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How to Install and Use Cleanly Plugin in WordPress 2024

How to Install and Use Cleanly Plugin in WordPress 2024

If you are running a cleaning service business, you may have to maintain a simple scheduling process on your website. An engaging scheduling process can make your customers more satisfied. To create a smooth booking process you can use a cleaning service booking plugin on your website.

Here in our blog, we’ll show you how to effectively install and use a cleaning service booking system for WordPress, Cleanly. We will walk you through the steps of installing and using the Cleanly plugin. It does not matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, we hope that you will benefit from this blog. 

Let’s get started. 

What Purpose Does The Cleaning Service Booking WordPress Plugin Cleanly Serves? 

A proper cleaning service booking and managing plugin can fulfill a vital need. Its main purpose is to offer your customers an easy and convenient online booking system for cleaning services.

Using a cleaning service booking interface, your customers can choose their required service, specify the preferred date and time, and include any particular instructions or requests. Even they can book a schedule without making phone calls or sending emails. It can save a huge time for your customers.

The WordPress booking plugin Cleanly makes scheduling appointments easier for service providers like you. By automatically updating availability, avoiding multiple bookings, and providing a calendar interface with well-known functionalities, it guarantees a smooth workflow. 

How to Install WordPress Booking Plugin Cleanly?

Using the Cleanly cleaning booking WordPress plugin, you’ll have complete control over all of its functionalities. This plugin provides amazing front-end service booking forms, back-end customizations, and a customer schedule process.

Cleanly landing page

If you want to install the cleaning service booking plugin Cleanly on your WordPress website, first get the Cleanly plugin from ThemeDev’s website. Then collect the license key.

To add the most efficient cleaning service booking plugin Cleanly to your WordPress website, you just need to follow some easy steps. You can also get help from Cleanly’s installation documentation

Let’s see the installation and activation process of the Cleanly Plugin below. 

First of all, navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard. Then click on the Plugins tab. 

Cleanly installation plugin tab

Hit on the Add New Plugin button. 

Add new plugin

 Now select Upload Plugin.

Upload plugin

Hit on the Choose File button to upload the Cleanly’s zip file.

Choose file for plugin installion

Select the Zip file from the folder.

zip file of Cleanly

After uploading the Zip file, you can click on Install Now.

Install now plugin button

It’s time to activate the plugin. So, click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

Activate cleanly plugin

Here you can see the activated Cleanly plugin is in your plugin list.

Cleanly plugin activation

Next, you need to activate the license for Cleanly. Go for the Cleanly Booking tab to activate the license. Insert the collected license and click on Activate License.

Active license

How to Use Cleanly Booking Plugin in WordPress?

Cleanly is a user-friendly plugin. As a user, you don’t need any coding knowledge or other skills to access this plugin’s features and functionalities. You need to just follow some simple steps and enable the necessary features to create a perfect booking form and process for your customers. 

You can also check all the bookings and analyze the overall customer reports with the help of the Cleanly plugin. So, the plugin not only simplifies the booking process for your customers but also provides you with overall control over your business and bookings.

Let’s talk about how you can use the plugin and create attractive booking forms for your customers.

How to Display Your Booking Form on a Page

You can easily customize a booking form for your cleaning service business with the Cleanly plugin. For this, you have to know the process of displaying and creating the booking form. 

You can display your booking page in two easy ways:

  • Using Shortcode
  • Selecting booking page 

Let’s discuss these ways now. 

1st Way: Show your booking page by using the shortcode

First, from the Setting option, you must copy the code.

click to copy code

Select Add New Page from the Pages tab.

Add new Page

Insert a page name that you want to create. 

create page for cleaning booking form creation

Select the + icon on Gutenberg and search for the shortcode to paste the copied shortcode. In the following field, paste the code that was copied from the Setting >> Single form section.

Select + icon and paste the code

Now click on the Publish button to save your new page.

Click on publish button

You can view the page that you have recently created.

View page button

Now your page is ready to display a perfect cleaning booking form to simplify your customer’s scheduling process.

