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Top 3 feature-rich Elementor Addons that will Impress you

Top 3 feature-rich Elementor Addons that will Impress you

The Elementor page builder is already one of the most feature-rich page builder plugins. If you want even more potential design options, there are some great third-party Elementor add-ons. We will discuss the top 3 Elementor Addons today.

Top 3 Elementor Addons:

  1. Next Addons
    Next Addons has highly robust elementor widgets for designing creative websites. It blessed with 50+ plus premium widgets & 20+ plus unique features that will bring your design experience to the upper level.

Most Unique Widgets

1. Advance Accordion
2. Image Accordion
3. Animate Heading
4. Ajax Blog
5. Ajax Blog Feed
6. Flip Box
7. Tab Price menu
8. Hotspot
9. Ajax Woo Shop
10. Promo Box

Most Exclusive Features

1. Image Masking
2. Section Scroll
3. Next Effect
4. Next Transform
5. Next Overlay
6. Preset Designs

2. Essential Addons
Essential Addons is a huge pack of Elementor widgets that comes in both a free and premium version. There are 60+ plus widgets that you’d otherwise only get in Elementor Pro like post grids, post timelines, testimonials, and more.

Most Unique Widgets

1. Post blocks (flex)
2. Interactive promo (neat hover effects on a box)
3. Dynamic filterable gallery
4. Protected content (restrict content by user role or password)
5. Data tables
6. Lightbox/modal popups

3. Plus Addons

The Plus Addons for Elementor is a huge collection of new Elementor widgets, templates, blocks, functionality, and more.

Most Unique Widgets

1. Pricing tables and lists
2. Draw SVG
3. Timeline
4. Carousels
5. Hotspot/pinpoint
6. Image cascading

There are plenty of Elementor Addons exists. But those 3 are the best in terms of rich features. They will make your website design with the perfection.

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Sam Lawrence

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