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Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload

Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload

Are you struggling to choose the right speed and security optimization plugin for your WordPress site? 

As a WordPress user, selecting the perfect plugin can be a challenging task. That’s why we’re here to guide you through a detailed comparison of Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload to help you identify the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance image optimization, increase security measures, or streamline caching processes, this comparison of Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload is going to help you a lot.

Let’s dive in. 

Sucuri Overview

Sucuri Landing page

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is a globally trusted tool for protecting websites, especially those using WordPress. Now owned by GoDaddy, it offers a wide range of security features to safeguard your WordPress sites. 

The plugin comes with hardening features, malware scanning, core integrity checks, post-hack features, and email alerts to help keep your website protected. It not only identifies vulnerabilities but also equips you with proactive measures to protect your digital assets. 

With features like file monitoring and malware scanning, it creates multiple layers of defense against online threats. Integration with existing security systems ensures a seamless approach to website protection. Premium features like the website firewall provide advanced security.

Features of Sucuri 

  1. Enhance security by adding rules to the .htaccess file and verifying secure configurations.
  2. Receive customizable email alerts for suspicious activity on your website.
  3. Utilize a fast and lightweight scanning engine to detect malicious content, blocklisted status, and outdated software.
  4. Allows to verify the integrity of core WordPress files and other essential files.
  5. Provides access tools and resources for recovering from website compromises.
  6. Connect the Sucuri Firewall for advanced protection using the Firewall (WAF) option of the Sucuri plugin.(available for platform plan customers).

Cache Enabler Overview

Cache enabler landing page

Cache Enabler stands out as a user-friendly yet robust WordPress caching plugin. It requires minimal setup while boosting site performance for faster loading times. Generating static HTML files of frontend pages and storing them on the server’s disk, eliminates resource-heavy backend processes, leading to optimized performance.

Cache Enabler saves page content to the server’s disk in the form of static HTML files. Faster page loads are achieved by delivering these files to visitors without requiring on-the-fly compression or database queries. The plugin ensures optimal speed customized to each user’s surfing experience by offering multiple cache versions based on HTTP requests and settings.

Features of Cache Enabler:

  1. Provide a fast and efficient cache engine to create and deliver static HTML files. It helps to reduce server load and enhance site speed.
  2. Automatically clears cache as needed and ensures that visitors consistently access the most up-to-date content.
  3. Provides the option for manual cache clearing, giving users control over cache management.
  4. Offers WP-CLI support for cache clearing, enabling advanced users to manage caching via the command line interface.
  5. Allows users to set cache expiry settings, ensuring timely updates to cached content.
  6. Integrates with Optimus to convert images to WebP format, further optimizing site performance.
  7. Supports mobile devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different platforms.
  8. Provides Brotli and GZIP pre-compression support, reducing file sizes and improving load times.

Next3 Offload Quick Overview

 Next3 offload Landing page

Next3 Offload is a WordPress offload media plugin. It mainly works to enhance website speed and performance. This plugin efficiently offloads media files to various cloud storage options such as Amazon S3, Bunny Storage, Wasabi Cloud, DigitalOcean, MinIo, IDrive e2, StackPath, Cloudflare R2, UpCloud,  and other S3-compatible storage and delivers via CDNs like Amazon CloudFront and Cloudflare. 

Next3 Offload is an all-in-one plugin. Because it offers image optimization, WebP image format, assets minification, database optimization, offloading media files, cache offloaded files, etc at a time. By seamlessly integrating with leading content delivery networks (CDNs) the plugin ensures fast delivery of media files.

Next3 Offload supports reducing server load by freeing up local server space through media offloading. It improves your website speed by controlling asset management and optimization. 

With a huge number of features, Next3 Offload contributes to a seamless browsing experience for your website’s visitors and higher conversion rates. 

