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Chimney Sweep Software Solution

Are you a chimney sweep service provider? Are you still using the
manual process to get booked and offer services to your clients?
If yes, below are 4 reasons why you need to bid farewell to the
manual process right away:

  • Inefficiency and Wasted Time: Manually managing phone calls and emails for bookings is time-consuming. You or your staff spend valuable time scheduling appointments, answering repetitive questions, and clarifying details – time that could be better spent on serving clients or growing your business.
  • Poor Client Experience: A clunky booking process creates a negative first impression. Clients nowadays expect a smooth, online experience. Manual booking feels outdated and can deter potential clients from choosing your business.
  • Missed Appointments and Revenue: Manual booking is prone to errors. Miscommunication can lead to missed appointments, lost revenue, and frustrated clients.
  • Lack of Data and Insights: Manual booking provides limited data on your client base and appointment trends. This makes it difficult to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and target marketing efforts effectively.
  • Do You Wanna Get Rid of All The Above

    Say Hi to Cleanly - Chimney Sweep Software Solution for your cleaning business.

    Cleanly - Chimney Sweep Software Solution can eliminate all the disadvantages mentioned above and unlock the untapped potential of your chimney sweep business.

    So, What Does the Cleanly - Chimney Sweep Software Can Offer You?

    Let's face it, scheduling chimney sweeps via phone calls and emails is about as fun as getting poked in the eye with a soot-covered brush. (Don't worry, we haven't tested that last one – safety first!)

    Cleanly, the chimney sweep business software from ThemeDev, is here to sweep away the drudgery of manual booking. Imagine a world where:

  • You don't have to play phone tag with smoke signals: Cleanly offers a sleek online booking system. Clients can schedule appointments 24/7, freeing you up to, you know, actually sweep chimneys!
  • Appointments become a breeze, not a blizzard: Our intuitive interface makes scheduling appointments and managing client details a walk in the park (hopefully not a soot-covered park). No more scribbled notes on napkins or playing memory champion with appointment times.
  • Reminders become your best friend (besides that trusty brush): Cleanly sends automated appointment reminders to both you and your clients. Say goodbye to missed appointments and hello to happy (and smoke-free) clients.
  • You become a data whiz (without the smoke in the eyes): Cleanly tracks appointment history, client details, and booking details. This goldmine of data helps you identify busy seasons, understand client needs, and target your marketing like a pro.
  • You can finally accept online payments: No more scrambling for cash or waiting for checks to clear. Cleanly integrates with popular payment gateways, allowing you to pay securely online – just like magic (well, almost!).
  • Cleanly is like having a superhero sidekick for your chimney sweep business. It handles the scheduling grunt work, keeps your clients happy, and equips you with the data you need to dominate the chimney-cleaning game.

    Core Features of Cleanly - Chimney Sweep Software Solution in Plain English

    So, is the description of Cleanly - Chimney Sweep Software Solution features above
    too much puzzling? Do you need a clarification of the features in plain English?

    Okay, no problem at all. Let's dive deeper into 10 of the core features (in simple English) of the Cleanly software:

    Simple Booking Process

    Cleanly streamlines the booking process for your clients. When users visit your website, they can easily find and use the front-end booking forms created by you. These forms guide them through the steps to schedule chimney cleaning services without any confusion. The intuitive design ensures a smooth experience.

    Customizable Forms

    With Cleanly Chimney Sweep Software Solution, you have the flexibility to create customized booking forms. Tailor these forms to your specific needs. Add or remove fields, set up multi-step forms, and collect additional data from clients. For instance, you can include checkboxes for specific cleaning tasks or preferences.

    Real-Time Cost Calculation

    Transparency is key! Cleanly calculates the total cost of reservations in real-time. As clients select their desired services, the plugin dynamically updates the cost. This breakdown includes sub-total, any applicable discounts, and taxes (like VAT).

    Payment Gateways

    Cleanly integrates with popular payment gateways. Clients can securely pay for their bookings using their preferred method. Whether it's credit cards via Stripe, WooCommerce Checkout, or even offline payments, the plugin ensures a seamless transaction process.

    Mobile Apps

    Cleanly offers dedicated Android and iOS apps. These mobile apps allow you to manage bookings on the go and let your clients book their chimney sweep appointments. You can access your dashboard, view upcoming reservations, and handle client requests from your smartphone or tablet.

    Comprehensive Reports

    Stay informed with detailed reports. Cleanly provides insights into your business performance. You can track bookings, sales, income, and other relevant metrics. Visual representations (charts and graphs) make it easy to analyze trends and make informed decisions.


    Cleanly integrates Slack, Telegram, Pabbly, Twilio SMS, Google Calendar, Discord, WhatsApp and more. These enable sending automated notifications and reminders to clients and staff regarding bookings and appointments along with automating tasks.

    Personalization Options

    Collect valuable client data. Customize input fields to gather relevant information during the booking process. From names and addresses to special requests, Cleanly allows you to tailor the user experience.

    User-Friendly Interface

    Cleanly's interface prioritizes usability. Whether you're managing bookings from the backend or clients are interacting with the front-end forms, the design is intuitive. Customize your website's appearance to match your brand and enhance client satisfaction.

    Remember, Cleanly empowers chimney-cleaning businesses by automating processes and providing a seamless experience for both service providers and clients. 🧹🌟!

    So, what are you waiting for? Stop chasing smoke signals and Check the free live demo or choose a yearly/lifetime plan! Your sanity (and chimney sweep business) will thank you.

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