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  • Item Name : Next Addons PRO - WordPress Plugins
  • Item Version : V 1.0.0
  • Last Updated : 25 April 2020
  • Author : ThemeDev
  • Support via Email :

First of all, Thank you so much for purchasing this plugin and for being my loyal customer. You are awesome!
You are entitled to get free lifetime updates to this product + exceptional support from the author directly.

Be careful while editing the template. If not edited properly, the design layout may break completely.
No support is provided for faulty customization.

Introduction and quick start guide. #back to top

Thank you so much for purchasing our plugin called Next Addons- WordPress Plugins. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or problems about this plugins. No guarantee is provided, but we will do our best to provide you with the best possible assistance.

First Step

  • Documentation - That's where you
  • License - Some info's about plugins licencing terms
  • Dummy Content - Placeholder content for testing the plugins
  • SampleData - Import Data to get the exact Site as the Preview Page
  • Upload - This is where all Plugins files are (zipped & unzipped format)

Please read more about wordpress here

Plugin Requirements

First, make sure you have WordPress version 4.7 or higher installed, by checking the update panel within your current WordPress installation. If you don’t have WordPress already, you can download it from Next Addons. While Next Addons Pro might work with older versions of WordPress, it is recommended to have 4.7 or higher version of WordPress.

Next, install and activate 2.7 or higher version of Elementor plugin.
Then you have to install and activate the.

Finally, install and activate the latest version of Next Addons Pro plugin.

Now you ready to use Next Addons Pro, so download the plugin ZIP file, and save it somewhere handy on your computer, as you will be using the included files for the rest of the installation process.

Install Plugins

The first option how to install this Plugins would be to directly upload the file via WordPress Plugin Uploader.  
  • Minimal requirements:
    • PHP 7+
    • Php.ini settings:
      upload_max_filesize = 32M
      post_max_size = 48M
      memory_limit = 256M
      max_execution_time = 600
      max_input_time = 400
    • MySQL 5.0+
    • Wordpress 5+
    • Please make sure you have proper version of wordpress installed.
    • Log Into WordPress and go to Plugins > Add New
    • Find the Next Addons PRO Plugin click activate
  • FTP Upload:
    • Unzip the "" file from plugin folder
    • Open up your FTP manager and connect to your hosting
    • Browse to wp-content/plugins
    • Upload the next-addons-pro in plugins folder
    • Log Into WordPress and go to Plugins > Add New
    • Find the next-addons-pro Plugin and click activate
  • Wordpress Dashboard:
    • Log into your WordPress backend
    • Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins
    • Click Add New
    • Now you just need to find the "" in the Upload folder and hit Install now.
    • After complete installation click on active button to active The plugin.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this

Collect License

After purchase Next Addons Pro, you have to log in our '' site. Latterly, you have to follow that guidance given below.

  • After log in you will have our dashboard. Go to Dsahboard-> products at first.

  • Now click on Licenses that will bring you Manage Lisense page. Afterward, just put the domain name into the input field. Then click on Add Domain.

  • After adding the domain, click on the license key that will show you a popup window where you have to collect(copy) the license number.

  • Plugins Dashboard Settings#back to top

    Active License

    To get all the services of Next Addons Pro, you have to activate the product license at first. Here are the license activation rules:

  • After installation and activation of plugin, go to the Dashboard -> Next Addons -> Active Pro.
  • This time just put your license number into the input area that you have previously collected from ''. Finally, you have to click on Active License button. That's it!

  • Widgets setting

    At first, you need to complete installation and activation process of Next Addons. Then go to the widget setting option and enable all the widget for Next Addons. Go to Next Addons ->Features -> WIDGETS->Enable All.

    Features Setting

    Next Addons provides some highly decorated features. In order to get these beautiful features into the widgets you need to enable all the features. Go to Next Addons ->Features -> FEATURES->Enable All.

    Wdigets Documentation#back to top


    An accordion is vertically a group of the list of headings that you can reveal or hide by click.
    Just drag and drop the accordion into the ‘+’ section and get the beautifully styled text accordion. If you click on a single heading then it will show you the description and click on it again to hide the description with the arrow indicator. You can add items over there if needed. There are several styling items in style.

