WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload: The Ultimate Comparison

WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload: The Ultimate Comparison

Are you worried about your slow websites? Looking for the best speed optimization plugin? You need to install at least a website speed optimization plugin on your WordPress website. We have written this blog on WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload to help you choose the right plugin to speed up your website.

In this article, we’ll go over the TL;DR first for quick understanding. Then, we’ll talk about the main features of these three plugins: WP Super Minify, SG Optimizer, and Next3 Offload. After that, we’ll go over a detailed comparison of WP Super Minify, SG Optimizer, and Next3 Offload. Also, we’ll include a feature comparison table for these three plugins. Then we’ll discuss which plugin you should choose depending on your preference and requirements.

If you want to find the right optimization plugin for your website, you must read until the conclusion. So continue reading and let’s get started!

TL;DR: WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload

✅ If you want to speed up your website performance with caching, minify, and combine inline JS and CSS files, then you may choose WP Super Minify.

✅ If you choose SG Optimizer, it’ll give you caching, image and environment optimization, and minification. It speeds up your site very fast.

✅ Choose Next3 Offload to speed up your site by optimizing images, databases, JS, and CSS files. You can also store your media files in the cloud and serve them via your preferred CDNs. It supports over 20 CDNs and S3-compatible object storage providers. Check it out here

WP Super Minify Overview: Minifying, Caching, And Speed Optimization Tool   

WP super minify landing page

WP Super Minify combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads. This plugin allows you to compress HTML, inline JavaScript, and CSS.

This plugin is easy to use. After compressing the HTML and CSS, the file size will be smaller, which is very helpful in improving your page load speed as well as Google page speed.       

Key Features:

  • This plugin combines and minifies inline JavaScript and CSS files.
  • It also caches inline JavaScript and CSS files for faster loading times.
  • It compresses HTML, inline JavaScript, and CSS to reduce website size and improve page load time.
  • This plugin improves SEO ranking.
  • You can see the compressed files on your website source code.

SG Optimizer Overview: SuperCacher, Website Speed Booster

SG Optimizer landing page

SG Optimizer is a speed optimizer plugin. This plugin boosts your website speed in just a few clicks. Its Speed Optimizer caching options can increase your site’s speed.

It offers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification. The plugin supports CSS and JavaScript combinations. This plugin keeps your files and fonts lightweight and optimized, boosting your site’s speed.

It optimizes your site’s media to load quickly without sacrificing quality. With this plugin’s image reduction option, you can reduce image size by up to 85% while maintaining quality.

This plugin manages your website’s use of resources, saves bandwidth, and improves site performance with minimal effort. You can add a secure connection, and your visitors will have an amazing user experience.

Key Features:       

  • It has file-based objects and dynamic caching. 
  • Minifies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Defers render-blocking JavaScript.
  • It has advanced media lazy loading.
  • This plugin has amazing image compression.
  • It can convert media to WebP.
  • Enforces HTTPS connection.
  • It has amazing GZIP compression.                                          

Next3 Offload Overview: Powerful, Fast, And Media Offloading Plugin

Next3 Offload landing page

Next3 Offload is a quick and easy WordPress media offloading plugin. It improves WordPress performance by shifting WordPress media files and assets (CSS and JS) from the media library to the cloud. 

This plugin supports Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud, and over 20 CDNs and S3-compatible object storage providers for media file storage and JS and CSS offloading.

It improves your website with cloud-based media file optimization, storage, and management functions. This plugin compresses and converts images from your website into WebP format. There is no need to pay for third-party compression services or plugins to compress your site’s images individually. 

Key Features:

  • It automatically redirects media URLs to cloud services like as Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi Cloud, and Bunny CDN.
  • This plugin speeds up your WordPress site by shifting media files to cloud storage.
  • It creates backups of your media files and assets.
  • It can automatically optimize your database.
  • Enabling the assets loader allows you to minify and offload CSS and JS files.
  • Drag and drop files to upload them to cloud storage.
  • To free up server space, you can delete all offloaded media files in the background.
  • It connects WordPress sites to over 20 CDNs and S3-compatible object storage providers (including Cloudflare R2, MiniO, IDrive e2, StackPath, UpCloud, and so on).
  • It lets you swap between your preferred cloud providers and CDNs.

WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload: In-Depth Comparison  

CSS and JS Minification

WP Super Minify minifies JS and CSS on demand to speed up page loads. 

