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Display Single Form

You can create a single form and add it to any website page you like. You can choose specific pages to find a single form for consumers to confirm bookings using the best cleaning service booking plugin. Inserting a shortcode that matches the style of your website, choose a page and a specified location.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Display Multi-Step Form

You can create a multi-step form based on the demands of the customer for their convenience. The shortcode allows you to place the multistep form anywhere on the page of your choice. Therefore, you can customize the form to fulfill your needs and the layout of your website.

My Account Settings

Customers may easily manage their orders, get PDF invoices, access personal and billing data, change account settings, and access additional possibilities using this online booking service provider plugin.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Quick Booking Form

You can set up a quick booking form for your customer’s convenience. A quick booking form allows you to schedule a booking through some easy and short process. A customer just has to fill up the required field and confirm the booking. It will provide fast and short facilities for booking .

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Booking Types

Cleaning service management WordPress plugin, Cleanly allows so many features.Among all creating single or multi step booking forms with necessary fields is an important one. Here are the functions of first step booking type to Create an Online Booking Form for online booking cleaning service:

  • Mention various types of online booking cleaning service offered by the company, such as residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Customers can choose their preferred cleaning service from the list provided in the booking form.
  • Include a section where customers can specify their cleaning requirements, like the number of rooms, square footage, specific areas to be cleaned, etc.
Feature Image
Feature Image

Like of Booking

You can provide some options for booking duration such as one time, weekly, monthly and so on. So, the customer will choose a particular duration of time for having your service. After providing the types section you have to set up a Like section. The section will allow your customer to select how often they want to get the online booking cleaning service.You can set it as one-time weekly, bi-weely. monthly etc. Like Section Setup:

  • One-time: Customers can select to receive the online booking cleaning service just once.
  • Weekly: Customers can choose to receive the service every week.
  • Bi-weekly: Customers can opt for the service to be provided every two weeks.
  • Monthly: Customers can select a monthly frequency for the online booking cleaning service.

About Cleaning

The About section allows you to set the available cleaning area, types and number of rooms. Your customers will select on their convenience. As a type of room it can be bedroom, washroom, living room, kitchen etc. You can also set the number of rooms so that your customers can pick online booking cleaning services for more than one room at a time. All these things you need to set up from your admin panel of Cleanly.
About Section:

  • Available Cleaning Area: Set the areas where cleaning services are offered.
  • Types of Rooms: Provide options for bedroom, washroom, living room, kitchen, etc.
  • Number of Rooms: Allow customers to select services for multiple rooms simultaneously.
  • Room Sizes: Mention room sizes to adjust pricing accordingly.
Feature Image
Feature Image

Extra Items

Access this portion of Extra from your admin dashboard to provide some extra services. Like your company can provide online booking cleaning service on the oven, window, fridge etc. Depending on your company and extra services to provide, organize this portion so that your customers can pick extra services conveniently.
Extra Services Section:

  • Admin Dashboard Access: Manage extra services from the admin dashboard easily.
  • Additional Cleaning Options: Offer services for oven cleaning, window cleaning, fridge cleaning, etc.
  • Customization: Organize the section based on your company's available extra services.
  • Customer Convenience: Allow customers to conveniently select desired extra services.

Create a Full-fledged Booking
Page for Your Cleaning Business
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Create booking forms the way you want, add quick and easy payment methods along with a cash
payment facility, manage your staff, and let your clients experience a smooth cleaning
booking journey with an app or from your website!

Date & Time Setup

Set available time to provide cleaning services from your company. For this set time zone, time and date from your admin panel. It will allow your customers to pick available date and time to confirm the booking for having cleaning service in time.
Available Time for Cleaning Services:

  • Time Zone Setting: Configure the time zone for your company's cleaning services.
  • Time and Date Selection: Set specific time and date options from the admin panel.
  • Customer Booking Convenience: Enable customers to choose available dates and times for their online booking cleaning service.
  • Easy Selection Process: Make it effortless for customers to pick their preferred time and date with just a few clicks.
Feature Image
Feature Image

Custom Fields

A customer may have some extra requirements or instructions before confirming a booking. For this purpose you can provide an extra custom field from your Cleanly admin panel. You customers have to just fill up the field writing about their requirements, instructions or notes etc. It will help you to satisfy your customers giving the best services.
Extra Custom Field:

  • Admin Panel Setup: Add an additional custom field to gather extra requirements or instructions.
  • Customer Convenience: Allow customers to fill up the field with specific requirements, notes, or instructions.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Utilize the provided information to deliver personalized and satisfactory services.

Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon feature of cleaning service provider plugin allows you to set a coupon code. This coupon code will provide a discount in percentage or flat. The customers only have to use the coupon code and the discount amount will be subtracted automatically from the subtotal amount.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Deposit/Down Payment

Using this exclusive feature of Cleanly, you can set the total booking amount. Your customers have to pay only the amount of deposit to confirm the booking and after getting the full service he can pay the rest of the total amount conveniently.

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Create single or multistep booking forms, integrate with Google Calendar,
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Integrate with NextCRM

Cleanly has other convenient features to integrate your total online booking cleaning service system with NextCRM. Integrating with NextCRM, it will be easier to get your customers email list and run email campaigns more successfully.
Convenient Integration with NextCRM:

  • Seamless Connection: Cleanly offers easy integration with NextCRM for your online cleaning service booking system.
  • Customer Email List: Automatically sync customer email lists from Cleanly to NextCRM.
  • Enhanced Email Campaigns: Utilize the integrated data to run more successful and targeted email campaigns.
Feature Image
Feature Image

Email Invoice

Set the email invoice from your Cleanly admin panel. This email invoice will be sent to your customers after confirming a booking.
Email Invoice Setup:

  • Admin Panel Configuration: Access the Cleanly admin panel to set up the email invoice.
  • Sender and Receiver Email: Input sender and receiver email addresses for the invoice.
  • Order Prefix: Customize the order prefix to identify the specific booking invoices.
  • Subject Line: Create a subject line for the email invoice.
  • Body Templates: Design the content and layout of the email invoice as per your preference.
  • Post-Booking Sending: The email invoice will be automatically sent to customers after confirming a booking.

Booking Summary

Based on your reservation data, you can check your booking preview, total cost, sub-total, and total discount. You may move the Booking Summary box anywhere on the page of your website and toggle the WordPress cleaning service booking plugin ON and OFF.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Vat & Tax

To confirm a booking there can be a vat & tax issues. You can add vat and tax section to the booking preview and invoice. For that you must enable all the vat and tax regarding settings. So that the customers can see the available vat and tax with the service fee clearly.

Create a Full-fledged Booking
Page for Your Cleaning Business
Website Within a Few Minutes!

Create booking forms the way you want, add quick and easy payment methods along with a cash
payment facility, manage your staff, and let your clients experience a smooth cleaning
booking journey with an app or from your website!

Real-time Calculation and Positioning Box

On the basis of the specifics of your reservation, you can obtain a real-time computation. such includes total reservation cost, discount, and net amount. Another is where the Summary Calculation Box is placed within the Body.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Manage Multiple Branches

Do you have multiple branches of your cleaning service business?

  • You can create various booking forms.
  • You can set up different services and pricing.
  • You can select staff members for each branch.
  • You can add different working time slots and days.
  • You can configure branch opening and closing times, including weekend settings.

Manageable Booking Calendar

To make sure you can see all the cleaning service orders or bookings for the entire month, Cleanly comes with a manageable booking calendar.

  • You can manage monthly, weekly, and daily bookings using the calendar.
  • You can view overall booking information.
  • You can manage bookings for each branch using the calendar.
Feature Image

Accept Bookings, Receive Payments,
and Manage Your Staff Like Never

Create single or multistep booking forms, integrate with Google Calendar,
leverage the addons, and the best of the cleaning booking mobile apps for iOS and Android!

Client Review & Rating

Let your clients submit ratings and reviews for the assigned staff so that your future clients can choose the best staff based on ratings.

  • You can easily display the ratings and reviews for each staff member.
  • You can show the average ratings of branches or staff.
  • Customers can manage reviews from the client dashboard.
Feature Image

Graphical Report

It mainly shows overall reports into a graphical presentation. From your website backend you can see and analysis overall order reports like total amount, total discount, total due, tax etc. With a glance you can observe all these things very smoothly with this feature.

Booking Summary

You can see all the informations of booking history from backend dashboard report section. Overall order summary like total orders, recent month order, last month or days orders and amounts etc. all the order and amount related information will be presented in this section of Dashboard Report.

Feature Image

Frequently Asked Questions

A WordPress cleaning service booking plugin that interacts with a website or platform to allow users to order cleaning services online is known as a cleaning service booking plugin. It offers customers a practical way to arrange and handle cleaning appointments with a reputable cleaning provider.

The benefits of using a WordPress cleaning service booking plugin include convenience for customers, time-saving for both customers and service providers, improved organization and scheduling, streamlined payment processing, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Yes, it is possible to integrate a cleaning service booking plugin with payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and WooCommerce Checkout.

Yes, you can customize the services and pricing with a cleaning service booking plugin.

Yes, the WordPress cleaning service booking plugin Cleanly is designed to handle multiple staff members or teams. The plugin typically includes features that allow you to manage and assign appointments to different staff members or teams based on their availability and expertise. You can set up profiles for each staff member or team, define their working hours, and allocate appointments accordingly.

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