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Tired of Juggling Phone Calls & Missed Bookings?

You're Not Alone. Here's What Holds Most Carpet Cleaning Businesses Back:

  • Inefficient scheduling with phone calls and emails.
  • Inaccurate estimates result in unhappy clients.
  • Lost revenue from missed booking opportunities outside of business hours.
  • Difficulty managing and scheduling a growing team.
  • Why Manual Carpet Cleaning Booking is a Problem:

  • Manual scheduling wastes valuable time and resources.
  • Missed calls and emails mean missed revenue opportunities.
  • Inconsistent communication leads to client frustration and disputes.
  • Paper-based systems limit your ability to scale your business.
  • Want to Ditch the Paperwork and
    Streamline Your Operations?

    Cleanly: Carpet Cleaning Booking Software with App That Grows Your Business

    Effortless Booking & Increased Revenue for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

  • 24/7 Online Booking: clients can schedule carpet cleaning appointments anytime, anywhere.
  • Automated Confirmations & Reminders: Reduce back-and-forth communication and ensure on-time arrivals.
  • Accurate Online Quotes: Transparent pricing builds trust and reduces estimation errors.
  • Centralized Scheduling Dashboard: Manage your entire team's schedule in minutes, optimizing staff and resources.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy navigation.
  • Mobile Apps:Access bookings and manage carpet cleaning schedules on the go.
  • Payment Integration: Secure payment processing for clients with standard payment methods.
  • Customizable Booking Forms: Tailor forms to specific services (e.g., carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning) and insert them on any page of your website.
  • Features Designed to Ease the Carpet
    Cleaning Booking Process

    Customized Booking Forms - Capture specific details like carpet size, cleaning type, and add-on services.

    Instant Quote Generation - Empower clients with transparent pricing upfront.

    Carpet Cleaning Apps for You and Clients - Leverage the dashboard apps for your carpet cleaning business and booking app for your clients.

    Dispatch Management - Assign jobs to the right staff based on location and expertise.

    Secure Online Payments - Get paid faster with secure payment processing.

    Get Rid of Scheduling Conflicts and Overflowing Inboxes and Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business Today!

    Top Benefits of Using Carpet Cleaning
    Business Software

    Effective and Effortless Scheduling

    A carpet cleaning business software provides an interactive interface that is easy to use and accessible to clients, field cleaning staff, and service providers at all times. As a service provider, you can manage all of your client's schedules in time.

    With a few clicks, the real-time software can also easily find and oversee the cleanup activities of individual cleanup personnel. As a result, the supervisors can quickly figure out which cleaners are available and who is working.

    They can then stay in touch with that particular employee to assign him to any new cleanup locations, modified services, or urgent client calls. As a result, synchronizing the entire cleanup process quickly and easily is a very hassle-free automated process.

    Acts as an Effective Reporting Tool

    Through unique graph reports that highlight the analysis of overall order reports like total amount, total discount, total due, tax, etc.

    Flexible Digital Scheduling Calendar

    You can set up the times when your business is available to give cleaning services with the cleaning service software. Use the date and time from your admin panel for this specified time zone. It will enable your clients to select a time and date that works for them and confirm their reservation for timely cleaning services.

    Auto Reminders for Cleaning

    The carpet cleaning business app provides automatic cleaning appointment reminders, including text alerts and emails, to help field staff stick to their strict or urgent work schedules and avoid unplanned layoffs or misplaced carpet cleaning appointments.

    Real-Time Calculations and Positioning Box

    You can get a real-time estimate based on the details of your reservation. such as the net amount, discount, and final cost of the reservation.

    Using Addons to Engage Clients

    You can use add-ons to engage your clients easily. The carpet cleaning software provides some add-ons for Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

    Key Features of Cleanly Carpet Cleaning Business Software and Mobile Apps

    Below are some special features of the carpet cleaning software that
    comes with our Cleanly plugin. Come on, let's dive in!

    Create Single or Multi-step Booking Form

    The Cleanly carpet cleaning business software allows you to create a single form and add it to any website page you like. You can choose specific pages to insert a single form for consumers to confirm bookings. For the client's convenience, you can also design a multi-step form based on the client's needs. Both the single and multi-step forms can be placed anywhere on your chosen page using the shortcode. It is amazing. Isn’t it?

    Mobile Apps

    Along with offering a full-fledged plugin for your carpet cleaning business, Cleanly also offers both Android and iOS apps for you and your clients. You can let your clients use the mobile app to book carpet cleaning services from you. On the other hand, you can use the dashboard app to manage bookings and other things from your end.

    Dashboard Report

    Cleanly Plugin's carpet cleaning service offers a distinct part with graphical reports and a full report that includes all the information, including the Booking Summary, Sales Report, Due Report, Deposit Report, Income Report, Order History, and Tax Report.

    Booking Summary

    Based on the reservation information, your clients can check their carpet cleaning booking previews, total cost, sub-total, and total discount. You have the complete liberty to place the booking summary box in your preferred area.

    Online Payment Integration

    Easy online payment is necessary for cleaning service apps. Cleanly carpet cleaning service software allows you to set the total cost of the booking. Your clients just need to pay a small deposit to secure their reservation; once they receive complete service, they can quickly pay the rest of the bill. However, you can also take the full amount in advance if you want. You can set up payment gateways. Available payment gateways are Stripe-Card, WooCommerce Checkout, Cash, and Offline Payment.

    Custom Field

    Before finalizing a reservation, a client might give you certain additional needs or notes. You can add a custom field from your Cleanly admin panel easily to meet this need.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • Absolutely yes. Cleanly offers extra service functions which lets you customize and offer extra services based on your carpet cleaning service business. Based on your setting, your clients may choose extra services easily.

    • No problem. You can make payments both in cash and by card.

    • A carpet cleaning app or software makes the booking process, staff management, payment, and scheduling easier. For you, it will save you from a lot of manual work. And your clients can get their service without wasting their time negotiating the payment and describing the carpet cleaning tasks for hours.

    • Yes. With carpet cleaning software Cleanly, you can create customized forms easily.

    Want to Ditch the Paperwork and Streamline Your Operations?

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