Why Email Marketing Important 2022?

Why Email Marketing Important 2022?

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses email as a tool to deliver commercial messages and generate sales.

For email marketing, it is a complete campaign solution. It is designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide relevant offers. Is email marketing a priority for your business in 2022? Are you looking for the best email marketing software?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that uses email as a tool to deliver commercial messages and generate sales. Email marketing is the backbone of eCommerce marketing strategy and can be as simple as sending cart abandonment emails or as complex as having numerous email nurturing campaigns designed to build long-term relationships and generate more long-term sales.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is critical since it allows organizations to acquire new leads, convert leads to customers, and retain existing customers! Apart from that, email is beneficial to businesses in a variety of ways. And we’ll tell you why email marketing is more crucial than any other digital marketing channel in this article!

The advantage of email marketing

To begin with, email marketing is inexpensive. Email platforms are frequently free or inexpensive.

Second, email marketing programs are quite simple to set up. Email automation technologies allow you to run email campaigns without your input 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just do the initial setup, and everything pretty much runs by itself from there.

Reasons that email marketing is critical to your content strategy as a small business

  • Emails improve client retention and engagement.
  • Emails outperform most marketing channels in terms of results.
  • Emails outperform most marketing channels in terms of results.
  • Emails improve brand awareness
  • Make your material unique.
  • Emails have the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your website.
  • Emails effectively combine with your other marketing methods.

This makes sense if you think about the reasons that make email an incredibly powerful communication channel:

1. Email is Personal

Email allows you to land in a user’s inbox. There is no ranking system limiting your reach. It is very direct and personal.

2. Email is Purposeful

To get updates from you, a user fills out a form to sign up for your email list and confirm their email address. Someone doing this much work is obviously interested in hearing from you, and they are much more receptive to your message.

3. Email is Targeted

As we mentioned earlier, the user has already shown interest in your product or content. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver them highly relevant offers to get better results. This is called segmentation, and we will cover that later in the article.

4. You Own Your Email List

You do not own Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Your social media campaigns and SEO efforts can go to waste when these platforms change their policies. On the other hand, you own your email list, and it is not influenced by decisions of other businesses.

5. Email is One-on-One

People read emails in the privacy of their inbox. The message is not on a public timeline or newsfeed. They can ask you questions directly in private with confidence. This helps build trust and connection.

6. More People Use Email Several Times a Day

You may have heard that Facebook has 1.4 billion and Twitter has 100 million daily active users. What you have may not have heard, is the number of people using Email every day.

Every internet user has at least one email account. Recent research conducted by Radicati found out that there 3.8 billion active email accounts. That’s half the population of Earth.

This is precisely why every smart business in the world has an email list.

I can suggest that You can use this Next Campaign

Next Campaign It is the best WordPress email marketing plugin. Next Campaign It is a total campaign solution for email marketing. It is designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide relevant offers. Next Campaign has multiple integrations like MailChimp, MailWizz, SendInBlue, GetResponse, and Active Campaign.

Why Use the Next Campaign?

All the features you really need in an Email Marketing Tool

1.Multiple Integration: Next Campaign has multiple integrations like MailChimp, MailWizz, SendInBlue, GetResponse, and Active Campaign.

2. Simple to Setup Forms: Users can build multiple forms with separate integrated providers and are able to customize or select preset designs.

3. Manage Contacts: You are able to add and manage contacts with respective address fields under the specific lists item.

4. Manage Campaign: It is very simple to create and manage campaigns with this plugin. Users can also design HTML template that is to be sent to Email as a campaign.

5. Easy to Send Campaign: Anyone can send campaign to their targeted customer’s Email by selecting specific contact lists. You can send your campaign to thousand of Emails by a single click.

6. Export Import Contacts : User can export and import contacts with three different file format like txt, JSON and CSV.

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Service

There are tons of email marketing services out there. Often, beginners use the free option to save money, which is understandable. However, some of these free platforms are not the best.

Some platforms mislabel themselves as “email marketing service” when in reality all they offer is free blog subscription via email. This allows your users to receive an email update every time you publish a new blog post.

But that’s not true email marketing. Here are some of the downsides of using a free blog notification service:

  • You can’t send out private email newsletters. To send an email, you will have to publish a new blog post, which means that the information you want to share will have to be publicly available first.
  • You can’t personalize the email message. It will be delivered in the same format often with no branding or personalization.
  • You can’t categorize subscribers by interests, demographics, or content type.
  • There is no reporting. You don’t know how many people got the email, what percentage of users opened it, and how many of them clicked on your links.
  • If you later tried to move to a paid service, your users will have to re-confirm their subscription. Many of them will not do it, and you will end up losing subscribers.

This is why we recommend using a professional email marketing service right from the beginning.

Yes, they cost a little bit of money, but they are an investment in your business which pays huge returns.

The benefits of professional email marketing services are:

  • You can send private mass emails to your subscribers.
  • You can see subscriber activity and group your subscribers based on the actions they take.
  • You can run A/B split tests to see which email subject lines, content, and offers work best with your subscribers.
  • With reporting tools, you can see which country you have the most subscribers from. You can adjust your time zone preferences and send emails at the right time.
  • Last, but definitely the most important, you can see the email addresses of all your subscribers.

There are hundreds of professional email marketing services available. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of the top email marketing services based on ease of use, cost-effectiveness, features, and performance.

For small businesses, we recommend using MailChimp Module because they are one of the largest email marketing services in the world.

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