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Mailchimp Integration with Cleanly

Streamline your workflows effortlessly with Cleanly integration on Mailchimp. Receive updates upon booking confirmation, keeping you informed on important details like customer email, names, address, total amounts, and payment statuses. Seamlessly sync across 332+ platforms, ensuring you stay up-to-date effortlessly.

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Create API

To create the Mailchimp API, follow these steps precisely: Click on "Account & billing," then select "Extras," click "API keys," and click on "Create A Key." This process will generate the API key, ensuring a seamless connection between your website and Mailchimp, enabling automatic updates to be shared through your Mailchimp account.

mailchimp api
Back-end display

Mailchimp Backend

Enter your API key into the specified field. After refreshing the page, a list of campaign IDs will appear. Choose the desired campaign ID from the list and save the changes.

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