Features of Next3 Offload

  1. Allows offloading of the existing WordPress media files to cloud storage with a single click. 
  2. Ensures a smooth transition by automatically rewriting URLs.
  3. The plugin provides support for various cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Bunny Storage, Wasabi Cloud, and other S3-compatible storage. 
  4. Removes all offloaded media files from the server to clear up storage space.
  5. Uses a built-in feature to move files from the current cloud storage provider to a new one of your choice.
  6. Allows you to offload your site’s CSS and JS files and minify the files to optimize your site properly.
  7. Image optimization allows you to compress the images stored on your WordPress site along with those you upload to the cloud.
  8. The plugin also supports WebP image format.
  9. Allows automated weekly database cleanup by deleting unnecessary data: pages, posts, comments, and transients.

Sucuri Vs Cache Enabler Vs Next3 Offload: In-Depth Comparison  


Sucuri Security: Caching is a feature of the Sucuri Firewall. Its high-performance caching gives you speed optimization in addition to protection. Your site will rank higher boosting SEO. Sucuri provides four methods for caching. In the Sucuri Firewall’s settings, you can view them all under Performance >> Caching Level.

Sucuri Caching in four ways

Image Source

Cache Enabler: Cache Enabler is a caching plugin. It improves website performance by creating static HTML files to reduce server load and improve loading times for visitors. It also supports cache preloading functionalities.

Cache enabler settings

Next3 Offload: It is mainly an offloading and optimization plugin. But this plugin also caches offloaded files to the default WP_Cache.

Security Measures

Sucuri Security: Prioritizes security with features like security hardening rules, malware scanning, core integrity checks, and post-hack guidance.

Sucuri Security hardening options

Cache Enabler: This plugin provides some security features. It proactively implemented many measures to prevent attacks and unauthorized actions like DDoS Protection,  Secure Token, Block Bad Bots, etc.

Next3 Offload: It can improve security issues by allowing the use of a CDN. CDN provides static resources that protect the server from possible attacks such as DDoS and other unwanted activity. Strong security measures, like SSL certificates and sophisticated caching, are frequently implemented by CDNs.

Media Offloading 

Sucuri Security: This does not directly offer media offloading but focuses on security measures.

Cache Enabler: This does not offer media offloading. It works on caching and performance optimization.

Next3 Offload: This plugin especially works for offloading media to cloud storage for better storage management and optimization, including image compression and support for various cloud providers.

Next3 offload media settings


Sucuri Security: The plugin mainly focuses on security measures. It improves website speed by 60% on average with our caching options and global content delivery network (CDN). So it does the speed optimization functions.

Sucuri features

Cache Enabler: This plugin focuses on caching and performance optimization. It indirectly contributes to optimization efforts by reducing server load, minimizing the need for repeated resource-intensive database queries, and serving static HTML files to visitors. Its caching functionality is a key aspect of overall optimization efforts.

Next3 Offload: This plugin specializes in offloading media to cloud storage for better storage management and optimization. It also offers so many optimization functionalities including image compression, database optimization, assets minification, etc. 

Optimization setting of next3 offload

Malware Scanning

Sucuri Security:  This plugin provides a fast and lightweight scanning engine to detect malicious content, blocklisted status, and outdated software.

Next3 Offload: This plugin doesn’t have this feature as it doesn’t serve security purpose issues.

Cache Enabler: This plugin also doesn’t have this feature. It serves caching, optimization, and other security-related functionalities.

Core Integrity Check

Sucuri Security: The Sucuri WordPress plugin comes with tools that check the integrity of the core WordPress files – PHP, JavaScript, CSS – and other files that come with your original WordPress version.

Cache Enabler: Similarly, this feature is not part of Cache Enabler’s functionalities. It primarily focuses on caching, optimization, and other security-related tasks.

Next3 Offload: This feature is not included in the plugin’s functionalities as it is an offload media plugin and has a lot of optimization features.

GZIP Compression

Sucuri Security: This plugin provides security-related functionalities. So, this plugin doesn’t support the features of GZIP compression. 

Cache Enabler: Cache Enabler supports GZIP compression, which reduces the size of files sent from your server to visitors’ browsers, further enhancing load times.

Next3 Offload: This plugin doesn’t provide the feature. But it provides image compression, database optimization, etc.

WebP Support

Sucuri Security: This plugin doesn’t support the WebP conversion of images.

