How to Fix WordPress Sidebar Below Content Error?

How to Fix WordPress Sidebar Below Content Error?

Recently one of our users asked us the question: how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress. This is not the first time, we have gotten this question, so we decided to write a post about it. In this article, we will show you how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

Why is my Sidebar dropping Below my Content?

The reason why your sidebar is dropping below your content is that there is an HTML or CSS error in your theme.

How can I prevent my sidebar from dropping below the content?

We have troubleshot this issue for numerous users. 9 times out of 10, the reason is the same. There is an unclosed div element on the page. It could also be that there is an extra div element being closed on the page which makes it seem like that your sidebar is outside the wrap element. So what does this mean in English? Let’s troubleshoot it step by step.

Is this something that started happening recently? Is it only happening on a specific post or page? If your answer is YES, then the following fix is for you.

Look through anything that you changed recently. Did you add a plugin? Made any HTML-related changes? Does your specific post or page content have <div> blocks in them? Make sure that they are properly closed. One of the best ways to find out the error is by using the W3 Validator.

Use this chart to understand what is going on:

If you are creating a custom theme, and this issue is happening with you, then there could be a few issues. One issue we have already revealed to you above. Few other issues could be:

Improper width ratio. If your container width is only 960px, then you have to keep things proportional. For example, content width 600px, and sidebar width 300px with 60px margin between them.

The other issue could be float property. You have to make sure that you add float: left, and float: right to the appropriate elements. If you do not do that, then it will not work.

We hope that this article has shown you how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

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