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Imagify alternative: WordPress image optimizer plugins

Imagify alternative: WordPress image optimizer plugins

Imagify includes normal, aggressive, and ultra-optimization modes. The Imagify alternative plugin optimizes all pictures using a predefined set of defaults. You can also manually select settings.

Images decrease your website speed rate. Images are still necessary for their visual appeal. You can’t dismiss them in the name of performance. To get the best of both worlds, apply a WordPress image optimizer plugin. 

It compresses and optimizes images for the most efficiency. Visitors will enjoy your beautiful images. Your site will continue to load quickly.

Also, some optimizers have automated downsizing capabilities. This can reduce file size. Because of these variances, it is difficult to provide a fair comparison. We devised a method to make our test as accurate as possible.

If you use the Imagify plugin and want an alternative that meets all your needs, this article is for you. We are investigating solutions that may better meet a website’s unique requirements.

We’ll explore the plugin’s details, including its strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to help you choose the best Imagify alternative plugin for your website’s performance.

Why is choosing the right image compress plugin for your website?

Compressed files require less storage capacity than uncompressed data. This results in significant cost savings for storage. A compressed file takes less time to transfer. It also consumes less network bandwidth. This can save costs while increasing productivity.

WordPress automatically resizes and compresses uploaded photographs in the media library.

You need an appropriate WordPress plugin if you want more advanced settings and better compression without losing quality. Using a plugin gives you more control over the compression process. This ensures that your images meet the highest standards.

It also maintains visual integrity. Image optimization decreases the size of larger photos. This results in faster load times and overall website speed.

Image compression is an effective approach to improve your website’s loading speed. In a word, compressing photos means reducing their file size so that they take up less space.

The best Imagify alternative plugins for WordPress

Choosing the right Imagify alternative plugin depends on your requirements. Here, we’ll show you the top five Imagify alternative WordPress image optimize plugins. Hope, these plugins meet all the requirements you need.

The shortlist of the top five Imagify alternative plugins:

  • Next3 Offload
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Optimole
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer

1. Next3 Offload

next3 offload imagify alternative

Next3 Offload is an amazing image optimizer WordPress plugin. You can offload all your existing WordPress media files to the cloud. It optimizes images and rewrites media URLs.

This plugin works lightning-fast with Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare and other CDNs. With this plugin, you can optimize images, convert them to WebP format and offload files to the cloud.

Next3 Offload features:

  • Compresses all the inserted images at once.
  • Don’t need to manually compress the images before adding them to the site. 
  • Improves the efficiency of your website with the next-generation image format, WebP.
  • Offload WordPress media files to Cloud services like Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud and S3 Object Storage.
  • Enables you to free up your website’s local server space.
  • Using CDNs to offload assets files (.css, .js) allows pages to load faster.
  • Offers a backup option for offloaded and optimized WordPress media files

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww optimizer imagify alternative

EWWW Image Optimizer functions go beyond image optimization. It also optimizes your website’s fonts. This causes them to load faster and improves overall website performance.

This plugin compression method provides the highest compression/quality ratio for JPG, PNG, and PDF files. This plugin automatically compresses, scales, and slow-loads pictures. It converts them into the next-generation WebP format.

This plugin improves your website’s speed, bounce rate, and SEO. It features quick management, pixel-perfect optimization, industry-leading tools, and progressive rendering.

EWWW Image Optimizer features:

  • Smooth handling with pixel-perfect optimization with cutting-edge technologies and progressive rendering.
  • Offers the highest compression/quality ratio available.
  • Includes clever conversion choices to select the appropriate image format (JPG, PNG, GIF, or WebP).
  • No image is left behind; optimize everything on your site.

3. Optimole

optimole imagify alternative

The Optimole plugin has 200,000 active users. It’s noted for its efficient interface design and machine compression capabilities. This plugin enables users to seamlessly optimize their photos. Users can also select a few additional optimization options. These include lazy loading and an image CDN.

Optimole features:

  • Uses lazy loading, which delays loading non-visible images until they are presented on the user’s screen. 
  • Gif-to-video conversions.
  • WebP and AVIF conversions.
  • Strip Image Metadata (Removes unnecessary information from photographs, including EXIF and IPTC data (such as camera settings and copyright information).
  • Serves images from Optimole’s worldwide CDN, which is integrated and powered by Amazon CloudFront.
  • Uses the Optimole cloud to save photos.

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

shortpixel image optimizer imagify alternative

ShortPixel is a simple, lightweight image optimization plugin. It can compress all your previously saved photos and PDF documents with a single click. New images are automatically resized, rescaled, and optimized in the background. It’s also compatible with all gallery, slider, and eCommerce plugins.

You can compress the most common image types (JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and AVIF) and PDF files. You can use lossy or lossless methods to compress them.

This plugin provides glossy JPEG compression, a high-quality lossy optimization technique. Short Pixel requires few resources. It works with any shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicated web hosting. ShortPixel optimizes any image on your website. 

This includes those that aren’t featured in the Media Library. It also includes images in galleries like NextGEN, Modula, or those added via FTP.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer features:

  • Compresses JPG (and its variations JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR), PNG, GIF (still or animated) images and also PDF documents.
  • Options to convert any JPEG, PNG or GIF (even animated ones!) to WebP and AVIF.
  • Compatibles with WP Retina 2x
  • All retina images are automatically compressed. 
  • Optimize thumbnails as well as featured images.

Which plugin is the best Imagify alternative?

