the Updraft plugin are entitled to a free 1 GB of UpdraftVault storage. 

A wide range of storage service providers are also supported by the plugin, including Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon, Rackspace, Google Cloud, and more.

With the help of this plugin, you may organize your storage management by classifying your backups. The ability to schedule automatic backups is also provided. Because the transfer to cloud storage is encrypted, your data is highly secure.

Updraft Plus Features:

  • Full manual or scheduled backups of all of your WordPress themes, plugins, databases, and files are performed.
  • Restore backups straight from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Back up your non-WP and WordPress core files and databases.
  • In only a few minutes, you may use your UpdraftPlus dashboard to migrate or duplicate your WordPress website.

5. Media Cloud


A feature-rich cloud storage plugin, Media Cloud is especially useful for websites that focus mostly on images. Uploads of media are automatically duplicated to the cloud via the plugin. 

With it, you may move your WordPress files and data from your server to a number of cloud storage providers online, including DreamHost Object Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage. 

You can choose to host your media directly from your cloud storage provider or appoint a CDN with Media Cloud’s support for direct access via CloudFront, another CDN, or your preferred cloud storage service.

Media Cloud Features:

  • Now allows uploading files to Google Cloud Storage without requiring the use of Google’s S3-compatible interop mode.
  • Upload to Cloudflare R2, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Minio, Backblaze, Digital Ocean Spaces, or any other S3-compatible service, among other cloud storage providers.
  • Use a CDN or host your media straight from your cloud storage provider.
  • Combine Imgix media hosting with it
  • Built-in image optimization using leading image optimization services like ShortPixel, TinyPNG, Imagify and Kraken.io.

Which plugin is the best WP Offload Media alternative?

As a WordPress user, I would like to recommend Next3 Offload. Because it could serve several purposes regarding offloading media files. 


The Next3 Offload is one of the most popular WordPress offload plugins. You can get so many features in this plugin and this all-in-one nature makes the plugin more extra-ordinary.

This WordPress plugin automatically uploads media to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi and S3 Storage when added using the media uploader. 

The plugin then automatically adjusts the URL for each media file to link to its corresponding storage location. 

After exploring all of its functionalities, you can be more sure about the plugin’s capability. Its user-friendly nature will help you to access the plugin smoothly which will give you a feasible working environment. 

Let’s create a comparison between WP offload Media and its alternative Next3 Offload.

WP Offload Media VS Next3 Offlaod

Every plugin has its functionalities. However, the similarities are in their main motive to serve a user. As an example, both the WP Offload media and Next3 Offload media plugins mainly work to offload media files to the cloud storage provider. 


So, when a user has to choose one plugin they have to be clear about the features and make their decision based on better features, more user-friendly nature, low cost, effectiveness, compatibility, and so on. 

If we consider all the aspects that an offload media plugin must have, the Next3 offload media plugin will be the winner. 

Let’s talk about some points.

External cloud storage provider:

WP Offload Media: It supports offloading media to popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, and Wasabi.

Next3 Offload: The plugin contains almost Similar offloading capabilities. Next3 Offload can offload files to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Bunny CDN, and S3 Object Storage (like as MinIO, UpCloud, iDrive, etc.) 


WP Offload Media: Compatible with popular WordPress plugins and themes, ensuring compatibility.

Next3 Offload: Also focuses on compatibility with various plugins and themes, providing a smooth integration experience.

File management:

WP Offload Media: Organizes media library files in the offloaded storage in a structured manner. It helps to maintain file relationships.

Next3 Offload: Offers enhanced file organization within the WordPress Media Library. It allows you to manage files effectively so that you can offload files and manage them without any hassle.

Performance optimization:

WP Offload Media: Supports to improve site performance by reducing server load and optimizing media delivery.

Next3 Offload: Offload media files and provide many advanced features like image optimization, WebP conversion, asset modification, database optimization, etc.

User interface and user experience:

WP Offload Media: Generally has a user-friendly interface with settings. Configurations are easily accessible from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Next3 Offload: It is one of the most user-friendly offload plugins. You can simply access all of its features from the dashboard without gathering any coding knowledge.

Updates and support:

WP Offload Media: Regular updates and dedicated support from the developers to address issues. It ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.

Next3 Offload: The support team of this plugin is always ready to provide 24/7 support. You can enjoy lifetime support and lifetime updates using this plugin. It works on fixing bugs, and security issues, and maintains compatibility.

Price differences:

WP Offload Media: Typically, there is a free version with basic features and a pro version with advanced features that may require a subscription.

Next3 Offload: This plugin has no free version. Based on Annual and Lifetime deals, it has three packages personal, business and developers.

Comparison table of contents:

FeatureWP Offload MediaNext3 Offload
Product Price$1,199/Year$139/Lifetime
S3 Objects Storage Supported like (UpCloud, MinIO, Backblaze, Azure, Vultr, IDrive, Google Cloud, and many more)
Unlimited offload media files
Software Updates- Lifetime
Free Support via Email, Live – Lifetime
Offload your existing media library
Image Compression and Backup Original Files
WebP Converter and Restore
Assets (CSS, JS) offload
Minify Assets (CSS, JS) Offload
Individual Assets ( CSS,JS) Offload
Database Optimization
Individual Offload Existing Media
Cloud File Manager

Final thought

You can see some basic features. All the WordPress plugins provide these basic features. Not only these but also a few more features that can serve all purposes regarding your WooCommerce site. 

The most amazing thing is that you can have all these features, as well as Next3 Offload at a low cost. If you are searching for a feature-rich plugin as a WP Offload Media alternative Next3 Offload is the right one.

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