Extraordinary Features of NextWoo

NextWoo is a WooCommerce Builder to build Single Product, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Shop Loop, Related product, Quickview, Up-sell, Cross sale with Elementor or Gutenberg.


Create unlimited templates for woo customization

You can create unlimited templates for Single Products, Shop layout, Archive Layout, Checkout, My Account, Cart, Related product and more WooCommerce pages.

create templates
Design Preset
Design Preset

Set preset woo templates by onclick

With a single click, you can set Woo layout templates from pre-build designs. It will surely save your time.

Editor Flexibility

Build templates with Elementor & Gutenberg

NextWoo offers Elementor & Gutenberg to build or customize beautiful woo templates, there are 100+ Widgets and Blocks are available for both Elementor & Gutenberg editor.

Editor Flexibility
Variable products
Product layout

Supports multiple product type

Easily build variable, grouped, subscription, and simple products layout using Elementor | Gutenberg Widgtes.

Archive Builder

Construct versatile shop page templates

Use the Shop widgets to craft a decent template that presents all products in the best light. Get extra features : AJAX add to cart method, Quick View, Compare Button, Wishlist, Image Slider, and so no

Shop Builder
Checkout products
Checkout Builder

Custom Checkout page template

Form a beautiful checkout page that is fully covered with order review, billing, shipping, and payments information.

Cart Builder

Built with Cart template

Make the Cart page tight-packed with order details, cross-sells, empty cart message, and total amount widgets.

Cart Builder
Account Page
My Account

Custom Account page Builder

Create a customizable My Account page for both new and registered users. Widgets are available such as Registration \ Login Form, Order, Download, Account Details, Dashboard, and so on.

Order / Thank Builder

Built with Success template

Build and apply a Thank You page to complete the purchasing process that contains following formalities like order details, order, Customer Address Details, and more.

Success Page Builder
Quick Page
Quick View

Customize quick view template

Create a customizable Quick View page to see the short information of products.

Related product

Building related product template

Build Related Products templates by using shop layout into single product page.

Related Builder

Extraordinary Features of Variation swatches

No dream is too small to begin with. But to get started you need the
best industry standard features.

Button Label Variation Swatches

Button or Label Variation Swatches in Detail Page

From product attributes, you can set Button/ Label variation or from each product can set button/ label variation.

Single Selected Attribute in Archive/ Shop Page

Every product has several swatch attributes. Rather than displaying all of them on the shop page, we provide the option to select a single attribute. You can showcase just one attribute or more.

Archive/ Shop

Radio Variation Swatches in Detail Page

Every product has several swatch attributes. Rather than displaying all of them on the shop page, we provide the option to select a single attribute. You can showcase just one attribute or more.

Radio Variation Swatches
Variation Quick View

Variation Swatches in Quick View

To improve product views and purchases further, you can enable viewing of product swatches in quick view lightboxes. Therefore, your customers can buy products from many points within your shop.

Variation customization for each product

IF you want a distinct variation for individual products, worry not. With WooCoomerce Variation Swatches, you can customize variations on single products.

Variation Customization Product
Color Variation Swatches

Color Variation Swatches in Detail Page

From Product attributes, you can set color variation or from each product can set the color variation.

Text Tooltip for product detail page

You may find that images and colors aren’t enough. Text tooltip improves the engagement of shoppers by describing your product in detail.

Text Tooltip Product