    Ajax Blog

    Ajax Blog allows you to set various categories among the blogs where you can select your favourite blog category by clicking. There is another filter option of typing keyword for the blog.
    At first, you have to choose one style from a number of beautiful default styles. 'Query option' gives you some important features to make your site more advanced. So you need to be very familiar with it in order to be master of it. Ajax Blog widget offers three different filtering options. They are category, keyword, and tag. It has a lot of options to add blog title, feature, date, categories, author and more. If want, then you can give your site a dynamic view by designing it with various styling option.

    Ajax Blog Feed

    Ajax Blog Feed helps the user to design news feed, magazine and custom post with grid and slider style where they can select their favorite blog category by clicking or typing the keyword of the blog.
    Just choose your default style and implement them one by one in the 'General Option'. You can select the post type and set the display limit in the query option. The filter option will offer you to set multiple filtering items to your blog section. Basically you will be able to use keywords, categories, and tags for filtering. Be a design master by using Advance blog feed’s styling tools.

    Ajax Woo Shop

    Ajax Woo Shop is very much similar to Woo Shop. But you will have the unique advantage to set the categories of products by using Ajax Woo Shop. Here, you can add the categories on click/on hover/by selecting.
    Just go to the Query option followed by the general option where every user can set the order of the product, display limit of product and column number. After that, set the three types of filter options so that customer can easily find their desired product over the Ajax woo shop section by filtering. It will give you permission to add title, feature, rating, badge, price, add to cart and button for your products. Style option of Ajax Woo Shop gives you every possible way to design.


    Make your website fancy by using Blog that contains some interesting features like Blog Post Gallery, Single Blog Slider, Blog Post Slider and so on.
    Choose the beautiful styling blog from the general option of the content which includes a lot of items like images, texts and so on. You can add the post type, category type over 'query option'. It has a couple of options to set icon and date format over the blog. Finaly, style your blog with beautiful designing options.

    Blog Feed

    This widget responsible for a beautiful design like news feed, magazine and custom post type with grid and slider style.
    Like the Blog widget, it has similar general option. It offers users with beautiful sliding options, images, texts, icons, and others. You can also add a news feed, magazine and custom post by blog feed. You are able to style your Blog Feed as per your preference.

    Business Hours

    Add opening and closing hours with weekly closed information about your business to let the customer know about it by using Business Hours widget.
    There is an option of adding a heading. You are also allowed to add many items according to requirements. You can add working hours ( from opening to closing ) on a day of your business and the weekend as well. Make it more catchy with a lot of designing features in style.


    Add most unique and stylish Button in any blocked content in your website that allows applying hover effect, adds attributes to the links and so on.
    Drag and drop the Button widget into the ‘+’ section while editing. Then you are able to use 13 different buttons into your website anywhere you need. In this section, users can add text, text with an icon on the button and there are several options to link and animate the button. Just switch the style bar and decorate your button.


    Use Card widget to exhibit your products photos, prices and description with a lovely combination of texts, links, badge, and button.
    After drag and drop the card widget into the drag widget area you can change the layout with different positions like the top, right, bottom and left. Then you will get the data option following the general option where you will have all the access to add badge, content title, price, details, image, button with icon and more. In style option, you will get unlimited designing tools to make your card section more catchy.

    Countdown Timer

    Make your website dynamic by adding Countdown Timer to show the urgency to the visitors that may be of registration for an event or product availability for business and so on.
    Add countdown timer with some dynamic and fancy designs. You can also add date, date format(days, hours, minutes, seconds) and all. You will also have all the access to designs your countdown timer section in style.

    Dual Button

    Add a pair of new-fashioned buttons connected to each other is a dual button that allows a user an extra advantage.
    Use of Dual Button is so much similar to ‘Button’. Make your website attractive using this. Just style your button in several methods. You will be able to color your button separately. Not just that, by using the scale under the skew button you can give the button a dynamic view. You will also be able to control their appearance for normal & hover view separately.

    Flip Box

    FlipBox helps you to deliver messages in a beautiful way with before and after effects.
    In 'General Option', you will have all the rights to set the flip effect (flip left, flip right, flip bottom, flip top and more). You can also add two different images in two different ways. Such as the user able to insert both front image and back image into the flip box. There is another option to add focusing tags into title and description. If needed, use a button over the back image. Decorate your flip box with necessary margin, padding. border, color and lots of designing options in style.

