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WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload: Which One Is Better for Your Website?

WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload: Which One Is Better for Your Website?

Are you confused when comparing WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload? 

This blog can help you learn about these top three optimizations and caching plugins in detail. Once you are done reading the comparison of these three plugins, you can easily select the right one for your WordPress site

Choosing the right caching and optimization plugin for your WordPress site can feel difficult, especially with options like Next3 Offload, WP Fastest Cache, and WP Super Cache. This article aims to make your decision-making easier by comparing their features, ease of use, pricing, and support. By the end, you’ll know which plugin suits your needs best. 

Let’s talk about  WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload and find the perfect plugin for your website.

Introducing WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache landing page

WP Fastest Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. Its user-friendly interface allows you to access the plugin effortlessly. It can be a reliable choice for your website optimization.

With WP Fastest Cache, you can manage cached files, minify CSS and JS files, and utilize other optimization tools. Features such as file modification, GZIP compression, and the ability to control caching for mobile devices and logged-in users can be toggled with simple checkboxes on the settings page, providing convenient customization options for improving website performance.

Features of WP Fastest Cache:

  • Effortlessly enhance website speed and performance with seamless CDN integration, supporting Bunny CDN, Cloudflare, and various other CDN providers.
  • Page caching feature generates and stores static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog 
  • WP Fastest Cache generates static HTML files to speed up page loading.
  • Browser caching reduces server load by caching resources for returning visitors.
  • GZIP compression reduces file sizes for faster page rendering.
  • Minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files optimizes load times.
  • Combining CSS and JavaScript files reduces HTTP requests.
  • CDN integration improves content delivery speed.
  • Database cleanup optimizes database performance.
  • Mobile cache optimization improves performance for mobile users.

Introducing WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache landing

WP Super Cache is a widely used caching plugin. It was created by Automattic. This plugin offers three caching options: Expert, Simple, and WP-Cache caching. 

The Expert method, although notably faster as it doesn’t execute PHP scripts, necessitates adjustments to your .htaccess file. 

The Simple method strikes a balance between user-friendliness and rapid site loading. If you’re not sure about modifying your .htaccess file, opting for this approach is recommended.

WP-Cache caching is used to cache pages for known users, URLs with parameters, and feeds.

Furthermore, WP Super Cache boasts additional speed-enhancing features such as cache preloading, which contributes to improving website performance.

Features of WP Super Cache:

  • Static page caching for faster loading times.
  • Serve static HTML files to users instead of heavier PHP scripts.
  • Expert mode for advanced customization and configuration options.
  • Compression of pages to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Garbage collection to remove outdated cache files.
  • CDN support for distributing cached files globally.
  • Scheduler for automated cache regeneration.
  • Dynamic caching for logged-in users and comments.
  • Easy configuration with simple settings and interface.
  • Compatibility with various WordPress setups and plugins.
  • Preload feature to generate cache files for faster access.
  • HTTPS support for secure connections.
  • Debugging tools for troubleshooting cache-related problems.

Introducing Next3 Offload Media Plugin

Next3 offload landing page

Next3 Offload is one of the best WordPress optimization plugins. You can mention it as an all-one solution for optimization and offloading WP media files. 

Once the Cloud has rewritten all files, Next3 Offload checks each file individually. Unlike traditional caching plugins, it doesn’t cache the entire website. It only focuses on caching all offloaded files. These cached files are then stored in the default WP cache.

You may upload files, make buckets and directories, and upload various image sizes to the cloud using the Next3 offload. It impacts positively on your page speed rating, suggesting that you’ll rank higher in search engines like Google.

 Features of Next3 Offload

  • It’s a fast and user-friendly interface. 
  • Store media and serve them using CDNs and S3-compatible storages like Wasabi, Amazon S3, Bunny CDN, DigitalOcean, StackPath, Amazon CloudFront, MinIo, IDrive e2, Cloudflare R2, UpCloud).
  • Offload all existing media files to cloud storage with just a single click.
  • Clean up server storage space efficiently.
  • Offload CSS and JS files.
  • Database optimization is available.
  • Allows image compression.
  • Cache offloaded files to default WP-Cache.
  • Automatically copy uploaded media files to the cloud 
  • Supports webP image conversion.
  • Seamlessly switch between Cloud providers.
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Monitor the offloading process. 
  • Optimizing WordPress website performance

Detailed Comparison of WP Fastest Cache Vs. W3 Super Cache Vs Next3 Offload

To talk about Next3 Offload Vs WP Fastest Cache Vs W3 Total Cache, we need to compare the basic functions and facts. This comparison will help you to know more clearly about the cache plugins so that you can make the right choice for your WordPress website.

WP Fastest Cache Detailed Overview

One of the Popular Cache Plugin

WP Fastest Cache offers full-page caching.  WP Fastest Cache is a cache plugin that enables cache preload, which means you don’t need a user to visit your website before creating a cached version.WP Fastest Cache includes browser caching functionality, enabling faster page reloads. Another feature is browser caching which allows static assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript files to be stored in visitors’ browsers. WP Fastest Cache includes browser caching functionality, enabling faster page reloads.

