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What are the 5 best WordPress eCommerce plugins of 2022?

What are the 5 best WordPress eCommerce plugins of 2022?

Want to create a web store? And confused which are the simplest WordPress eCommerce plugins? Picking the proper eCommerce plugin for your site is vital because a far better platform gives you more growth opportunities. In this article, we’ll compare the 5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for 2021. we’ve also discussed the way to choose the simplest eCommerce WordPress plugins for your site.

Now, let’s find out which plugin suits your site the simplest.

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Why Do You Need a WordPress eCommerce Plugin? How to Choose the Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins for Your Site? The 5 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins for 2021

1. NextWoo
2. Easy Digital Downloads
3. MemberPress
4. Ecwid eCommerce Shopping Cart
5. Shopify Buy Button

Why does one Need a WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

If you would like to sell some products, then you would like an eCommerce site. In other words, with an eCommerce website, you’ll sell just about anything be it digital goods, physical goods, subscriptions, and appointments.

Among various eCommerce platforms available, WordPress eCommerce is that the hottest way. With WordPress, it’s easy to line up and run a web store. to not mention, it’s greatly extendible for more features that you simply may have when your shop grows within the future.

WordPress by default doesn’t have eCommerce features, but it’s many powerful eCommerce plugins. Using the WordPress eCommerce plugins, you’ll build and run an eCommerce shop online easily.

The WordPress eCommerce plugins allow you to add all the features required to run a web store, like adding products, setting a price, shipping, inventory management, payment gateways, etc. More advanced plugins accompany additional options like recurring payments, email marketing integration, multilingual support, etc.

You need a plugin that’s best for your needs. Enlist what features you’ll need, then you’ll choose which plugin to use.

How to Choose the simplest eCommerce WordPress Plugins for Your Site?

Since the eCommerce industry is growing, you would possibly find some difficulties in choosing the simplest WordPress plugins for your eCommerce site. There are dozens of various WordPress eCommerce plugins to settle on from.

Here are the most things to think about when choosing an eCommerce plugin.

i) Ease of Use

You need an easy-to-use plugin with simple options to add a product, any task, or create a discount coupon on your website. This way you don’t need to waste time figuring out how to do it.

ii)Payment Gateways

Ensure that your WordPress eCommerce plugin supports all payment gateways you need. At least, you should provide enough payment gateways to your customers.

iii)Updates and Compatibility

Before choosing any plugin for your site, you’ll need to check whether the plugin’s been constantly updated and maintained. Plugins that aren’t regularly updated can cause compatibility errors as well as harm your site’s security. Also, check if WordPress the theme of your choice works with the plugin or not.

iv)Check the Technical Support Option:

Make sure to choose a platform with good customer support options. Check out the support forums and see who is actively answering the questions.

v)Figure out the Security Options of Plugin

The personal information of the client should never fall in the wrong hands. You should always choose the secured plugin for your WordPress eCommerce site.

vi)Analyze plugins for Responsiveness

The WordPress eCommerce website you create should look great and work on all devices, be it a smartphone or a desktop computer. You should see if the plugin works well with all the devices. Now, let us move on and see the best WordPress Plugins.


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Table of Contents