    Fun Fact

    Another interesting widget that gives your website an extra dimension.
    Starting to use Fan Fact with different modified demos. In Fan Fact widget, use data option to change the counter, starting number, stepping number and so on.' Number Format' allows you to set the number format, text, etc. Style your Fun Fact area by setting beautiful classic and gradient colors and using other designing tools.


    Gallery makes the website into a dynamic platform with a bunch of beautiful images/video that can attract the visitors and make them into the customers.
    You can add a group of the photo or a group of the video in a gallery. If you select Photo in 'General Option' then you can add title, details over images. At the very same way when you select video from 'General Option,' there is a lot of option come to you like, you can add some description on the video , youtube link, etc. By using the Control option, it gives the user some way to form a gallery. Style your gallery by clicking the style bar.


    Another gem to create eye candy headings for your websites. You can apply different gradient styles, angles, opacity, and positions to make them look even better across different device screens.
    In order to create a heading, just drag the heading widget and drop it into the “+” sign in editor mode. Now a heading appears before your eyes and you can modify it with different options. There is another option to add a subtitle just below the heading title. You can add a description to your heading by this widget. Here is also a standard option of adding separators with various styling methods. 'General Option' contains two sub-option 'choose style and alignment'. You can style your Heading with amazing designing material. Not just all that, you are also able to write direct CSS by using Custom CSS.


    TAn image map is an image that has been divided into regions called hotspots when a user hover the mouse over one, the cursor changes to a little hand.
    Here you can add the image to the Hotspots widget. You are able to add multiple hotspots to your image section and make changes to the hotspots as well. You can also change the attributes for the tooltip using the tooltip section. All the styling needed for the Hotspots section are available under the 'Style Option'

    Icon Cap

    Give your website a dynamic feature by using Icon Cap that contains lots of option to add like icons, title, and badge.
    You can set the layout position (top, bottom, left and right) in 'General Option'. Then the 'Data Option' will provide you the opportunity to set the content title, icon, link, and badge. It is a matter of joy that you will also be able to design it with outstanding styling tools.

    Image Accordion

    Make your website unique by using Image Accordion that will allow you to expand an item on click or when to hover over it.
    There is a default style in general option which doesn’t need to be selected. In 'Items option', when you click over a particular item then it will appear before you with several options where you can add item title, item photos and more. If needed, users can add a button over images even they can hide the button as well. Your image accordion section can be designed by plenty of designing equipment in Style.

    Image Box

    Create beautiful image boxes using links and texts and requires features.
    You can add images and add texts with icons and description just below the image under the same block content by using Image Box. Then style your image box in different methods by using multiple designs option.

    Image Comparison

    Image Comparison widget helps the users to differentiate the images and let the visitor view before and after photos.
    You will have got a default design in general option where you also can enable it vertically. Users can insert images before and after content. Even they are able to add 'Control Icons' over the image comparison section. Give your image comparison sector a dynamic view with the help of various designing option in style.

    Image Slider

    Create beautiful animation and add eye-catching effect over a group of images by using Image Slider.
    You can add several images in Image Slider. There is an option to add text over images, it may be on top of the images or bottom of the images. By using slider control you will be able to maintain the slider speed, slide item number, space between slide and so on. lastly, Style your image slider by using several styling items.

    Info Box

    Give Perfection to your website using Info Box for elementor by using icons, links, text and all the powerful display features.
    In 'General Option' Choose your Info Box from some modified style. You can add title, icon, tags over the icon box. A user can change icons and images over the icon box. There is another unique option to add a focusing tag. In style, there are lots of option to decorate icon box by using margin, padding, background color, border, border-shadow, border-radius and so on.

    Instagram Feed

    Exhibit beautiful photos from your Instagram account/ID with lots of styling option by using Instagram Feed of Extreme Addons for Elementor.
    In setup, you have to click on ‘Get Access Token’. Then it will force you to log in to your Instagram account where after login you will get the token access. After that, just copy the token and paste it into the input field under the Token option in Editor. Then it will reload the page automatically. And here is the magic. The user has also the permission of adding or hiding the slide control option where they are able to set column number, slide item, slide speed, vertical or horizontal view and so on. There are lots of designing option in style where you can beautify your Instagram feed.

    Pie Chart

    Pie Chart displays a circular statistical diagram divided into slices to describe numerical proportion.
    You can add a pie chart with text, title, and description. There will be a couple of options to add percentage, data. In 'Option' you will have the proper control to change pie width, line width, rotate pie, animate time, etc. Just color your pie chart with beautiful gradient and the classic way in style.

