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Discord Integration with Cleanly

Experience seamless workflow management by connecting Discord with Cleanly. Effortlessly manage bookings with Cleanly's Discord integration. Receive instant notifications whenever a booking is made, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency in real-time.

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Create Webhook

To set up Discord integration for your website content, follow these steps precisely: Begin by accessing "Discord Integrations" through your server settings. From there, proceed to the "Integrations" section and navigate to "Webhooks." Finally, create a new webhook. This process ensures a seamless connection between your website and Discord, allowing automatic updates to be shared in your server.

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Discord Backend

Now, input your webhook URL into the designated field. Customize the body template according to your preferences, specifying the information you wish to receive when someone makes a booking. Save the changes.

Get Updates

Receive instant notifications when your customer places an order. You will receive information including name, email, date, subtotal, discount, tax, total, deposit, due amount, and payment status through these notifications.

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