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Top 5 – Your Best Social Media Plugin For WordPress (Guide for 2022)

Top 5 – Your Best Social Media Plugin For WordPress (Guide for 2022)

Are you trying to find the simplest social media plugins for your WordPress site?

Your website should be ready to easily hook up with popular social networks so you’ll grow your following plus your website traffic.

Well, one of the simplest ways to urge more shares is to feature a social media plugin for WordPress. to form sharing from your blog to social media as easily as possible. As easier sharing can always significantly increase your chances that your readers will reshare your content. But there’s a catch, whilst installing a social media plugin to your blog is super easy. It is often difficult to settle on a social media plugin for WordPress because there are with great care many of them!

So, to assist make deciding a touch easier. I even have compiled an inventory of the highest 21+ social media plugins for WordPress. With an in-depth outline of the important features of every one. I’ve also split the list into the social media plugins that accompany a number of tools. Including social media sharing buttons. And a separate list for the plugins that only have a really specific use. Like for instance adding Click to Tweet boxes to your blog posts.

You will also find an inventory at the top of any social media plugin for WordPress, that I feel you ought to avoid.

So, let’s start, shall we?

1. Next Social

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Next Social is all in one plugin that works with social login (Login or Authentication), feed sharing (Social Share), and social counter ( Fans or Followers Counter). Next Social Login helps you build a great community quickly. Visitors can register with their social accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn with just one click.

Features of Next Social:

#NextSocial #WordPressSocial #WordPressSocialWidget
#SocialMediaPlugin #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMarketing
#SocialExpressLogin #SocialShare #SocialPlugin, #WPSocial

Login Providers: Social login has the following providers. Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Dribbble, Instagram, Github, WordPress, Envato, BitBucket, and Yandex. And we’re developing more new providers.

Login Integration: Social login Integrated with WP Login – Registration form, WP Comment form, Woocommerce Login – Registration – Billing form, and Buddypress form. And show the login button anywhere in forms.

Counter Providers: Social Counter has the following providers like Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Github, Youtube, Mailchimp, Envato, and Behance. And we’re developing more new providers.

Share Providers: Social Share or Feed Sharing has numerous Social media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Messenger, Kik, Skype, Trello, Viber, Whatsapp, Reddit, and more providers. And we’re developing more new providers.

Shortcode & Widgets: By using shortcode or widgets of Next Social, users are able to get all the features only by copy/paste. It saves valuable time

Get started with Next Social today!

2. Smash Balloon

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#SocialMediaPlugin #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMarketing
#SocialExpressLogin #SocialShare #SocialPlugin, #WPSocial

Smash Balloon is far and away from the simplest social media plugin for WordPress. It’s actually a mixture of several insanely powerful plugins that assist you with bringing each social media platform onto your WordPress site.


Social Wall – Combine your social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube into one powerful wall

Instagram Feed – Link photos and stories right to your WordPress website and do things like let people shop from your Instagram on your site.

Custom Twitter Feed – Display Twitter cards, show tweets that mention you (perfect for testimonials), and more.

Custom Facebook Feed – Add Facebook posts, photos, videos, and broadcast live videos from your WordPress site

Feeds for YouTube – Create feeds of videos from your favorites list, show linked thumbnails to your videos, customize the layout, and more.

Unlimited feeds – Make as many social feeds are you would like.

Mobile-responsive – Looks great on all devices.

Customize designs – You get to regulate how your feeds look.

Get started with Smashballon today!

3. Shared Counts

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#SocialMediaPlugin #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMarketing
#SocialExpressLogin #SocialShare #SocialPlugin, #WPSocial

Shared Counts is an awesome, lightweight social media plugin for WordPress. It shows what percentage shares something on your site has gotten on different social media platforms.


Lightweight plugin – Doesn’t hamper your site and is super straightforward.

Easy to use – an easy tool even beginners will love.

Developer-friendly – Hooks and filters if you would like advanced customizations.

GDPR-friendly – Doesn’t use cookies.

Custom post types – Easily enable the plugin for custom post types.

Helpful buttons – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yummly, Print, and Email.

Get started with Shared Counts today!

4. Revive Social

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#SocialMediaPlugin #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMarketing
#SocialExpressLogin #SocialShare #SocialPlugin, #WPSocial

The Revive Social plugin is another one on our list of the simplest social media plugins that you simply should inspect if you would like to urge into marketing automation. It allows you to automatically share your WordPress content to your social media.


Scheduler – Automatically set a schedule for a way often you would like your old content (and new content) to be shared and save on costly social media management tools.

Hour timer – The paid version allows you to decide what percentage hours you would like between posts, great if you’re sharing tons of backdated content.

RSS to social media – Share posts from any RSS feed to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, and more.

Auto WordPress post share – Automatically share posts to your social media as soon as you hit the publish button, albeit a post is scheduled.

Social media analytics – Discover plenty about the source of your traffic without manually adding UTM tags to posts.

Hashtags – Create your own hashtags for post shares from your tags, categories, or maybe custom fields.

Exclusions – prefer to keep certain posts out of feeds and social media if you don’t want them there.

Get started with Revive Social today!

5. Social Warfare

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#SocialMediaPlugin #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMarketing
#SocialExpressLogin #SocialShare #SocialPlugin, #WPSocial

Another one among the simplest social media plugins on our list is that the feature-heavy Social Warfare. This allows you to control what people share on social media (and how they share it).


Customizations – Add custom titles, images, and descriptions to your posts that get more clicks and traffic.

Analytics – Track how your social shares do with Google Analytics.

Popular posts widget – Display your hottest posts from your blog right during a widget and automatically calculate which of them do well.

Easy Recovery – you’ll recover share counts when switching permalink structure

Get started with Social Warfare today!

Wrapping Up

Your social media profiles are important to growing your small business, and connecting them to your WordPress website is so smart for explosive growth. So, we hope this post helped you discover the simplest WordPress social media plugin for you.

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