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Taking Window Cleaning Bookings by Phone and

If yes, you are Spending Too Much Time and Resources Than
You Should. Here's What’s Wrong with Managing Booking by
Phone and Email:

  • It is tough to handle all the calls and emails at the same time.
  • It may take hours for you and your clients to settle and negotiate the window cleaning cost.
  • You can’t easily reach the clients who call or email you for booking outside of your business hours.
  • It is difficult to manage your schedule and assign the staff as you always need to check the available slots manually.
  • Learn How to Offer Better Window Cleaning Service Booking System:

  • Create a booking form for your clients with calculated cost, tax, and VAT.
  • Take payment from your clients online/downpayment basis/offline.
  • Let the clients choose the available slots and staff as per their preferred time.
  • Notify the staff and clients about their booking on time.
  • Use mobile apps for you and your clients to manage everything easily.
  • Want to Have All of These in a Window
    Service Software?

    You Need > Cleanly -Your Window Cleaning Software and App
    Cleanly lets you build full-fledged booking forms the way
    you want and place them on your website

    Cleanly - The Ultimate Booking Solution Software and Mobile for Window Cleaning Business. Here’s What You Can Do with It:

  • 24/7 Online Booking: Your clients can book your window cleaning service anytime they want.
  • Create Single and Multi-step Forms: You can create either single-step or multi-step booking forms using Cleanly’s functionality. Once you are done creating one, place that anywhere on your website.
  • Get Booked Online: Cleanly allows your clients to book cleaning services online through a user-friendly booking form.
  • Customizable Booking Forms: You can customize the booking form to include options relevant to your window cleaning service, such as cleaning type (standard, deep clean, etc.) and frequency (one-time, weekly, etc.).
  • Live Price Calculation: The Cleanly plugin or app automatically calculates the price for the cleaning service based on the client's selections in the booking form.
  • Payment Integration: Cleanly integrates with payment gateways like Stripe, allowing clients to pay for window cleaning bookings directly through the website.
  • Mobile App for You And Clients: A mobile app lets you manage bookings and view their schedule on the go. There is also an app for clients to book for window cleaning service.
  • Easy to Use and Customize: Cleanly window cleaning business software is designed to be user-friendly for both business owners and clients, with no coding required for customization.
  • Client Accounts: Your clients can create accounts to manage their booking history and preferences.
  • PDF Invoicing: Generate and send invoices to clients electronically.
  • Deposit Payments: Option to require a deposit payment from clients at the time of booking. You can also take the full booking amount or let the clients pay you offline.
  • Cool Features To Accelerate the Window Cleaning Booking Process

    Multiple Types of Booking Forms - Capture specific details like window size, cleaning type, and add-on services.

    Instant Price Calculation - Empower clients with transparent pricing upfront.

    Window Cleaning Apps for You and Clients - Leverage the dashboard apps for your window cleaning business and booking app for your clients.

    Staff Management - Assign jobs to the right staff based on location and expertise.

    Easy Online Payments - Get paid faster with secure payment processing

    Avoid Scheduling Conflicts with Overflowing Messages and Grow Your Window Cleaning Business Now!

    Top Benefits of Using Window Cleaning Software

    Streamlined Scheduling & Dispatch

    Imagine a visual calendar where you can see all your upcoming window cleaning appointments, see crew availability, and assign jobs with a few clicks. No more juggling paper schedules or playing phone tag with your team.

    Reduced Paperwork & Automation

    Say goodbye to mountains of booking forms and manually sending reminders. The software can automatically send confirmations and updates to clients, freeing you to focus on other tasks.

    Improved Client Satisfaction

    Clients can book appointments online anytime, 24/7, which is far more convenient than calling or emailing during business hours. Plus, they'll receive automatic reminders and updates about their appointments, keeping them informed.

    Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

    The window cleaning business service software can help you assign staff based on location and job type, minimizing travel time and maximizing cleaning time. This ensures jobs are completed efficiently and on schedule, allowing you to take on more clients.

    Reduced Scheduling Conflicts

    Double bookings become a thing of the past. The software clearly shows cleaning staff availability and prevents overlapping appointments. This ensures the right personnel gets assigned to the right job at the right time.

    Clearer Communication & Collaboration

    Everyone's on the same page. Software allows for easy communication between you, and your staff. Updates, changes, and job details are all readily accessible in one central location.

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    The software tracks booking, transactions, and staff. These reports allow you to identify areas for improvement, track trends, and make informed decisions about your business.