Cache Enabler: It supports WebP conversion, enabling you to serve WebP images to compatible browsers, which can further enhance website performance and load times.

WebP conversion Feature from KeyCDN

Image Source

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload also provides the conversion of images into the WebP format. This conversion enables further optimization of your website’s performance and reduces loading times, particularly for users accessing your site through supported browsers.

WebP settings

CDN Integration for Content Delivery

Cache Enabler: It works well with content delivery networks (CDNs), allowing you to further enhance website performance and global accessibility.

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload primarily functions as an offloading plugin with CDN support. It can transfer files to Cloud servers and distribute them through your chosen CDNs. With this plugin, you can access CDNs such as Amazon CloudFront and Cloudflare, enhancing your website’s speed and optimization. 

Delivery settings image

Sucuri Security: Sucuri supports CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration as part of its security and performance solutions. Integrating a CDN with Sucuri can further improve your website’s security and resilience against DDoS attacks,

Sucuri CDN

Image Source 

Image Optimization

Sucuri Security: Sucuri does not offer built-in image optimization as part of its core features.

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload provides image optimization features. This functionality enables you to compress the images saved on your WordPress website. By employing this compression technique, you can decrease the file size of images while maintaining their quality. This compression process aids in refining your site’s performance and enriching the user experience.

Image optimization and compression settings on next3 offload

Cache Enabler: Cache Enabler is a WordPress caching plugin. It does not inherently include image optimization features within its core functionalities. It’s often used in conjunction with other plugins or services that specialize in image optimization to enhance website performance. 

Database Optimization

Sucuri Security: Sucuri specializes in website security solutions such as malware scanning, firewall protection, and DDoS mitigation. It does not offer features for database optimization. 

Next3  Offload: With this feature, you have the option to schedule weekly automated database cleanup tasks. These tasks can remove auto-drafted pages and posts, pages and posts in revision, items in your trash, spam comments, trashed comments, and expired transients. This process aids in freeing up valuable space within your database, thereby enhancing its performance for optimal functionality.

Database optimization

Cache Enabler: Cache Enabler focuses on caching functionalities and does not include built-in features for database optimization.

Ease of Use

Sucuri Security: Offers easy options for security hardening and configuration, suitable for users with basic technical understanding.

Firewall settings of Sucuri

Cache Enabler: Provides minimal configuration settings and is easy to set up and use, even for those without advanced technical knowledge.

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload has a huge number of features and functionalities. But these provide the most easy setup process and user-friendly interface. It helps through its clear documentation and other video tutorials.


Sucuri Security: Sucuri supports minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files as part of its optimization features.

Cache Enabler: Offers HTML minification options, optimizing code for faster rendering while allowing flexibility in handling inline CSS and JavaScript.

Cache enabler minification

Next3 Offload: The Next3 Offload plugin offers the ability to minify your CSS and JS files. With this process of removing unnecessary characters and spaces from JS files, the plugin reduces their size to improve loading times on your web pages.

Next3 offload Asset minification

Integration and Compatibility:

Sucuri Security: The Sucuri Security plugin requires WordPress version 3.6 or higher. It also requires administrative privileges for installation. It allows the connection of the Sucuri Firewall to the WordPress plugin using the Firewall (WAF) option of the Sucuri plugin for advanced protection.

Integrity of Sucuri

Cache Enabler: Compatible with HTTP/2, HTTPS, and content delivery networks (CDNs), ensuring optimal performance in modern web environments. The plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress plugins and themes.

Next3 Offload: Supports various cloud storage providers and allows transitioning between providers, offering flexibility and scalability. This plugin is compatible with most of the other plugins and themes.


Sucuri Security: With an optimized CDN and efficient website caching, you can experience enhanced page loading times. Websites utilizing CDN typically witness a remarkable 60% boost in speed on average.

Cache Enabler: The plugin’s primary focus is on speed, improving performance by a millisecond at a time. It works on improving website performance by caching and optimization processes. 

