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Next3 Roadmap

We are happy to share the roadmap of our journey with you.

Quarter 3, 2022

Server-side optimizer

Server-side optimizations can have a great impact on loading speed and TTFB.


15, August 2022

New Module

Frontend optimizer

Decrease your loading speed by optimizing your frontend code.


15, July 2022

New Module

Quarter 2, 2022

Digital Ocean

Connect with Digital Ocean(like as AWS) for offloading media and super optimize your websites.


01, June 2022

New Module

Google Drive

Connect with Google Drive(like as AWS) for offloading media and super optimize your websites.


15, May 2022

New Module

Image Compression & WebP Images

Optimizing your media and images can significantly decrease usage and loading time.


01, May 2022

New Module

Quarter 1, 2022

Backup Media

Backup all media files before transfer into AWS S3. You can set auto schedules of backup.


25, Mar 2022

New Module

Import Media

Select [.json] file to upload into AWS S3 Bucket. Others websites wp media will be import here.


01, Feb 2022

New Features & Settings

Export Media

Export all WP Media files to must be select Type(All media, Already Uploaded to AWS, Not upload to AWS).


15, Jan 2022

New Features & Settings

Quarter 4, 2021

Integrate WooCommerce

All exiting woocommerce products images(All sizes) will be upload into AWS automatically.


22, Dec 2021

WooCommerce Features

Auto Upload to AWS

When you can upload files into WP Media, Then automatically upload files in the AWS S3.


20, Oct 2021

New features

Add AWS File

When you can upload/import files into AWS S3, Then automatically upload files in the WP Media.


15, Nov 2021

New features


  • Update: File Manager UI modified
  • New: Import Media
  • New: Export Media
  • New: Auto Upload into AWS from WP Media
  • New: Add file into WP Medai when upload file to AWS S3
  • Update: Vendor AWS
  • Plugin UI design totaly modified
  • File Management System modified
  • Drag and Drop Upload Files
  • Create New Folder
  • Create New Bucktet
  • Website media files transfer to AWS (Export / Import Files)
  • Others modify
  • Removed file croping system
  • AWS Connection Error Solved
  • AWS Files use into WordPrress Directory