As a WordPress user, I would like to recommend Next3 Offload. Because Next3 Offload image compression will support you to compress all the inserted images at a time. So as a user, you don’t need to individually compress the images before adding the images to your site.

Enable this option to start the image compression process for any uploaded images down the line. Also, you can set whether to compress and offload the future images or the existing ones on your local server.

Next3 Offload, the speed optimization plugin, has been updated to provide more functions. This plugin contains Image Compression, WebP Image Converter, and Database Optimization.

Image Compress

As a user, you do not need to compress the images individually before adding them to your website. You can turn on this option to start the media compression process.

WebP convert

Modern browsers support WebP, which is a next-generation image format. In Next3 Offload’s current version, activating this option allows you to convert images on your website to WebP format. This image format reduces the size of traditional image formats while maintaining quality.

Optimize the database

Next3 Offload allows you to clean up your database once a week. To keep your database tiny and speedy, you can delete all post and page drafts, all posts and pages in your trash, all spam comments, all comments in your trash, and all expired transients.

It has a significant impact on the page speed rating. This means that search engines such as Google will give you greater rankings.

Note: You can easily offload your all existing media to the Cloud for a faster load of your website. This plugin helps you connect all over popular CDN providers like AWS S3, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud, and Digital Ocean and also integrates S3 Compatible Object Storage. When you offload your media files before, you can optimize and convert WebP format. Next3 Offload includes practically all the solutions and strategies for optimizing a website that we have already mentioned.

Imagify VS Next3 Offlaod

Imagify and Next3 Offload both are the most popular image optimization plugins. When a user has to choose a plugin, they must be aware of the features. They should base their decision on better features, a more user-friendly environment, low cost, efficacy, and compatibility.

When you consider all the requirements for an offload media plugin, the Next3 offload media plugin will come out on top.

Let’s discuss some points.

Compression Quality

Imagify: Imagify significantly reduces file size while maintaining image clarity and sharpness.

Next3 Offload: This plugin also has the same compression quality as Imagify. It reduces file size while maintaining image clarity and sharpness. You don’t want a plugin that over-compresses images. It offers them blurry to your visitors. Compression should improve the user experience, not the other way around.

Compression Methods

Imagify: This plugin offers both lossy and lossless compression methods for diverse optimization needs. 

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload also provides lossy and lossless compression algorithms for a variety of optimization requirements. You may need to use lossy settings to maximize speed as much as possible.

Async Bulk Optimization

Imagify: Ensure the ability to optimize multiple images simultaneously for efficient bulk processing. If you have a website with hundreds of images that need to be optimized, you don’t want to manually go through each of them.

Next3 Offload: You can optimize several photos for effective bulk processing. If you have a website with hundreds of photos that need optimization, you do not want to manually go through all of them.

Single Optimization

Imagify: Capability to optimize individual images if needed. This option allows you to manually select instead of optimizing every site image.

Next3 Offload: This plugin optimizes individual photos as needed. This option allows you to choose which images to optimize rather than optimizing all of them.

Image Format Support

Imagify: Look for support for multiple image formats, such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Next3 Offload: It also supports multiple image formats, such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.

WebP Conversion

Imagify: Capability to convert images to WebP format.

Next3 Offload: The ability to convert photos to WebP format (Google’s next-generation standard) for increased performance and faster loading times.

Automatic Optimization on Upload

Imagify: Enable automatic image optimization during upload to save time and streamline the process. Make sure you can deactivate this option if you don’t want to optimize all of your photographs. 

Next3 Offload: This plugin also automatic image optimization during upload to save time and streamline the process. You can deactivate this option if you don’t want to optimize all of your photographs. 

User-Friendly Interface

Imagify: Choose a basic and intuitive interface for easy navigation. You want to be able to apply a few alternatives or cancel any jobs with a single or two clicks.

Next3 Offload: You can also choose a basic and intuitive interface for easy navigation. You want to be able to apply a few alternatives or cancel any jobs with a single or two clicks.

Regular Updates and Support

Imagify: It updates and reliable support to address issues and maintain compatibility. 

Next3 Offload: Like any reputable plugin, it attempts to fix bugs and security issues while maintaining compatibility.

Offer Backup Options

Imagify: It allows backup alternatives for your original photographs.

Next3 Offload: It provides backup options to safeguard your original images.


Imagify: Usually, there is a free version with minimal functions and a pro version with greater features, which may cost a membership or a one-time payment.

Next3 Offload: This plugin doesn’t have a free version. It offers three packages: personal, business, and developers, all based on annual and lifetime agreements.

Comparison Table – Imagify vs Next3 Offlaod:

FeatureImagifyNext3 Offload
WebP Converter and Restore
Software Updates- Lifetime
Free Support via Email, Live – Lifetime
multiple image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and converts them to WebP
Offload your existing media library
Image Compression and Backup Original Files
Minify Assets (CSS, JS) Offload
Individual Assets (CSS,JS) Offload
Database Optimization
Individual Offload Existing Media
Cloud File Manager


We need to highlight the importance of selecting the best WordPress image optimizer plugin. All the plugins in this roundup help your website run faster and more efficiently.

Image optimization is critical for increasing website load time and speed. Both Imagify and Next3 Offload minimize image file sizes. This results in faster loading times for customers. It is important to test both plugins on your WordPress site. This helps you understand their impact on page load speeds and user experience.  

Our goal is to find the best plugin that optimizes the image and also works as an Imagify alternative. It also aims to improve the user experience and success in the digital environment.

Need your WordPress website speed optimization using plugins, you can follow this blog.

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