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Offload WordPress Media Files to Wasabi Cloud Just 1 minute

Offload WordPress Media Files to Wasabi Cloud Just 1 minute

Integrate Wasabi Cloud Storage to offload WordPress media files which will help you to develop your site performance. If you select a prominent media offloading plugin like Next3 Offload then you can offload your media file in the most effective and smooth way following some steps. 

Managing media files on a WordPress site can be a challenge. As your website grows, the storage requirements for images, videos, and other media assets increase, impacting site performance and load times. To address this issue, integrating Wasabi Cloud Storage with your WordPress site offers an efficient solution.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of integrating Wasabi Cloud Storage and guide you through the process of seamlessly offloading your WordPress media files.

What is Wasabi Cloud Storage?

Wasabi Cloud Storage is a cloud-based storage service that offers secure, scalable, and cost-effective storage solutions for businesses and individuals. It is provided by Wasabi Technologies, a company that specializes in cloud storage and data management.

Wasabi Cloud Storage is designed to be an alternative to traditional cloud storage providers, offering high-performance storage at a significantly lower cost. It utilizes a simple pricing model with no additional fees for data egress or API requests, making it transparent and predictable for users.

Overall, Wasabi Cloud Storage aims to provide a cost-effective, reliable, and secure storage solution for businesses and individuals with high-performance requirements.

The Easiest Way to Integrate Wasabi Cloud Storage with Your WordPress Site.

To integrate Wasabi Cloud Storage with your WordPress site, you can use a plugin called Next3 Offload. This plugin is developed by ThemeDev and allows you to offload your media files to Wasabi Cloud Storage easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrating Wasabi using the Next3 Offload plugin:

  • Install and activate the Next3 Offload plugin.
  • In the “Storage Provider” section, select “Wasabi” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Wasabi access key and secret key. 
  • Fill in the “Bucket” field with the name of the bucket in your Wasabi Cloud Storage account where you want to store your media files. You can create a new bucket within the Wasabi console if you haven’t done so already.
  • Configure the desired settings for offloading media files. You can choose to offload all existing files, new files only, or specific file types.
  • Adjust the other plugin settings according to your preferences. 
  • Save your settings, and the plugin will begin offloading your media files to Wasabi Cloud Storage based on the configured options
  • The Next3 Offload plugin offers a user-friendly interface for managing your media files, and it simplifies the process of integrating Wasabi Cloud Storage with your WordPress site. 

How To Connect A Wasabi Cloud Storage With Your WordPress Site?

You can easily offload your WordPress Media Library to Wasabi Cloud Storage by accessing Next3 Offload in the most prominent way. 

You need to follow some steps to use Wasabi Cloud Storage provider. 

  1. Log in to the Wasabi Console.
  2. Install the plugin Next3 Offload.
  3. Select the provider Wasabi from Dashboard.
  4. Add Access keys to Next3 Offload.
  5. Create Wasabi User.
  6. Create a Bucket.
  7. Offload your media files to Wasabi.
  8. Set up a CDN.

Step #1: Logging  in to the Wasabi Console

If you already have an Wasabi account sign in here.

Don’t you have an Wasabi account yet?  You will need to sign up here.

Step #2: Create a User

Log in to the Wasabi Management Console, then go to the Users area and click the Create User button. Enter your preferred username into the required field. Select the Access Type as Programmatic( Create API Key ). After that click the Next Button.

In the second step, you can create groups. Then click on Next.

The third step is Policies. But before you can attach a Policy to the User, you must choose one. To make sure everything functions as planned, we strongly advise choosing the “AmazonS3FullAccess” policy initially. If you want to limit access, you can later amend the user’s policy. Once the “AmazonS3FullAccess” policy has been chosen, click the Next button.

A dialog box confirming the username, access type, and policy the new user will have should now appear. If everything appears to be in order, select Create User.

Now create a New Access Key. Download your key file, which contains your new access key. Without downloading the Key file, you will not be able to retrieve your Secret Access Key again. 

Step #3: Create a Bucket

After completing all these processes you can Create a Bucket. Select a preferred bucket name, and select a region. Then go for the next steps. 

Step #4: Integrating with Next3 Offload

To select Wasabi cloud storage as a provider go to the Storage Settings and click on Provider’s edit option.

Select the provider and insert the collected Access key and Secret Key. Then click on Next to save the changes. 

Now access Bucket. Create a new bucket or access any existing bucket. 

Step #5: Delivery Settings

To set up the delivery provider go to the Delivery Settings. Then Select the Delivery provider and access other features. 

Final Word 

Integrating Wasabi Cloud Storage to offload WordPress media files offers a range of advantages for website owners. By leveraging the power of Wasabi’s secure and scalable cloud storage, you can optimize your WordPress site’s performance, reduce storage costs, and ensure reliable data durability. The seamless integration through plugins like Next3 Offload simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly manage and offload your media files to Wasabi. With faster load times, improved user experience, and cost-effective storage, integrating Wasabi Cloud Storage empowers you to take your WordPress site to the next level. Experience the benefits of this powerful combination and unlock the full potential of your website. Upgrade your storage infrastructure and elevate your WordPress media management with Wasabi Cloud Storage integration today.

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