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The Best WP Plugins for Business (2021).

The Best WP Plugins for Business (2021).

The best WP plugins for your business websites. Whether you are conducting a business website or your non-profit website this plugin will be saving your day forever.

5 Best WordPress WooCommerce Builder Plugins

  1. NextWoo
  2. Elementor Pro
  3. JetWooBuilder
  4. Divi Builder
  5. Brizy Pro
    I suggest that NextWoo is the best WP Plugin for your business websites because It has extraordinary powerful Features.

What is a WooCommerce Builder plugin?

Simply put, a WooCommerce Builder is a plugin that allows you to customize the WooCommerce components. You can do so by creating custom templates to replace the default templates of WooCommerce. For instance, you can create a custom single product template to replace the default single product template of WooCommerce. 

I think NextWoo is the number one WP Plugin because extraordinary Features of NextWoo

Create unlimited templates for woo customization: You can create unlimited templates for Single Products, Shop layout, Archive Layout, Checkout, My Account, Cart, Related products, and more WooCommerce pages.

Set preset woo templates by onclick: With a single click, you can set Woo layout templates from pre-build designs. It will surely save you time.

Build templates with Elementor & Gutenberg: NextWoo offers Elementor & Gutenberg to build or customize beautiful woo templates, there are 100+ Widgets and Blocks are available for both Elementor & Gutenberg editor.

Supports multiple product types: Easily build variable, grouped, subscription, and simple product layout using Elementor | Gutenberg Widgets.

Construct versatile shop page templates: Use the Shop widgets to craft a decent template that presents all products in the best light. Get extra add to cart method, Quick View, Compare Button, Wishlist, Image Slider, and so no

Custom Checkout page template: Form a beautiful checkout page that is fully covered with order review, billing, shipping, and payment information.

Built with Cart template: Make the Cart page tight-packed with order details, cross-sells, empty cart message, and total amount widgets.

Custom Account page Builder: Create a customizable My Account page for both new and registered users. Widgets are available such as Registration \ Login Form, Order, Download, Account Details, Dashboard, and so on.

Built with Success template: Build and apply a Thank You page to complete the purchasing process that contains the following formalities like order details, order, Customer Address Details, and more.

Customize quick view template: Create a customizable Quick View page to see the short information of products.

Building related product template: Build Related Products templates by using shop layout into the single product page.

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