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Backup All Media files for WordPress

Create a backup for all the WordPress files or database before offloading to Cloud. Specific backup for particular files may be proven very important for some unusual issues.

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Backup Media

Create Backup for Database

Generating Backup for your database tables is very crucial. Having a backup for the database table, you can move the tables or do your other data tables related tasks fluently as there will be no issue of losing data.

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Generate Database Backup
Get Media Files Backup

Backup Your Media Files

Before moving any Media Files somewhere else or offloading to the cloud, make a backup of each of them. Plugins, themes, uploads, and other files can all be backed up separately. Your backup files are also accessible by downloading them.

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Restore & Remove The Backup Files

Data from backups can be easily removed and restored accessing the speed optimization plugin Next3 Offload. Additionally, you can download and handle backup files.

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Restore & Delete Backup
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