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Effortless Booking Management: Google Calendar

Enhance your booking management effortlessly with our Google Calendar addon. Seamlessly integrate your booking orders by users, streamlining the entire process for you. Plus, enjoy the added convenience of automatic reminders for users who have booked your services. Stay organized, efficient, and never miss a beat with our intuitive booking solution.

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Google calendar

Calendar Backend

To set up our Google Calendar addon, Simply navigate to your settings and input the Client ID and Client Secret obtained from your Google Cloud Console dashboard. Then, toggle reminders on or off using the switch according to your preferences. Don't forget to save your settings to ensure everything is securely configured to suit your needs.

Back-end display


Each user's booking is seamlessly translated into individual events on your calendar, ensuring organized and efficient management. These events contain all the essential details required, providing you with a comprehensive overview at a glance. With this feature, you can effortlessly track and manage bookings with ease.

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