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Top 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies That Generate Sales

Top 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies That Generate Sales

Hey, the Holiday shopping season Black Friday deals event is around the corner with a doorbuster. So it’s time to optimize your site to launch innovative deals and giveaways of the year. 

If you want to stay out of the large crowd of others’ marketing strategies then start making your foolproof marketing strategies to be winners in the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Every eCommerce store is starting to advertise their deals and the customers have also started searching to get their desired deals to buy. So try to get in the eye of the customers.

“The study showed that holiday spending in the US only exceeded $8.9 billion and $10.7 billion respectively during Black Friday and Cyber Monday last November and December.”

Considering the recent changes in customer behavior, it is essential for marketers to properly execute their Cyber Monday and Black Friday marketing strategies. Smart brands have already thought their strategy and are acting accordingly.

You can review our comprehensive Cyber Monday and Black Friday marketing strategies checklist before the big launch to make sure you don’t lose out on the excitement and an opportunity to win a surprise.

Follow these top 20 black friday & cyber monday marketing strategies that generate sales.

1. Create Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas mean information of your target customers/audience like age, location, job title, goals, and challenges they faced. Sometimes they are called a customer persona/avatar, audience persona/profile, marketing persona etc.Thus we can understand which are our target customers/personas to buy our products and services.

2. Start Engaging Your Social Media Followers 

Social media engagement is measured by some metrics which we audience engagement like 

  • Create and share valuable content 
  • Respond all comments
  • Encourage readers to Like, Comment and Share
  • Run polls, contests and giveaways
  • Add the Ask Me Anything section to engage and listen to your audience.
  • Use attractive relevance images to Increase Click-through-Rate (CTR)
  • Mention top followers or friends (either tagged or untagged)
  • Must use branded hashtags

3. Build & Optimize Landing Page With Good Deals and Signup Form

Every businesses need lead/customer to sell their products or services.So to gain the targeted audience or lead they make a landing page where prospects arrive after clicking on a button called call to action CTA for an offer.Through a landing page businesses can offer anything like a product, coupon, free guide, ebook, webinar signup or a demo etc.It’s like a sales funnel because the main goal of a landing page is to collect leads.Consider following to add your landing page to get high conversion rate. 

  • Include a Trust Seal
  • Utilize Your Brand Colors
  • Enable Social Autofill
  • Create a Compelling Call To Action
  • Make Your Forms Mobile Responsive
  • Include a Trust Seal
  • keep your landing pages the same look and design as your campaign/Ads

4. Never Forget to Use Hashtags 

Hashtag is a symbol that is placed before keywords to make content discoverable to the targeted audience.

5. Create Mobile Optimized Offers

According to the latest data,the world’s most unique mobile users are reaching 5.48 billion.Even people are used to buying anything easily through smart phones. So mobile responsive websites give users flexibility.Make sure that store and offer pages are mobile friendly.

6. Send Customers Promotional Offers Email Through Campaign.

First of all collect targeted clients’ email through lead generation. After collecting leads.It’s time to send them an offer related to product or service.

 7. Upsell, Cross Sell, and Bundle Up Sales

Upsell: Upsell means when you technically convince customers to buy an  expensive things rather than low value of products or services

Cross Sell: Cross sell means when a customer buys any products or services then you offer them extra things related to the products or services that he/she already bought.

Bundle Up Sales: Bundle up sales means when you offer to sell a group of different items, products or services at low price.

8. Limited Time Discounts Offer

Limited time discount offer is something as a gift like discount, offer, unique gift, or incentive we offer to a buyer when he/she purchases anything during a specific time frame.

9.Last minute early access discounts deals

Please hurry! keep scrolling to shop more and click the link to add to cart because it’s an early access deals 

10. Cross-Promotion Social Profile to Grow your Brand 

Cross-promotion is the most effective way to market each other’s products or services to the same audience and increase high-quality leads but both brands are not competitors

Following are the benefits of cross promotion

  • Increase new followers
  • Brand awareness
  • increase sales
  • lower advertising cost

11. Add a Countdown Timer Right Next to Your CTAs 

Countdown timer is used to show urgency to the users that specific products or services offer is about to finish. Hurry and buy now

12. Organize Black Friday Contests On Social Media

Boost your social media followers by offering a contest. Like the following.

  • Win contest to refer a Friend
  • Vote to win social media giveaway idea
  • Tag a friend to enter the contest
  • Share a photo contest
  • submit  a video contest
  • Write a caption contest
  • Comment to win contest

13. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates. 

Shopping cart abandonment means when customers put any item in their cart, but leave the site without completing their purchase.To reduce this rate need some strategies as follows.

  • offer free shipping 
  • offer multiple solution
  • Exit-Intent Popups
  • keep simple checkout process
  • Use Trust badge

14.Offer Free Gift with Every Purchase.

It’s a sales technique where every store offers a free gift to its customers when they purchase specific products or services.

15. Run Exclusive Discounts on Social Media Followers

It’s a great practice to offer special deals to the social media followers.By doing so you will gain specific audiences coming back again and again.

16. Partnership With Influencers and Creators.

Usually brands find and choose the right influencers who have a huge audience according to their niche. They pay the influencers or creators to post sponsored content which is created for the influencer’s audiences.They post that content to their own social media or online accounts like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Linkedin and Pinterest.

We also see paid sponsored posts within:…………..

  • Instagram Lives
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Guides
  • TikTok Stories
  • TikTok Lives
  • …and more!

17. Create Discount Coupons and Codes ………

To make a business we offer discount coupons and codes for the customers who attract the deals and then convert in to sales.there are many such coupons and deals available 

  • Email newsletter subscription offer
  • Pre Launch offers
  • First-time shopper offer
  • Customer loyalty offers
  • Event attendance offers
  • Referral promo code
  • Minimum purchase discount

18. Place and Schedule Your Pop-ups

Our official sales for black Friday are just a few weeks away.In the meantime we have started early access deals to pick the best products for you.

19. Black Friday Referral Awards

The most effective way to promote your products or services on black friday is referral marketing. Shoppers trust their friends and family.If you can convince them by mentioning your products and services.Then you will definitely gain new customers, increase sales and even can boost your profit. 

The most effective way to promote your products or services on black friday is referral marketing. Shoppers trust their friends and family if you can convince them to refer to your products and services. Then you will definitely gain new customers, increase sales and even boost our profit. 

20. Offer a Flexible Return Policy

Make clear and flexible your return or refund policy.But there should be clear and define the deadline and include some points for the customers to understand the policy easily.Such as store credit card, receipts, exchange item condition, full refund,etc 

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