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Powerful License Management System to Manage Multiple Domain

Powerful License Management System to Manage Multiple Domain

NextLi Easy Digital Downloads License management system, which manage multi Domain License, easy checkout process and provide a nice user Dashboard.

A perfect WordPress License Management System plugin includes features for managing your online course content, handling subscriptions, running and grading quizzes, accepting payments, and more.

NextLi is essential to ensure your business complies with every relevant enterprise license and end-user license agreement . Effective NextLi tracks all of this and delivers features that can help your business avoid non-compliance with your software licenses, and the penalties that accompany each compliance breach.

Manage Multiple Domain

Each domain in Active Directory is identified by a (DNS) Domain Name System domain name and requires one or more domain controllers. If your network requires more than one domain, you can easily create multiple domains.

One or more domains that share a common schema and global catalog are referred to as a forest. The first domain in a forest is referred to as the forest root domain. If multiple domains in the forest have contiguous DNS domain names, then the structure is referred to as a domain tree.

A single domain can span multiple physical locations or sites and can contain millions of objects. Site structure and domain structure are separate and flexible. Furthermore, a single domain can span multiple geographical sites, and a single site can include users and computers belonging to multiple domains.

Basics of Multiple Domain Hosting

Each web host will have a different way of handling multiple domain names. Some providers will offer you the ability to host an unlimited number of domains. Others will restrict the number of sites you can host unless you upgrade your account.

Beyond choosing the web host that’ll let you host the number of domains you require, there are some other features you should look out for:

  • The ability to add multiple IP addresses
  • Unlimited email accounts to go with each of your domains
  • Easy add-on domain management from within cPanel
  • Either cPanel control panel, or another beginner-friendly option
  • Adding a subdomain to an existing domain name
  • Parked domain management for domains you’re not building out yet
  • Domain alias for having multiple URLs point to a single website
  • Free or paid SSL certificate availability for selling products online

Of course, this feature list isn’t conclusive, but simply a guideline for finding the best and most flexible web host for hosting multiple domain names.

Starting a Learning Website

To build a learning or training website with WordPress, you first need to sign up for a WordPress hosting account. This will be your website’s home on the internet where all files are stored.

You will also need a domain name. This will be your website’s address on the internet, such as wpbeginner.com.

Next, you will need to install WordPress on your website. You can follow the instructions in our step by step guide on how to install WordPress. Your site will be up and running in minutes.

All three hosting providers have a guided one-click install flow for WordPress, so it should be fairly straight forward.

Once you have installed WordPress, you will be ready to choose a WordPress LMS plugin for your website. These plugins will allow you to create, manage, and sell online classes from your website.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress LMS plugins side-by-side, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.


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Easily sell and manage multi domian license keys and provide user dashboard. NextLi is essential to ensure your business complies with every relevant enterprise license and end-user license agreement .

NextLi Feature Overview

  1. Store Licence Data: NextLi plugin to store each licence information and generate cache with log history into your server.
  2. Generate license keys : NextLi basically generate specific license for seperate domain and user only allowed to use the license that he created for the domain.
  3. Multi Domain Licence : o manage multiple / single license for every purchase. Added multiple domain and collect new license for each domain.
  4. Connect with Server : NextLi will provide API files to connect with your server which is extra features that is not included to this plugin.
  5. Provide APIs : To check the validity of products license NextLi provides API. With the API user can active or revoke the licenses.
  6. Customer Dashboard : There is a customer dashboard option in NextLi where customer get the order receipt, can dowonload the product files and so on.

The Best WordPress License Management System plugin Plugin

We believe that NextLi is the best WordPress License Management System plugin plugin. It’s very beginner-friendly and lets you create online courses with beautiful designs (no code needed).

Their powerful NextLi rules make it easy to configure access control, sell course subscription packages, and more. You also get other useful features like content dripping, group memberships, protected file management, reminder emails, and more.

It integrates seamlessly with all major payment providers, and over a thousand different email marketing automation services.

We hope this article helped you compare the best WordPress LMS plugins with their pros and cons. You may also want to see our guide on the must have WordPress plugins to grow your business, and our comparison of the best chatbot software to improve site engagement.

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