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Review and Rating

Review and Rating addon by Cleanly is one of the most important addons that you should use. Using this plugin, you can help your clients choose the right staff for their cleaning jobs. Using this addon, you can collect client reviews and ratings for all staff of your cleaning service company and then showcase them to impress the next clients. It helps you boost revenue, brand value, and client satisfaction.

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Submit Reviews & Ratings

When a job is done, a client can rate and review the staff who did the cleaning task. If a client is satisfied with the job, s/he will put a good rating and review for the staff. Letting your customers submit reviews will prove that you are honest and transparent and you believe in better service. More five-star ratings and good client reviews can grow your business like never before.

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display review

Display Staff Reviews and Ratings

You can enable or disable the display review form from the backend. You can choose to display an overview and reviews anywhere using the form shortcodes. Whale conjuring the Review, you can set the headline text and number of review stars along with disabling the review title in the review form if you want. You have also the full freedom to enable or disable reviewer info, review titles, and ratings. Turning on/off staff overview is also possible.

Branch Reviews and Ratings

As staff represent branches, the average staff ratings will be counted as a branch’s rating. So, if a branch has 5 staff and the average rating of them is 4*, then this will be considered as the branch rating as well.

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