    Price Menu

    Convince the customer by the specialty of your products and set the reasonable price of products using Price Menu.
    User can set product name, product price, product description, rating and required things. Here, you will find the option to change the price, image, and description of the product as needed. Afterward, decorate your Price Menu gorgeously using eye-catching colors.

    Pricing Table

    Pricing Table helps to display all the pricing plans regarding products and let the customer know all the information about products prices.
    User can add various pricing format for one's woo-commerce website using the Pricing Table widget. Here, you will get another option to add the 'Purchase Now' button. There are also few opportunities to set the currency, current amount, packages, etc for products. Finally, use some styling option to make your pricing table more gorgeous.

    Progress Bar

    Express progress or development of certain things you are experience with or product quality in your website using Progress Bar widget.
    You can add your progress or development for a long-running operation. It may be your product quality or your development /progress/experience in certain things. Using this user can get only one progress bar by default but if you want more then you can just duplicate it. It will also help you to change the title and other items. It also has the option to change the progressing percentage number. 'General Option' will offer you different types of Progress Bar like inner bar, tooltip bar, pin bar and so on. You can change it according to your requirements. Just style your websites Progress bar as you want to. In many cases, you can add custom CSS.

    Promo(Offer) Box

    Promo Box of is so useful to set a big discount offer for a particular product.
    In 'General Option', the user can set the layout position (top, right, bottom, left). You can add badge text with percentage, title, description, image, button with icon and more for which product you are going to set the discount offer in 'Data Option'.

    Slider Gallery

    Slider Gallery is a gallery that creates a unique photo gallery for boundless images in no time. It has lots of customization option as well.
    By using this you can create a unique photo/video gallery for boundless images/videos in no time. Users can control all the operations regarding the Slider Gallery with a slide control option. Here, you will get that unique advantage to add button over slider images/video and finally decorate that section with essential styling option.

    Step Flow

    Use Step Flow to create some stunning visual diagrams step by step and instruct them properly on your websites..
    In 'General Option', you can set the title alignment and layout position. You are also able to add title, discription, data counter, icon and so on. In 'Option' you can put indicators all around the step flow. There are lot of designing option in style to make the flow chart more beautiful.


    The Tab widget allows you to divide your content into tabs, either horizontally or vertically.
    Here you can change the layout and can add a lot of items as you want. The use of icons and texts are also available there. After that, style your tab using different styling option like border, box-shadow, background, padding and more.

    Tab Blog

    Create beautiful blogs into the tab acording to their categoeies by using Tab Blog.
    'General Option' contains several default styles, just choose one among them.Query option has lot of feature to add your site . You will be able to implement all the feature in it. For example :
    * Select post type : where you can select posts, products and more.
    * Select category : Set the category of your posts, products and so on.
    * Limit Display : Where you are able to set display limits.
    * Display as Column : Select your column in the tab blog.
    Not just those, user can also add blog titles, photos, date and categories through tabs. Then, make the tab blog section more beautiful with some dazzling design options


    If you have a Team then the Team widget is the best way to introduce your team members with the style of using icons, texts, social links and respective features.
    Just add the team widget on your website to introduce your team members. You can also set their image, designation, social profile(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). If you want, you may be able to design it in different ways.

    Tab Team

    Tab Team widget is the best way to introduce your team member into tabs that also allows you to add your all team member designation into several categories.
    Tab Team is very much similar to Team, so we will not discuss Tab Team in detail. The main advantage of the tab team is that you can introduce your team members into different tabs. In 'Tab Option', user can add category/group name and id. You can set the team member name, tab id, designation, description, photo and more in 'Items Option'. Here are unlimited design tools in style option.


    Make your website more trustworthy by adding some amazing clients feedback and style it in a various way as you can with testimonial widget.
    According to your requirement, you can choose a good design testimonial to your website from multiple default designs. There are options for adding the client's names, descriptions, images, and others. Coloring your testimonial in style and give them dynamic shape by using margin, padding, and more design tools.

    Tab Testimonial

    Make your website more trustworthy by adding some amazing clients feedback into tabs by using Tab Testimonial that will help to put your clients into different categories as they are.
    In 'General', you will get 8 different styles where you can set layout position, tab style, and column formation. Users are able to add the client's name, photo, designation, rating, watermark and all the essential things under the Items option. There are plenty of design option in style to make the section more beautiful.