Next3 Offload: Next3 Offload is an amazing plugin that provides features to offload media files, optimize the overall website, cache offloaded files, and so on. With its huge number of features, it can improve a website’s speed, conversion rate, traffic, higher ranking on SEO, and decrease the bounce rate. 


Sucuri Security: This plugin has two plans with some packages. The plans are Security Platform Plans and Firewall with CDN Plans. The Security Platform Plans start at $199.99/yearly and the Firewall with CDN Plans start at $9.99/month.

Cache Enabler: This plugin is free on WordPress.org.

Next3 Offload: This plugin provides three packages for each annual and lifetime deal. The annual deal starts at $99/yearly for 1 one site license. On the other hand, the lifetime deal starts at $159 for 1 site license. It has no free version but the plugin provides a live demo for your convenience. 

Comparison Table: Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload

Here’s a comparison table of Cache Enabler, Sucuri Security, and Next3 Offload plugins:

FeatureCache EnablerSucuri SecurityNext3 Offload
CachingStatic HTML file creation, cache preloadingFirewall caching, performance optimizationOffloaded files caching
Security MeasuresProactive measures, DDoS protectionSecurity hardening, malware scanningCDN utilization for security
Media OffloadingNoNoYes
OptimizationPerformance optimization through cachingPerformance optimizationMedia offloading, image compression
Malware ScanningNoLightweight scanning engineNo
Core Integrity CheckNoCore file integrity checkNo
GZIP CompressionSupportedNot supportedNot supported
WebP SupportSupportedNot supportedSupported
Image OptimizationNot includedNot includedIncluded
Database OptimizationNot includedNot includedScheduled cleanup tasks
Ease of UseMinimal configuration, easy setupEasy configurationSimplified
MinificationHTML minificationHTML, CSS, JSCSS and JS minification
Integration/CompatibilityCompatible with HTTP/2, HTTPS, CDNsRequires WordPress 3.6+, administrative privilegesCompatible with most plugins/themes
PerformanceSpeed improvement through cachingEnhanced page loading timesOverall website optimization
Price The Security Platform Plans start at $199.99/yearly and the Firewall with CDN Plans start at $9.99/month. It also has a free version.Free Both annual and lifetime plans are available. The annual deal starts at $99/year. The lifetime deal starts at $159.
Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload comparison table

Sucuri Security vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload: Which One is Better?

Every website exists with the specific goal of serving its users or audience. As we have talked about Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload, you now know about the best plugin for your website based on your requirements. However, we are still gonna help you choose below.

Choose Sucuri Security If…

If you want security measures and protection against online threats, Sucuri offers a wide range of security features, including security hardening rules, malware scanning, core integrity checks, and post-hack guidance. With Sucuri, you can safeguard your website against malware infections, hacking attempts, and DDoS attacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of your online presence. Sucuri provides a reliable and effective security solution to protect your websites.

Choose Cache Enabler If…

If you prioritize speed optimization and performance enhancement, Cache Enabler reduces server load and improves loading times for visitors and boosts website performance. With cache preloading functionalities, it ensures that your site is always ready to deliver content swiftly to users. Cache Enabler also supports Gzip compression and WebP conversion, further optimizing file sizes and loading times for compatible browsers. 

Choose Next3 Offload If…

Next3 Offload is the plugin to use if you require the ability to offload files, optimize the assets, images, and database of your website, as well as cache offloaded resources. since this one plugin has all of these features and capabilities. Thus, it can help you with image optimization as well as all optimization and offloading-related tasks. With minimal configuration settings and easy setup, Next3 Offload Provides a user-friendly solution for improving website speed and delivering an enhanced user experience.

Note: Next3 Offload has become one of the most popular plugins for its exclusive features and user-friendly interface. Next3 Offload has won the best WordPress optimization plugin in Monster’s award in 2023.

Final Words

Hope you have got a clear idea of Sucuri vs Cache Enabler vs Next3 Offload.  Now it will be easy for you to pick the essential plugin for your website according to your needs.

Explore the plugins and make an easy decision on choosing the right one. If you have any queries, let us know. 

You may connect with us on Facebook and X. Also, check out our YouTube channel to view videos.

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