Booking form for cleaning service

2nd Way: Show the Booking Form by Selecting the Booking Page.

 You need to create a new page. For this go to Pages and click on Add New page.

Add new pages

Provide a page name.

provide a page name

Then publish the page.


Go to the Settings page and select the Single form Settings option. Then select the page that you have just created from the Display form in page’s drop-down menu. 

Drop down menu to select page

To save all the changes that you have made, click on the Save All Changes button.

Save all changes

Now you can see the created page with the single-step form.

Booking form of cleaning

How to Set up Booking Form Data Using Plugin Settings

You can set up the booking form’s data from the Form Data feature. You can manage all the bookings, information like service type, service item, packages, time and date, team member, and a custom data field. 

Now, we’ll show the backend setting process in detail.

Form Data

Now, select Cleanly >> Settings. Then click the Form Data tab.

Form Data

In the Form Data area, you may specify the form’s title and subtitle.

Form data section

Tax Settings allows you to enable the display of the tax section in the form. You may choose the type of tax as a percentage or a flat rate, as well as the title. 

Form data tax settings and service fees

If there are any service costs for cleaning services, you can enable the Service fees option and specify a title and amount for them. 

Form data service fees
Step 1: Types of available booking types

Now go for the Step 1: Types tab.

Form data types

You can access the Booking Types section to display a types section on the booking form. After activating, you can provide the title, subtitle, and title for the multistep form, and input type (box or select) for the service type section.

Booking types

You also have the option of selecting the Discount Type and Discount Form. You may also add as many service types as you desire simply by clicking the Add button.

Form data Type settings

After you’ve made all of your changes, remember to click the Save All Changes button. You may also use the Reset All Option to restore all options to their previous state.

Type save all changes
Step 2: Like of booking

Click on the Like tab from the Form Data section.

Booking Like

You can enable or disable this area based on your needs. After activating, you can specify the title, subtitle, and tab title (multi-step) for the booking.

Like of booking

You can also select the Input Type, Discount Type, and Discount Form for the Like section.

Discount type of like section

You can add more Like options such as one-time, monthly, weekly, etc. in your booking form.

add more like option
Step 3: About your home/office/others

Access the About your home/office/others-related feature to add an About section to your booking form.

About section

In this part, you can set a title, subtitle, Tab Title (Multi-step), Input Type, Icon Type, etc. for creating an About section.

About your home/office /others

You can add more items by clicking the Add button. 

Add more in About section

Customers have to provide their home/office-related details when seeking cleaning services. Finally, click on the Save All Changes option.

Save all changes in About section
Step 4: Extra Services

Customers may need additional services. If you activate this option, they will have the ability to request additional service requirements. For this, select the Extra tab.

Extra services

You can enable this portion and set a title, sub-title, icon type. You can also enable an extra price display for Extra services. 

Extra services settings

Here, you can include so many items that can be used as extra services. To add more items, click the Add button.

Add more extra services

After you’ve made all of your changes, click the Save All Changes option to save them all.

Save all changes in Extra services
Step 5: Set up a Time & Date

Now it’s a term to set up a time and date section for booking purposes. Click on the Time tab from Cleanly’s panel. 

Time section

Enable the part and insert a title, sub-title, and tab title for this section.

Setup time and date

You can add a particular input type and different times to provide services.

Input type

You can set Today’s date, Limit of days, Set Weekends, and Disable Dates from the admin panel. At last, remember to click on Save All Changes.

Enable date and save all changes
Step 6: Setup Custom Field

To create any extra field to know about the customer’s extra requirements or instructions, create a custom field. 

Custom section

Enable the section with Label, ID, and Type.

Setup custom field

You can apply Conditional logic to create a custom field. 

Conditional logic

If needed, you can add more and more custom fields. After making all changes click on the Save All Changes button.

Add more of this custom section and save all changes

Additional Form Data

You can enter additional form data. To do so, pick the Additional Form Data tab.

Additional form data tab

Enable the section to set a Discount Type (Percentage or Flat Rate).

