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Receive Notifications
on Telegram

Telegram Integration Addon of Cleanly can be a great choice for you if you want to get notified about new cleaning service orders directly to your Telegram account.

Once the booking is confirmed by your client, you will easily get the notification to your Telegram account if you configure the addon properly. This addon is very budget-friendly and intuitive.

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Backup Media
Front-end display

Telegram Backend

To receive instant order notifications, begin by setting up the backend. Set up your webhook URL and input it into the designated field. Personalize your notification content by customizing the text through the 'Body Templates' field.


After completing the back-end setting, you will receive instant notifications when your client places an order. You will receive information including name, email, date, subtotal, discount, tax, total, deposit, due amount, and payment status by these notifications.

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