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Recapping ThemeDev’s Inaugural Company Retreat – 2023

Recapping ThemeDev’s Inaugural Company Retreat – 2023

It was a remarkable moment in ThemeDev’s history as we embarked on our first-ever annual company retreat. The three-day excursion, held from October 9th, 2023, was a delightful blend of relaxation, adventure and team bonding.

Now, it’s been only a while since the most epic three-day company retreat on the sunny shores of Cox’s Bazar and Saint Martin. As ThemeDev’s first-ever annual retreat, it was a refreshing touch that brought our team closer together.

Although we say it’s a three-day long tour, we spent two extra days to reach our destination and to get back to our home. This annual retreat completely removed our tiresomeness and paved the way to work with added energy and passion.

The slogan that powered our spirits throughout this journey was aptly chosen: “The Journey Begins!”

Now, let’s take a deep dive into our amazing experience.

Day 1: Beach bonding in Cox’s Bazar

On the very first day, we kicked things off by checking in a unique hotel at Kolatoli Beach Point. Over meals at favorite local spots, we began connecting on a more personal level, sharing laughs over delicious food.

Next up, we began exploring the other renowned beaches and local flavors of Cox’s Bazar. Some were collecting traditional items from the local shops. While some were spending quality time near the beach enjoying the scenic beauty of sunset on the sea horizon.

At night, we gathered together to plan for the next year to stay ahead of the curve. After a while, we had a grand BAR-B-Q dinner party. Thanks to the ThemeDev HR manager for creating this awesome memory.

Day 2: Adventures on the way to and in Cox’s Bazar

The second day was probably the most exciting one for us. Why? Because nearly all of us were about to pay the debut visit to Saint Martin.

It was early in the morning we set off on our journey by hopping on a four-wheeler called “Chander Gari”. The road had a mesmerizing beauty that included small hill tracks on one side. Whereas the other side included the tranquil view of the vast ocean.

At around 9 am we embarked on the gigantic yet beautiful ship, Baro Awlia. This ship was equipped with all the modern technologies and security. While moving through the ocean, we enjoyed the view of the blue water and seagulls from the ship deck.

After that, we checked in at Mermaid Beach, a nice resort at Saint Martin. We had a wonderful seafood for lunch at Coral Haze Beach Resort.

The highlight was our group discussion session, where we learned about each other’s experiences, ideas, and aspirations. Beyond work, we discussed life and strengthened the community vibe within ThemeDev.

We also made a pitstop for some beach bike riding, swimming in the warm water of the Bay of Bengal – thrillseeking paired with stunning ocean views perfectly captured our work-life balance.

Day 3: Appreciating nature and exploring remote areas in Saint Martin

Our final day centered around appreciating natural splendor and individual talents. We explored the remote areas of islands called Chinno Dweep, Chera Dweep and Probal Dweep. All these three miniature islands had one thing in common which is they had splendid greeneries that were quite soothing to see.

Not to mention, Probal Dweep which is located to the South of Saint Martin island is the very end of the country, Bangladesh. The water looked quite clean and transparent there since there was little to no pollution.

Standing from the land area we were taking a breathtaking look to the South – Only water and water as far as the eye could see.

We immersed ourselves in the peaceful surroundings of these places by singing as well as non-banter and water-cooling conversations, making memories to last a lifetime.

Our last adventure included the Sindbad Experience Resort and Gewa Bagan. There we also held employee spotlights. A spotlight where we recognized everyone’s contributions and backstories that make our ThemeDev family so special.

Before we go…

As we traveled back home, we realized this retreat was about more than just a vacation. It deepened our bonds as a team and recharged us with renewed inspiration.

If this event sets the tone for the culture at ThemeDev – one where every person and moment matters – then the future looks bright. This was only the first of many retreats together!

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Al Suzaud Dowla

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