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Introducing Premium Modules
of Next3 Offload

Enjoy some extraordinary modules to optimize your WordPress Website speed.

Backup Media

Backup Media Files new

Have a backup of your media files before transferring the files to the cloud. This module ensures the security of files as it gives back all your lost files or data.

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Server side optimizer

Server-side optimizer upcoming

Server-side optimizer creates a greater impact on loading speed and TTBF.

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Frontend optimizer

Frontend Optimizer upcoming

The module of offload WordPress plugin Next3 Offload optimized the frontend portion to provide speedy webpages for visitors

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Google Drive

Google cloud upcoming

Offload all required files to Google Cloud ( like AWS ) to make your website superfaster.

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Image Compression & WebP Images

Image Compression & WebP Images upcoming

Optimize your media files and images to significantly decrease the loading time of your website.

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