Additional Form data settings

Then set the item details like title, sub-title, etc.

Set discount type in Additional Form Data

You can enable the multiple-choice section and icon type.

Set icon type in Additional Form Data

You can add as many child items and items as you need.

Save all changes in Additional Form Data


Now, click the Discounts button to create the discount section.

Discount section

Enable the section to set up a tab title and coupon.

Discount section settings

Insert the coupon’s title, code, discount type, and amount.

Discount type, title, coupon code

Set the coupon’s start date and expiration date. You can also add extra coupons as needed. Finally, choose the Save All Changes button. 

Save all changes of Discount section

Payment/ Personal Settings

Now it’s time to set the payment section and personal section to gather customer details.

Payment/ Personal tab

Insert a Tab title for this section and set up the booking time.

Payment/ Personal section booking time setup

Create fields for personal and address to collect customer data, including address. Also set the title, sub-title, first name, last name, and email addresses. 

Personal & Address settings of Payment/ Personal

You can add additional fields based on your needs. Set the Business Country section to learn about that country.

Add more fields and business county setup of Payment/ Personal section

Now you must configure the payment method. Enable the section and fill in the currency type, title, and sub-title. 

Payment method of Payment/ Personal section

Select Payment Gateways.

Payment gateways of Payment/ Personal section

Set the Default Gateways for more convenience. You can also enable Test Mode.

Default gateways and enable test mode of Payment/ Personal section

You can now set Stripe Test Payment and Stripe Live Payment.

Stripe test and live payment of Payment/ Personal section

Set Deposit Payment. Enable the section to select Types and Amount.

Deposit payment of Payment/ Personal section

Thank You page or Order Success page

From the Settings page, navigate to Payment & Settings.

Thank you page creation

Then scroll down the page to see the Thank you page settings.

Thank you page settings

You can create the Thank You page in the following ways. Go to Pages > >Add New Page.

Thank you page creation by adding new page

Then, you can click the Add New Page button to create a new page.

Thank you page name inserting

Now, you need to click on the Publish button.

Thank you page publish

You can return to Cleanly >> Settings >> Payment & Settings. Now, navigate to the Thank You page settings. In the page, click the Display form in page drop-down menu to select the page.

Select page from drop-down menu

After selecting the page, you need to click on the Save All Changes button.

Save all changes to keep Thank you page

Note: Customer can see order details after submitting booking and automatic redirect to thank you page.

How to Manage Your All Customer’s Bookings from the Backend

Now, you need to go to the Cleanly All Booking option.

All Bookings

Click on a booking email that you want to check.

Check all booking details

Now, you can see each booking details.

Each booking details

Note: Cleanly gives more settings options to maintain the booking page from the backend.

How to Customize the  “My Account” for Your Customers

You can select a page to place your customers’ My Account section using Cleanly’s Booking Settings section from the Settings tab.

You can place a My Account section on your website for your customers using any of the two methods:

  • Using shortcodes
  • Selecting a page.

Below, we’ll show you how you can place the My Account section on any page just by choosing any existing page of your website. For this, you have to navigate to the Cleanly >> Settings page.

My Account section creation

Here you can see the My Account section.

My Account settings

Then, you need to go to the Pages >> Add New page.

Add new page

Now, you can add your title to the title field.

My Account page name creation

Then, hit the Publish button.

Publish page

At this point, you should return to your Cleanly>> Settings. Then select your page from the drop-down menu.

Select My Account page from drop down menu

You can now set the location of your page. The page position will be either before or after the content. It’s all up to you.

Set Form position in page

Now, you need to click on the Save All Changes.

Save all changes

Now you can see your customers’ view of the My Account section. This is something that your customers will see from their end. 

MY Account Form page

Final Words

Having a functional online cleaning booking WordPress website with a dynamic plugin like Cleanly can significantly improve your business outcomes. It not only saves time but also simplifies the booking process for your customers.

Integrating a cleaning booking system into your WordPress website is simple and doesn’t require coding from scratch. Simply install the Cleanly plugin and configure it according to your preferences following this guide.

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