    Tab Gallery

    Tab gallery is a mixing gallery that allows the user to switch between images by clicking on the tabbed thumbnail navigation.
    Like the Gallery widget, you can add a list of videos and photos into the Tab Gallery. Not just that, there is an option to set the category for images and videos. You can add the video resolution with increasing width and height in a Tab Gallery. You are able to change the Icon Color, Background Shape, Border Type and add Box Shadow separately and lots of in style.

    Tab Price Menu

    Make the customer Convinced by the specialty of your products and set the reasonable price of products with the tab that contains different categories.
    Just set the layout position from left to right and tab style over the 'General Option'. You will be able to add the product name, photo, price, rating, badge, details and in 'Items Option'. Add a background color, padding, margin, border and more for your tab price menu in style.


    A tooltip is often used to specify extra information about something when the user moves the mouse pointer over an element without clicking on it.
    In 'General Option', you will have one default design. There, you can also set the content position, alignment and animation effect. Then make it more gorgeous with the different designing way in style.

    Woo Shop

    Make your E-commerce websites a stunning one using Woo Shop widget where you are able to add your product title, photos, ratings, and prices. You can also set the 'Add to Cart' option over there.
    In 'General Option', there is four default style. You can choose a style from those which one you like most. In 'Query Option' you will be able to navigate your product section in different ways. For example, you will get a filter option where you can set the order of the product by date, title, author, and comment. Not just that, there is another two option. The first one is the Limit Display option where you can increase or decrease the product items to display. The second one is the Display column where you are able to set the column of products that how many columns do you want. Users can limit the title of the product by words or letters. If needed everyone can add the ratings, prices, badges and 'add to cart' for a product. On the other hand, if those are not necessary you can easily hide them. Flourish your woo shop section by some outstanding color combination and designing option in style.


    This widget allows you to grab the subscribers by letting the visitors input their email . At first you have to set up the ‘Next Mail’s subscriber form in wordpress.
    Just drag the Subscribe widget and drop it into your page where the ‘+’ section appears. In 'Option', you will get 8 different form layout, just select any of them that you need to. In button of the subscriber form, you can easily add different types of Elementor icons. Finally, you can give your subscriber form a lovely shape by styling it in several ways.

    Social Counter

    Use Social Counter widget to display your social accounts fans, subscribers and followers number on your website. In the beginning, you have to configure the ‘Next Social’s Counter Panel in WordPress.
    Drag the Social Counter widget and drop it into your web pages where the ‘+’ section locates. In select provider option, you will have all the access to add a group of social providers as you want to show them in your web pages.Here you can change a different variety of eye-catching designs in 'Select Style' options. See all the designs by changing one by one. In style, you can design more of the social counter section by labeling with coloring and more.

    Social Share

    The social share widget of Next Addons allows anyone to share page links and descriptions directly to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ Pages and more. At first, you have to configure the ‘Next Social’s sharing panel in WordPress.
    After that just drag the Social Share widget and drop it into your page where the ‘+’ section appears. You can add social providers according to customer requirement as many as they want.In 'Select Style' options, you can change the provider icon shape with the different way you want.You are also able to design your social share section with several styling options.

    Features Documentation#back to top

    Next Section Scroll

    Demo Link: Next Section Scroll

    Section Scroll will add an extra dimension to your websites. When you have a long page with plenty of sections, you don't need to go through the whole page from top to bottom. What you have to do is that just scroll your mouse then every single section of your website will appear to your eyes one by one. And that is the specialty of our Next Section Scroll feature.

    Page Setting for Next Section Scroll.
    Edit Section for Next Section Scroll.
    Output for Next Section Scroll.

    Image Masking

    Demo Link: Image Masking

    Basically, image masking is a technique of image editing. It is applied to hide some unwanted elements from an image, but the quality remains original. In many cases, a square or circular shaped image can't be the ultimate solution to create a good design in Elementor. This is why Next Addons is providing you something very special to custom image shaped with the Mighty Image Masking feature.

    Header & Footer Builder

    Demo Link: Header & Footer Builder

    Header & Footer builder allows you to create a layout with Elementor then you can set it as a header/footer or use as a custom block easily on your website. The header and footer areas are the backbones of every website. Header & Footer builder of Next Addons plugins allows you to create a layout with Elementor then you can set it as a header/footer or use as a custom block easily on your website. We also provide some stunning pre-designed header & footer templates that will save you plenty of time. It offers the Sticky Header feature as well.