SG Optimizer has an amazing minification option for increasing the site speed. It has HTML, CSS & JavaScript minification. This plugin supports CSS & JavaScript combinations. It keeps your website’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as its fonts, lightweight and optimized, resulting in increased site speed.

SG Optimizer minification

Image Source

Next3 Offload enables you to minify and offload CSS and JS files to optimize your site speed and see the progress with a percentage calculator. You don’t have to worry about the size of your site’s CSS and JS files. Enable the features that automatically minify and offload CSS and JS files.

Next3 Offload minification

Image Source

Page Loading Speed Boost

WP Super Minify boosts your page loading speed to cache, combine, and minify inline JS and CSS files.

SG Optimizer is an amazing tool to boost your page loading speed. It has minification, combination, optimization, caching, and many other options to increase your page load.

Next3 Offload is an excellent tool to increase your page loading speed. It has minification, optimization, caching, offloading media files to the cloud, and so on. This plugin gives you all amazing speed booster features.

Offloading WordPress Media Files

WP Super Minify combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loading. It doesn’t offload media files to the cloud.

SG Optimizer is a speed optimizer plugin. But it doesn’t provide offloading WordPress media files to the cloud.

Next3 Offload optimizes your site by uploading media files to cloud storage. It improves your site’s loading times and increases visitor engagement. To know more, read this article: Optimize your WordPress site with an offload WordPress plugin.

Database Optimization

WP Super Minify is mainly a super minification plugin. It doesn’t support database optimization.

SG Optimizer can help you optimize your website’s use of resources. You can configure it to run WordPress Heartbeat less frequently or altogether disable it, which saves space and increases speed. You can also schedule database maintenance. This plugin will clean up your database once a week to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. 

SG Optimizer database optimization

Image Source

Next3 Offload allows you to have amazing database optimization options. Your database can be automatically cleaned once each week to keep it small and efficient. You can delete post and page drafts, pages, and post revisions, posts and pages from your trash, any comments marked as spam, comments in your trash, and expired transients.

Next3 Offload database optimization

Image Source

Image Optimization

WP Super Minify doesn’t contain image optimization.

SG Optimizer optimizes your site’s media to load quickly without sacrificing quality. With the image compression options, you may reduce image size by up to 85% while maintaining quality. This plugin has maximum image width. It converts your media file to WebP images. This plugin also allows GZIP compression.

Next3 Offload database optimization

Image Source

Next3 Offload’s image compression allows you to compress all your inserted images. This tool offers three modes of compression levels: low (25%), medium (60%), and high (85%). You do not need to compress the images separately before adding them to your website.

Next3 Offload supports WebP, a next-generation image format. This image format significantly decreases the size of traditional image formats while maintaining their original quality.

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Next3 Offload image optimization

Image Source

If you are unsure about why you need to optimize Images, read The benefits of image optimization to better SEO

File Size Reduction

WP Super Minify compresses HTML, inline JavaScript, and CSS to reduce file size and increase page load performance.

SG Optimizer reduces file size (HTML, CSS) to improve website speed.

Similarly, Next3 Offload reduces media files and assets (HTML, CSS) to increase the page load.

Lazy Loading

WP Super Minify doesn’t allow lazy loading.

SG Optimizer allows lazy loading. This option loads your images just when they are about to be shown to your visitors, not during the initial loading process. It stops you from making hundreds of useless requests and speeds up page loading time.

Next3 Offload does not have a lazy loading option. But the other options make it ideal for increasing website speed.


WP Super Minify has inline JS and CSS caches.

The SG Optimizer caching options can improve your site’s speed by up to 20% compared to similar plugins. With the Speed Optimizer plugin’s file-based caching option, your site will load faster on every visit. This plugin includes Dynamic (full-page) Caching, which speeds up sites by up to 5 times, as well as its unique Memcached capabilities. 

Next3 Offload offers a caching option. Disabling the delivery cache allows your WordPress page or post to check for and replace local server URLs with Cloud URLs, but enabling the delivery cache renders files from the local server.

Read more: 10+ Best WordPress cache plugins to speed up website

SEO Ranking Improvement

WP Super Minify improves SEO ranking and page load speed.

SG Optimizer improves page load speed and SEO rankings. 

A strong search engine ranking increases website popularity and organic traffic. To achieve a high search engine rating, you must improve your website’s speed and exposure. Next3 Offload helps to increase SEO rankings and page loading speed.