WP Fastest Cache interface

Image Source: WP Fastest Cache


WP Fastest Cache also provides options for minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Minification removes unnecessary whitespace and comments from these files, reducing their size and improving load times. This feature helps in optimizing website performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred between the server and the client.

CDN Integration

WP Fastest Cache allows integration with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to improve website performance by distributing content across multiple servers globally. This feature helps in reducing latency and improving page load times for visitors from different geographical locations. With WP Fastest Cache you can integrate your website with Bunny CDN, Cloudflare, and other CDN providers 

CDN Providers by WP Fastest Cache

Database Optimization

WP Fastest Cache includes options for database optimization. It works on clearing unnecessary data and optimizing database tables to improve website speed and reduce server load. To optimize the database you can clean up all the trashed posts and pages, comments from trash and spam, trackbacks and pingbacks, transient options, and so on using the WP Fastest Cache.

Database optimization of WP Fastest Cache


Here you can see a performance test result in GTmetrix after using WP Fastest Cache on a website. You can easily measure the page speed and see the difference when using the plugin.

WP Fastest Cache GTmetrix result

Image Source


WP Fastest Cache is WPML compatible. So you can create multilingual websites without any hassle. It is generally compatible with Cloudflare APO, and the two can cooperate to enhance the performance of websites.

The well-known plugins, including Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Elementor Website Builder, Classic Editor, Akismet Spam Protection, WooCommerce, and Contact Form by WPForms, are compatible with WP Fastest Cache. 


WP Fastest Cache is one of the most user-friendly plugins. You can have a look at the following image to see the accessible options.

WP Fastest Cache interface of caching

Image Source

While accessing this easy interface you can go to Settings, Delete Cache, Image Optimization, Premium, Exclude, CDN, DB tab. You can find all caching, minifying, optimizing, etc. functionalities in these tabs. You don’t need to go through any complexity while using this plugin’s options and features.

WP Super Cache Detailed Overview

Caching Functionality

WP Super Cache provides three caching modes to accommodate different server environments and website requirements:

Simple: Suitable for most websites, this mode creates static HTML files that are served to users.

Expert: Offers more advanced caching options and settings for experienced users, including caching for logged-in users and mobile device caching.

WP-Cache caching: It is mainly used to cache pages for known users, URLs with parameters, and feeds.


By preloading, you can create cached files for your site’s posts, categories, and tags. Like any other site visitor, preloading will visit every page of your website and create a cached version of the page as it goes. The sequential structure of this method means that if there are a lot of postings, it may take some time for the entire site to preload.

Disabling garbage collection can help improve preloading by preventing the deletion of older cache files. To accomplish this, turn on “Preload Mode” in the options. 

Garbage Collection 

Garbage collection is required if there is a space restriction, if you are charged based on capacity, or if you are concerned that your site’s cached pages will get stale. Regular garbage collection clears out the cache directory of outdated files. You can choose to: do this on the advanced settings page.

1. Cache timeout:  The duration for which cache files are considered to be fresh. They become stale after this point and can be removed.

2. Scheduler:  Determine the frequency of garbage collection.

3. Email notifications: You can receive updates on the status of the rubbish collection job.

Garbage collection settings are not right or wrong. Your website will determine this.

CDN Support

Content Delivery Networks are supported by WP Super Cache (CDNs). Popular CDNs can be easily integrated with WordPress Super Cache, giving users the option to provide the URL of the CDN and easily serve cached content over its network. WP Super Cache with CDN support improves user experience, speeds up the website performance, and guarantees that cached resources are consistently sent to users regardless of where they are on the internet by offloading content delivery to distributed servers.


If you are using WP Super Cache on your website, you can check your site’s performance to measure load time using GTmetrix or Pingdom.

WP Super Cache GTmetrix result

Image Source

Here you can see a website performance test result after using WP Super Cache.


The  WP Super Cache is compatible with a wide range of WordPress setups, themes, and plugins. It works seamlessly with most configurations and can be easily integrated into existing websites without causing conflicts.

WP Super Cache offers support for WordPress Multisite installations, allowing network administrators to manage caching settings for multiple sites within a single network.


WP Super Cache primarily focuses on caching mechanisms to enhance website speed and performance. It doesn’t have the minification features. It doesn’t directly include the database optimization feature also. To minify HTML and combine CSS and JS you need to add another plugin.


WP Super Cache also provides an easy and user-friendly interface. You don’t have to know any coding language to go through any complex process to access this easy-to-use plugin.

WP Super Cache interface

Image Source

You can see the easy interface which contains Easy, Advanced, CDN, Contents, Preload, Plugins, and Debug tab. You can find all the necessary features and functionalities in these tabs. The plugin allows you to access any function by checking the related box. So, you can access the plugin’s features without any hassle. 