    Popup Builder

    Demo Link: Popup Builder

    Popup Builder will help you to get visitor's attention to introduce them about your offers, discounts and more anywhere of your website. Popup Builder is highly responsible for any kind of popup that you can show anywhere on website pages. Users can create and manage powerful promotion modal popups for WordPress blog or website. Our popup builder will help you to get visitor's attention to introduce them about your offers, discounts, events, product selling updates and more.

    Next Effect

    Demo Link: Next Effect

    Use Next Effect to generate eye-catching animations for all the Elementor widget and apply them into your content element by translating, rotating, skewing and scaling. Something really gorgeous like floating or bouncing effects will grab everyone's attention. In order to get those beautiful effects, you have to go for deep level CSS coding. That may kill your valuable time and give you a huge amount of pain. Now, just get the pain out of your mind. Because Next Effect brings something really special to solve those problems. Next Effect offers you to create stunning animations for Elementor widgets without the panic of a single line coding.

    Next Transform

    Demo Link: Next Transform

    Use CSS transform property for every Elementor widget that allows you to visually manipulate an element by moving, skewing, rotating, translating, or scaling. Next Transform will allow you to visually manipulate an element by moving, skewing, rotating, translating, or scaling for every Elementor widget. Basically the transform property applies a 2D or 3D transformation to an element.

    Next Overlay

    Demo Link: Next Overlay

    Background Overlay will give you the easiest way ever to add background overlay with the Elementor widgets. It is one of the most admiring features of the web. Next Background Overlay will help to set an image or color over another image or color using the opacity controlling the transparency of the overlay image. You can use gradient overlay on section, row, column, and element as well.

    Next Link

    Demo Link: Next Link

    Get the access to insert a link for a particular section, column and more in anywhere your website with Next Link feature. The Wrapper link feature of Next Addons for Elementor brings with an easy but useful advantage for webpages. Sometimes you need to link any particular area like your entire section and column and more to make the website a unique one. Next Link will help you a lot to make it happen.

    Next Duplicate

    Demo Link: Next Duplicate

    Just clone or duplicate your desired pages/contents from your WordPress admin panel and implement those into your web pages with this feature. This is the most exclusive feature for WordPress users that brings something very special for the webmaster. It will give access to clone each and every single WordPress admin panel pages in no time.

    Preset Designs

    Demo Link: Preset Designs

    Save your valuable time and display any Elementor widget with plenty of styles from our pre-made collection of stunning designs in a very short time by using our Preset Design. When you design a full pages demo it will take 30/40 minutes to complete. Not just that, it will give you huge panic. To solve this headache, Next Addons offering you beautiful 200+ pre-made design for all widgets where you can select them by a single click.

    Custom Column

    Demo Link: Custom Column

    You can set the column order for every Elementor widget using Custom Column. What we have seen Elementor page Builder does not put enough control to manage column order on a responsive mobile view. But when you will work with plenty of columns on your web pages, you must have to set a column order for all responsive mode. When you edit column with Next Addons, then the Column Order option will appear under the layout. Then you need to go to 'order' and set the column order by 1, 2, 3------with responsive mobile view.

    You can add some pixel-perfect ratio for column width and height to make excellent designs for your website with Custom Column that the Elementor page builder does not provide. When editing, just go to the Custom Column area and set the pixel-perfect column width and column height.

    Custom Motion

    Demo Link: Custom Motion

    Get some extra-ordinary animations when scrolling the mouse, with perfect parallax effects by using our Custom Motion feature of Next Addons. Motion Effects is defined as a powerful group of tools for creating eye-catching scrolling & mouse animations, that also includes perfect parallax effects. It is so easy to use but more beautiful to see in your website. It will give you the access to animate a whole section, column, certain background, image or even a widget.

    Custom Icons

    Demo Link: Custom Icons

    Get beautiful customized icons based on your specific needs using Next custom icons feature. Next Custom Icons will give access to get 500+ beautiful line icons. You can use those customized icons based on your specific needs on the website. We will add more demandable icons to our icon library. Please keep updating to make it better and more useful.

    Version History (Changelog)


    • Initail Release