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NextWoo Roadmap

We are happy to share the roadmap of our journey with you.

Quarter 3-4, 2022

Pre-sale order

The customer can request the order of the product according to his demand. If he wants, he can reduce the price of the products.


22, Dec 2022

New Add-ons!

Product QR Code

Add a QR code to the product page and customer to be purchase by scanning the code from their smartphone.


10, Dec 2022

New Add-ons!

Woo POS(Ponit of Sale)

You can see POS System in your WordPress dashboard. POS will be manage your selling system and Generate sale reports.


20, Nov 2022

New Add-ons!

PDF Order templates

You can provide order details to customer by PDF file with additional innformation of your company.


25, Oct 2022

New Add-ons!

Quarter 1-4, 2021

Advance Widgets & Blocks

Developed some Advanced Widgets & Blocks for Elementor and Gutenberg Editor. Such as (Quick View, WishList, Product Compire etc.)


20, Dec 2021

New features!

Related product

We've Developed Related Products Builder into Single Product page.


12, Oct 2021

New features!

Products Swatches

Easy-to-use variation swatches to display beautiful, vibrant and appealing colors, buttons, images, and variations of products to improve customer experience.


20, August 2021

New features!

Quarter 1-2-3-4, 2020

Widgets & Blocks

Developed 70+ custom Elementor Widgets and 60+ custom Blocks.


20, June 2020

Develop Widgets & Blocks

Elementor Builder

NextWoo plugin work with Elementor Page Builder


30, March 2020

Compatible with Elementor

Gutenbureg Editor

NextWoo plugin work with Gutenbureg Page Builder


20, Jan 2020

Compatible with Gutenbureg


  • Module: NextWoo with PDF Order
  • New: Extra control of Elementor & Gutenberg
  • New: Ready templates of Elementor & Gutenberg Editor
  • Fix: Js issues fixed
  • Fix: Css issues fixed
  • New: Ready Landing Product Templates
  • Fix: Modify Ready templates
  • Fix: Js issues fixed
  • Fix: Css issues fixed
  • New: Create/Manage My Templates system modified.
  • New: New Elementor and Gutenberg Demo (https://nextwoo.themedev.net/)
  • New: Demo Export / Import System
  • New: Ready Tempplates (200+ templates design) Elementor & Gutenberg
  • Fix: Product swatch issues fixed
  • Fix: Js issues fixed
  • Fix: Css issues fixed
  • New: New Elementor and Gutenberg Demo (https://nextwoo.themedev.net/)
  • New: Added new Elementor Control and Gutenberg
  • Fix: Product swatch issues fixed
  • Fix: Js issues fixed
  • Add multiple swatch item (Color, Size, Icon, Image)
  • Js issues modify
  • Add extra widgets
  • Css modify
  • widgets control modify
  • NextWoo Dashboard Design totaly modifed.
  • Free and PRO version marged. No need install "nextwoo-for-woocommerce" free version.
  • JS and CSS issues Solved
  • Added new features for Veriable Product Widgets, Quick View, Related Layout builder, Cross sale Builder, Up-sell Builder, and so on
  • Demo layout(Single, Product, shop, categories, related, my account, cart, checkout)
  • Gutenbureg block render issues and css issues fixed