Next3 Offload Detailed Overview

Caching Functionality

The Next3 offload plugin optimizes and offloads files, but it only caches the files it offloads, not the entire website. It utilizes the default WP cache for storing files. This plugin mainly works for offloading and optimizing purposes. 


The Next3 Offload plugin primarily focuses on optimizing website performance, including offloading files to cloud storage servers to enhance speed. While it offers some caching capabilities, it’s important to note that it primarily optimizes databases, images, CSS, JavaScript, and other elements to improve overall site efficiency and load times.


Next3 Offload is highly compatible with a wide range of plugins and themes, including popular ones like WooCommerce, EDD, BuddyPress, and many others. It seamlessly integrates with various CDN services, making it one of the most versatile and compatible plugins available.


Next3 Offload consolidates numerous optimization functionalities into one convenient package, covering essential tasks like database optimization, image compression, asset management, and more. With its comprehensive feature set, it offers a holistic solution for optimizing, offloading, and even caching elements of a website, making it a versatile tool for enhancing performance.


Here we are providing a website speed test result as an example. You can see the performance or speed test result after using Next3 Offload on a website. This plugin always helps you to optimize and speed up your website effortlessly. 

Next3 Offload GTmetrix result

CDN Support

Next3 Offload is mainly an offloading plugin with CDN support built into it. It can offload files to Cloud servers seamlessly and deliver them using your preferred CDNs. Using this plugin you can serve the stored content from a variety of storage providers with the help of CDNs like Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, S3-compatible CDN providers, and so on for improved speed. Providing CDN support efficiently Next3 Offload makes your website more optimized. You can experience a smooth transition as Next3 Offload empowers you to configure your CDN providers seamlessly.

Delivery settings of Next3 Offload

Image Source

Database Optimization 

You can automate database cleanup on a weekly basis using this feature. It automatically removes old pages, posts, comments, and transients, helping to free up space in your database for optimal performance.

Database optimization of Next3 Offload

Image Optimization

Using this effective plugin you can optimize your website images. It will help you compress all the inserted images. So, you don’t need to individually compress the images before adding them to your site. With this plugin, you can also enjoy WebP image format. 

Image Optimization of Next3 Offload


Next3 Offload can minify your website’s CSS and JS files. This feature helps you to have a speedy website with better performance.

Assets minifying of Next3 Offload


Next3 Offload is one of the most user-friendly plugins. 

Interface of Next3 Offload

You can see all the options of the Next3 control panel. The plugin serves a lot of features and functionalities. You can call it an all-in-one solution. The most enjoyable thing is having a feature-rich plugin that also provides an easy and clear interface. You don’t need to go through any complex process to access this plugin.

Comparison Table: WP Fastest Cache Vs. W3 Super Cache Vs Next3 Offload

FeaturesWP Fastest CacheWP Super CacheNext3 Offload
Caching MethodMod_rewrite and employs static and dynamic caching techniquesThree caching methods Expert, Simple, WP_CacheCache offloaded files in default WP_Cache
Ease of UseEasyModerateVery User friendly
Preload FunctionYesYesNo
Browser CachingYesYesYes
Offload FilesNoNoYes
CDN IntegrationYesYes (with extension)Yes
Image OptimizationYesNoYes
Database OptimizationYesYesYes
PricingFree, Premium version starts at $49/ lifetime for 1 licenseFreePrice starts at $99/year for 1 license

Which Plugin Is Better for Your Website?

Every plugin is best in its own way. These plugins have so many similarities and differences. So, you need to pick wisely. 

If you want a caching and optimizing plugin with minifying and optimization-related features then you can pick the WP Fastest Cache.

When you are only searching for a caching plugin you can choose WP Super Cache. As its main purpose is caching. You may not find minifying or optimization functionalities. 

If you are searching for an offloading and optimization plugin then Next3 Offload will be the best choice for you. Because it serves optimizing, offloading, and basic caching purposes at a time. Its main motive is offloading files and optimizing assets, databases, and other elements. The plugin also caches Offloaded files to default WP_Cache.

Note: WP Fastest Cache and WP Super Cache both are popular plugins. But as the new one, Next3 Offload has become one of the most effective plugins because of its exclusive features and user-friendly nature. Next3 Offload has won the best WordPress optimization plugin in Monster’s award in 2023.

So, choosing a plugin is now up to your needs. You can pick according to your needs, the plugin’s features, user interface, price, etc. Make a comparison of WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload and make the right decision.

Final Words

When you are thinking about WP Fastest Cache vs WP Super Cache vs Next3 Offload, it is clear that you have to pick one for your website. These three plugins have their own specialties and functionalities. 

It depends on your demand and needs which one will be preferable for you. You can pick for only caching purposes or you can select for optimization, offloading, and caching purposes. 

So, think about what you want to have and then pick one according to the features and price. 

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