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Integrate with Pabbly Connect

The integration of Pabbly Connect with Cleanly is one of the most notable advantages for streamlining workflow management. This integration addon can streamline the booking process and enhance workflow efficiency.

Scheduling cleaning sessions is made easy by the perfect synchronization of data between the two platforms. Website owners can effortlessly coordinate appointments, track service history, and manage payments — all from a centralized dashboard.

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Pabbly Connect Backend

To initiate a connection with "Pabbly Connect," start by configuring the backend. Establish your webhook URL and enter it into the designated field. Customize your data fields by selecting the field options.

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Front-end display

Integration Platforms

When a booking is confirmed, Pabbly Connect ensures that you receive booking info containing crucial details such as the customer's name, total amount, payment status, and more. This information is seamlessly delivered through multiple platforms, including Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Mailchimp, HubSpot CRM, and others. This guarantees that you stay informed and up-to-date with every aspect of the cleaning booking

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