Top 5 Google Maps WordPress Plugins

Top 5 Google Maps WordPress Plugins

You’ve recently launched a new company, and you want your WordPress website to let customers know where you’re located. You would require the Google Maps WordPress Plugins for this since it might help you grow your company and attract more clients to your location.

The first service that comes to mind when you want to display a map on your website is unquestionably Google Maps. And although using the provided embed code to embed a straightforward map is simple enough, the top WordPress Google Maps WordPress Plugins provide you with a lot more capability.

The top Google Maps WordPress Plugins, for instance, enable you to do a variety of things, such as add markers to specific areas, front-end filters, custom icons, layers, and directions. Additionally, they give you the option to modify your maps to meet the needs of your website. After that, you can show your maps wherever you want by utilizing shortcodes.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 Google Maps WordPress Plugins in this article.

1. gooMaps

Adding a location to your WordPress site is simple with gooMaps. The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which offers configurable, complex, and simple maps. Any map you can imagine can be made using gooMaps. There are numerous such maps that you can incorporate into your websites.

If you are prepared to install a suitable plugin to include Google Maps on your website, the first step is to select the plugin that will best serve your needs. This makes the incredible plugin gooMaps for your WordPress site a top recommendation.


  • The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which offers customizable maps that vary from simple to complex. With Google Maps, any type of map may be produced. You can make almost any kind of map using gooMaps. These maps can all be incorporated into your websites.
  • You can make complex maps for your business locations using gooMaps’ extra capabilities so that customers can discover them easily.
  • Allow users to select whether the direction’s beginning or ending point is where they are right now on a map. You can include as many waypoints as you need in your route. There may be a separate map marker for each waypoint. Every waypoint might have its own map marker.
  • Routes between destinations can be readily created by site administrators and viewed on a map. The route’s user interface can be simply modified on the backend.
  • Without a doubt, our gooMaps plugin is compatible with WPML and supports multiple nations. Consequently, using a guided marketing strategy puts customers from all over the world at ease.
  • Maps can be quickly displayed on one page by site managers. On every single one, our plugin creates maps that are completely responsive.

2. WP Google Map

Another feature-rich plugin is the WP Google Map Plugin, which is offered in two variations: lite and premium.

With the light edition, you can choose the latitude/longitude bearing at which the map must be centered and display any quantity of Google maps on a single map. Clicking a marker may cause a message box or a URL to open.

The Google Maps street location, localization, Street View, and map widget functions are all supported by the plugin. Additionally, it supports views of the terrain, roads, satellites, and hybrids. The dimensions of the map can be immediately determined. Add numerous layers, such as those related to travel, traffic, and weather.

This plugin allows you to add an infinite number of map markers. 500+ pre-designed markers are available on the WP Google Map. The pro edition even shows multiple routes and distances (in miles or kilometers). It may be completely dragged and reshaped.

Other characteristics are:

  • Custom filters should be shown on the site for precise searches.
  • attractive and flexible info-window templates
  • Display a list of places with filters and pagination.
  • Make a map that features both a satellite and regular view.
  • Animated Markers on Click or Hover
  • Display traffic, cyclists, and transit using many map layers

If you want to make a Google Map that is incredibly configurable and simple to use, start with this plugin.

3. WP Google Maps

For displaying a delivery area and other similar demands, WP Google Maps is a terrific addition to contact page maps. Select one of nine map themes, or design your own and add it. Simply enter the address to add markers, then drag them to the desired location. Give the marks some movement.

The Google Maps street location, localization, Street View, and map widget functions are all supported by the plugin. Additionally, it supports views of the terrain, roads, satellites, and hybrids. The dimensions of the map can be immediately determined. Add numerous layers, such as those related to travel, traffic, and weather.

The caching plugins work with this plugin. It is available without being burdened with any links to advertisements. You can use the store locator capability to filter the results of your store search based on your location.

Additional features:

  • A variety of expanding maps that cover your screen.
  • Markers can be filtered using a variety of criteria, including custom fields.
  • Markers may include categories, locations, directions, photographs, videos, links, and descriptions.
  • Visitors can add their own markers to maps and utilize their location as a starting or ending point for guidance.
  • Advanced store locator features that make use of user location and let you search by category.
  • Quick editing of marker data is possible by importing or exporting to a CSV file. Additionally, import from URI (REST API), XML, CSV, JSON, and GPX are also feasible options.

4. Maps Widget for Google Maps

The Google Maps Widgets is the number one choice on our list of the top WordPress Google Maps plugins. You can quickly create a flawless map with a thumbnail and lightbox with the Maps Widget for Google Maps.

The user-friendly UI makes creating and customizing maps simple. Additionally, you will be able to save the maps with specific parameters in a map library and retrieve them at a later time for reuse, with or without alteration. Additionally, they provide a free Map Block Gutenberg plugin if you utilize Gutenberg.

You can accomplish a lot when making maps. You can adjust the maps’ position and zoom level, add additional places and markers, and change the color and proportions, for example. Or, choose one of the available preconfigured map styles. You can use your own CSS to style the maps if you’d like.

Other characteristics are:

  • fully individualize Size of Google Maps
  • Discover 1500+ map pins (paid version)
  • Google Maps has a lot of color choices.
  • Street, satellite, terrain, and hybrid map views
  • Marker icons that are unique
  • Integration of a shortcode to show maps wherever you want (paid version)

In summary, the Maps Widget for Google Maps is an excellent plugin for making customized maps that show many places and convey a wealth of information quickly.

5. Maps Marker Pro

With its amazing features and widespread use, Maps Marker Pro earns a spot on this list of the top WordPress Google Maps WordPress Plugins. You may use it to share any route or track, plot any location, or personalize each marker as you travel. Starter licenses cost $39.

At first, using the 600+ parameters to create a map could appear intimidating. But if you look closely, you’ll discover that all that’s required is setting the map’s dimensions, making marks, and selecting layers. The fact that you may import data from several sources, including Bing, HERE, Open Street Map, or Google Maps, maybe a difference-maker.

Other characteristics are:

  • Share offline maps with QR codes.
  • Share motion and location in real-time.
  • A scenario can be created using augmented reality.
  • Each layer has many markers and a marker clustering option.
  • Pop-ups and marker animations.
  • Bulk modifications to markers can be made by importing and exporting data in JSON (the default), CSV, XLS, XLSX, and ODS formats.

The repository also features Leaflet Maps Marker, a free plugin with a few features available.

You must integrate Google Maps WordPress Plugins with your WordPress website in order to run a flawless business and increase customer accessibility. For this reason, you must adhere to a simple and effective procedure for including a Google map when using a plugin. Why the delay, then? Use a plugin that is appropriate and a Google Map to effectively display your customers. 

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