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Increase Conversion Rate

WP Super Minify increases the conversion rate.

SG Optimizer increases the conversion rate. Website speed has a significant impact on conversion rates and sales. 

Next3 Offload increases the conversion rate and reduces the bounce rate. A website that loads quickly encourages users to explore all of the content, products, and pages. That means people stay on your website longer, increasing their chances of converting.      

Ease of Use

WP Super Minify is super easy to use. After enabling the plugin, you can immediately notice the benefits of compressed files in your website’s source code.

SG Optimizer is easy to use. With only a few clicks, you can increase the speed of your website using the most effective technology of this plugin.

The Next3 Offload plugin is simple to use. It is set up using your preferred Cloud storage. It only takes access keys to create and configure storage buckets.


WP Super Minify is a free plugin. It is mainly concerned with your inline JS, CSS minification, combination, and caching. 

SG Optimizer is a completely free plugin.

Next3 Offload starts its yearly price at $99. It gives you a lifetime offer as well. 

Next3 Offload pricing

Image Source 


WP Super Minify is a free plugin. They don’t provide ticket-based support.

SG Optimizer is a free plugin for all WordPress users and no support is provided via support ticket just for it.

Next3 Offload offers ticket-based support. They provide lifetime support (This is available only if a customer buys any lifetime plan). This plugin provides Live Demo for their customers.

Documentation and Tutorials

WP Super Minify doesn’t provide any documentation.

SG Optimizer also provides documentation for users.

Next3 Offload provides strong documentation for their customer. It also provides video tutorials

WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload: Side-by-side Feature Comparison Table

According to this comparison blog of WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload, all of these plugins perform well at speeding up your website, though in different ways.

It is tough to say which one is ultimately the best because the features vary from plugin to plugin. If you want to choose one for your website, prioritize your requirements and criteria. However, if necessary, you can use multiple speed and website optimization plugins on your website. Below is our comparison table to help you find the right plugin based on different core features.

FeatureWP Super MinifySG OptimizerNext3 Offload
JS and CSS minification
Offloading JS and CSS files to the cloud
CDN support
Media offloading
Image optimization
Improve SEO ranking
Lifetime deal
Increase page loading speed
Inline JS and CSS combination

WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload: Which Should You Choose?

Choose WP Super Minify if…

WP Super Minify compiles minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files. This plugin will speed up your website. 

If your target is only the minification of JS and CSS, you can choose WP Super Minify for your website. Note that, as this is a simple plugin and does only one or two kinds of optimization, you will need to use separate plugins along with it to optimize the database and store media files in the cloud. 

Choose SG Optimizer if…

SG Optimizer provides powerful caching, and frontend optimization (HTML, CSS & JavaScript minification, CSS & JavaScript combination, defer render-blocking JavaScript, and fonts optimization). 

You can also optimize media and environment to speed up your site. In media optimization, you’ll get amazing lazy loading and image compression. In environment optimization, you’ll get GZIP compression, database maintenance, and so on.

So, if you want to speed up your site through caching, image and environment optimization, and minification, SG Optimizer is perfect for you. However, you will still need plugins for offloading media files and other optimizations. 

Choose Next3 Offload if…

Next3 Offload supports media file offloading to the cloud, image optimization, database optimization, and asset minification. It also provides file backup, CDN support, caching, and a great price for a lifetime contract.

It stores all assets and media files in the cloud, saving space on your website’s server and offering a backup option for offloaded data. This plugin minimizes bounce rate, which leads to higher conversion rates.

So, if you want to improve your site’s performance by optimizing images and database, offloading media files to the cloud, and serving them via CDN, offloading and minifying JS, and CSS files, go for Next3 Offload. If you use this plugin, most probably you will not need to use any other optimization plugin on your WordPress website.

Note: Next3 Offload won the Best Optimization Plugin award at the Monster’s Awards 2023.

Wrapping Up

Now, we’re going to wrap up our blog on WP Super Minify vs SG Optimizer vs Next3 Offload.

We all know that website performance is vital for various reasons. A fast-loading website can keep users on your site for longer, leading to greater search engine rankings, more traffic, and, ultimately, more conversions. Choosing the best WordPress website optimization plugin for your website is tricky. So, focus on your needs.

You may connect with us on Facebook and X. Also, check out our YouTube channel to view videos.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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