The Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

The Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Are you searching for the most advanced Google Maps plugin for your WordPress website?

In this modern era of technology, every single sector is dependent on an online-based platform. And it is a great fact that businesses are now taking the form of online shops and other platforms.

So when you are creating an online platform like a WordPress website then it is mandatory to display or link up your graphical location on your website using google maps. To do this, your first step should be choosing a suitable Google maps plugin for your WordPress. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss about adding Google Maps to your WordPress website with the most advanced Google Maps plugin. 

Why do you need to add Google Maps to your WordPress website?

Google Maps, a web application, provides thorough information about locations and areas all around the world. In addition to traditional road maps, Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many sites.

Google Maps make it easy for your customers to find your shop or other location. If you are using Google Maps on your WooCommerce website it will help to grow trust and loyalty issues for your customers and you will have more and more customers. This will increase your sale and boost your business. 

Let’s discuss the importance of the Google Maps plugin on your WordPress Website. 

  1. For branding your business, you must build trust with your customers. For this purpose, Google Maps will help your customers find your location without any hassle.
  2. Google Maps will also save customers’ time in finding your location and encourage them to visit your shop regularly.
  3. Google Maps is the easiest way to maintain communication with your customers. For your attached Google Maps, your customers can pick your company’s phone number and other details.
  4. It will help attract potential customers directly. 
  5. Users have simple access to information about the company and can conduct research there. Information is readily available for users to investigate the company and learn more.
  6. Google Maps Encourages People to Visit Your Location.
  7. Google Maps shows images of your company. Today’s users are completely obsessed with pictures. When evaluating a business or conducting research, images can swiftly impact a selection.

Add Google Maps Using Feasible Plugins. 

There are three significant ways to add Google Maps to your WordPress site. Such as, you can add a store locator app or install a WordPress plugin, etc. Among all these ways, installing an effective and feature-rich Google Maps plugin is the most workable process. As you can access so many functions regarding Google Maps on your site. But in the other ways of adding Google Maps, you don’t have the facility to access some important features, and sometimes it is complicated to add Google Maps.

On the other hand, by adding a Google Maps plugin, you can locate Google Maps at any position on your website. 

Integrating Google Maps into your WordPress plugin is not a complicated task. There are so many plugins for adding Google Maps to your website. But you need to select the most suitable one that can provide you with all the required options.  Using such a feasible plugin that can fulfill all of your demands supports gaining your customer’s trust and attention.   

Introducing the most efficient plugin.

When you are ready to add a Google Maps plugin to your WordPress website then the most important thing is a selection of a suitable plugin that can be compatible with the WooCommerce website. You can find gooMaps, WP Google Map, WP Google Maps, Maps Widget for Google Maps, Maps Marker Pro, etc. Among all of these, as a user, I find gooMaps the most effective one for my website.

Let’s discuss about gooMaps briefly.

Install gooMaps to quickly and easily add a customized Google map, map widget, or store locator to your WordPress posts and/or pages by using the provided shortcode. This plugin is enriched with exclusive features like Display Locations Easily, Direction Waypoints, Store Locations, Custom Markers, Start in Streetview, Routes & Directions, etc.

By accessing this plugin users can easily set their locations by inputting their address or latitude and longitude. You also can add as many waypoints as you need to your directions. It allows you to create markers on your maps and add “Store Locator” functionality using latitude and longitude. Your map can have a number of map markers. You can add descriptions, links, images, and icons to your markers. Some more features and benefits are given below. 

Different Map Markers: To show off the various locations where your firm operates, the user can add different markers. As many map markers as you need can be created by starting to type the address.

Display Store Locations: Create markers on your maps and add “Store Locator” capability using latitude and longitude. Each store’s pointer will automatically choose your location and set a marker when you click it.

Maps Export / Import: Users can quickly download JSON files and export and import maps between websites.

Display Directions & set Waypoints: Permit visitors to use their map location as the direction’s beginning or end. You can add as many waypoints as you need to your route. A separate map marker can be used for each waypoint.

Display Multiple Routes On Google Maps: Routes between destinations can be readily created by site administrators and viewed on a map. The sketched route’s UI can be simply modified from the backend.

Display Nearest Places & View Details: Users can quickly find destinations (such as the closest hotel, bank, ATM, restaurant, or educational facility) and click to view details (like as phone number, websites link, ratings, reviews, etc.). View images of the places.

Google Maps Streetview is supported: Ever wished you could start your map display in StreetView? We possess it!

Map Advance functionality & Compatible: Four different Google map types are available: hybrid, satellite, terrain, and roadmap. Set your own map’s width, height, and zoom level. Set your map’s maximum zoom level. Compatible with both Cloudflare and caching plugins.

Multiple map widget functionality: gooMpas merges various map widget features with Gutenberg, Elementor, and Shortcode features.

I’ll now discuss how to add Google Maps to your website.

How to Add gooMaps to Your WordPress Site

If you’re interested in using a plugin to add Google Maps, you should select the plugin and install it for your site. Follow the easy steps to add this plugin to your WooCommerce site.

Step #1 

Get the amazing plugin, then complete the installation and activation process.

Step #2

You have to click on “New Map” to add a new map with a new location. You can also import a required map by clicking on Import Map and submitting it.

Step #3

When you are adding a new map, add a title and set all necessary requirements from this portion.

Step #4

Most importantly, copy this shortcode and set it where you want to add the Google map.

Step #5

To connect with the Google Maps API, go to the Settings tab. From API Setup, you will get the API key

Just below you will find another Settings tab that allows you to set Default Map Marker, Map’s width, and height.

Most importantly, don’t forget to save all the changes that you have made. To save changes, click on the Save All Changes button.

Final Thoughts

You must add Google Maps with your WordPress website in order to run a flawless business and increase traffic and bounce rate. For this reason, you must adhere to a simple and effective procedure for including a Google map when utilizing a plugin. So why the wait? Make a wonderful offer with the proper plugin and a Google Map to present your customers in the best possible light.

Grab this plugin to have a great experience with gooMaps, that can fulfill all of your requirements.

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