    Simplified Online Payments

    Integrate the window cleaning software with a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal. This allows clients to pay for appointments securely online, eliminating the need for cash or check transactions and getting you paid faster.

    Better Client Retention

    Happy clients come back! A good window cleaning software can facilitate online account management where clients can view booking history, manage subscriptions, and even participate in loyalty programs that reward repeat business.

    Professional Image & Competitive Advantage

    Using window cleaning booking software shows your clients you're a tech-savvy and organized business. This can give you a significant edge over competitors who are still relying on outdated methods. You'll project a more professional image and inspire greater trust from potential clients.

    Try our Cleanly window cleaning software solution! You can use use many advanced capabilities like mentioned above in our window cleaning software and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

    Core Features of Cleanly Window
    Cleaning Business Software

    Below are some special features of the window cleaning software that
    comes with our Cleanly plugin. Just check them out!

    Recurring Window Washing Services

    Effortlessly manage weekly, biweekly, or monthly appointments for clients. You can also take charge of repeat tasks with ease using the intuitive plugin.

  • Easy scheduling process for repetitive window washing service.
  • Allows to create new or recurring window-washing jobs
  • Set specific time and date options from the admin panel.
  • Configure the time zone.
  • Supports clients to choose available dates and times for window cleaning service.
  • Clients can pick their preferred time and date
  • An iOS/Android App for Both Admin And Clients

    The window cleaning tool has an app version for both backend and frontend. So, as an admin, you can access all functionalities and manage all the bookings using this app on your mobile and other device. You can also allow your clients to book schedules through the app to have your window cleaning service effortlessly.

    Appealing and Fully Customizable Single & Multi-step form

    You can design your booking form to perfectly align with your website’s design and theme, ensuring a professional appearance. It allows you to customize the form with extra fields to accommodate any additional services or specific requirements of your clients.

    A multi-step form made by Cleanly can guide clients through the booking process easily. On the other hand, a single-step form offers quick and convenient scheduling.

    A well-designed booking form can enhance client satisfaction by making the booking process intuitive and simple. Happy clients are more likely to become repeat clients and refer your window cleaning services to others.

    Create An Extra-Ordinary Booking Facility

    Cleanly window-washing tool gives your clients a smooth booking process with several benefits. You can get more clients and gain their trust in your service. Get potential clients with easy online bookings and keep repeat clients happy by providing the best service on time.

  • Let your clients see a booking summary.
  • Convenient and customizable booking form fields.
  • Allows to manage appointments, complete booking service, and payment method easily.
  • Gain the client's trust and access to all the booking details from the backend in a short time.
  • Notifications and Reminders

    Cleanly supports multiple payment gateways to prioritize various client preferences. It lets you accept card payments through Stripe, and streamlines transactions with WooCommerce Checkout. Also, the Cleanly window cleaning software and app offer offline methods like cash for maximum flexibility.

    Whether your clients prefer online or offline payments, they can do it easily and safely. This versatility helps your business to gain a broader audience. So with Cleanly window cleaning tool, you can increase your business’s reach and profitability.

    Secure Payment Gateways Integrated

    Before finalizing a reservation, a client might give you certain additional needs or notes. You can add a custom field from your Cleanly admin panel easily to meet this need.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Cleanly is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for cleaning businesses including the Window cleaning service providers. It helps streamline operations, manage customers, schedule jobs, assign employees, and handle invoicing and payments.

    • Some key features of Cleanly include customer management, job scheduling and dispatching, booking summary, employee management, invoicing and payment processing, and reporting & analytics.

    • Yes, Cleanly offers integration capabilities with popular software, payment gateways, and other third-party applications to streamline your business processes.

    • Absolutely. Cleanly is scalable and can be used by window cleaning businesses of all sizes, from small operations to large enterprises with multiple staff and locations.

    • Cleanly's job scheduling and dispatching features allow you to easily schedule window cleaning jobs, assign them to specific employees or technicians, and optimize work for maximum efficiency.

    • Yes, Cleanly has a robust invoicing and payment processing system. You can generate professional invoices, send them to customers, and accept payments through various payment gateways integrated with the software.

    • Yes, Cleanly provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices for admins and clients.

    • Cleanly offers various customer support channels for window cleaning business owners, including email support, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base with tutorials and FAQs.

    • Cleanly offers a free live demo which allows you to explore the software's features and functionality before making a purchasing decision.

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