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Home Cleaning Services App: Why Do You Need One?

If you have a home cleaning business, but you are not using any home cleaning services
app or software, you will definitely lag behind in this age of technology.
Let us tell you 5 top reasons why you will need to use
a home cleaning services app right away.

Stop Drowning in Phone Calls

You built your business on cleaning homes, not playing phone tag. Cleanly's app automates booking and scheduling, freeing you up to focus on what matters - keeping your clients' homes sparkling clean.

Ditch the Cash Wrap

Say goodbye to chasing late payments and the hassle of handling cash. Cleanly's app offers secure online payments, so you get paid quickly and conveniently, before/after every clean.

Never Miss a Detail

Ensure every clean is perfect. Cleanly's app allows clients to easily communicate special requests and preferences directly, reducing confusion and guaranteeing a spotless result that keeps them happy.

Free Yourself From Paperwork

Managing your cleaning crew's schedules, reviews, and, and locations shouldn't be another chore. Cleanly's app automates these tasks, letting you effortlessly assign jobs that are near to their locations, track cleaner hours, and streamline payments, giving you back precious time.

Grow Your Business, Effortlessly

Ready to take on more clients but worried about keeping up? Cleanly's app helps you scale your business by simplifying booking, staff management, and communication. Focus on what you do best, cleaning, and watch your business thrive.

You have read about Cleanly different times above, but what is this Cleanly?

Let us clarify below.


Cleanly Plugin and Mobile Apps for Cleaning Service Business

Cleanly plugin and mobile apps (for Android and iOS) are amazing tools for your home cleaning services business. Cleanly offers a plugin for WordPress users to manage home cleaning and other types of cleaning like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, chimney sweep, office cleaning, and more.

Below are some of the things you can do with Cleanly for your home cleaning services

  • Create booking forms
  • Manage staff profiles
  • Collect client reviews and ratings and display them
  • Multiple branch management
  • Payment receive
  • PDF invoice generation
  • Dedicated dashboards
  • Mobile apps for admin and clients
  • Booking confirmation notifications
  • All-sync calendar
  • Multi-step forms, and more.
  • Now that you know about some core features of the Cleanly software, let us tell you about what you can do with 2 of its mobile apps.

    Cleanly Dashboard App for Cleaning Business Owners

    Cleanly’s Dashboard app (for Android and iOS) is made for home cleaning services business owners or admins. As a user of the Cleanly plugin on your website, you can easily log in here with the base URL and API key.

    Once you are done logging in, you can access the admin dashboard that offers the total amount of booking payment, total deposits, total due, total tax, and total income in a pie chart. You can see what payment methods were used to pay the payments for the home cleaning.

    You can also explore the “Sale” module to see the sales summary or reports of the month. From tax to due, discount to subtotal of all the sales can be seen from here.

    Cleanly app also has a booking summary module where you can all the individual bookings one after another.

    The “Order History” module of the dashboard app will let you see all the orders based on their statuses such as pending, completed, and processing for your home cleaning services.

    Cleanly Booking App for Your Clients

    Cleanly’s cleaning booking app for your clients will let your clients book your home cleaning services just within a few minutes. Note that, if you buy the dashboard app for you, you will get this app for Android and iOS for free.

    Once your clients sign in to the booking app, they can easily select, book, and pay for any of your home cleaning services.

    Note that everything your customers can see here is designed by you, so you have complete liberty to insert all your services along with their pricing. Be it with a card or PayPal, your clients can pay seamlessly. They can also choose to pay you cash offline.

    Once your clients are done with the booking, they can see the booking summary. This is helpful especially when they book multiple home cleaning services from your business.

    So, What are you waiting for? Just get Cleanly and get these apps for your home cleaning service business.

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