Smush Vs. Imagify Vs. ShortPixel Vs. Next3 Offload: Which Is Better For Your Website?

Smush Vs. Imagify Vs. ShortPixel Vs. Next3 Offload: Which Is Better For Your Website?

To start writing on Smush vs Imagify vs ShortPixel vs Next3 Offload – we acknowledge that all these are truly powerful plugins. They have gained popularity among WordPress users and are growing rapidly with time. 

For your information, these four WordPress plugins make it easy to optimize your website photos/media and even personalize the process.

Are you considering selecting any of these for your website, but still trying to decide the right one?

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of these plugins and discuss their key features. Then we’ll picture the detailed comparison of Next3 Offload versus Imagify versus ShortPixel versus Smush. After that, we’ll show the comparison table to make sure you know which one is the best for your website. 

Keep reading. 

Introducing Next3 Offload

Next3 Offload landing page

Next3 Offload is a fast WordPress media offloading plugin. This plugin improves WordPress speed by offloading WordPress files from the media library to the cloud, which includes Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, Wasabi Cloud, and 20+ CDNs and S3-compatible object storage.

It increases your website’s speed using cloud-based media file optimization, storage, and administration features. This plugin compresses the images on your website and converts them to WebP format. There is no need to subscribe to third-party compressing websites to compress your site’s images individually. 

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Key Features of Next3 Offload:

  • This plugin optimizes your WordPress site by offloading media files to cloud storage.
  • You can compress your site’s images without compressing individual images from other sites.
  • It allows you to convert next-generation image format, WebP.
  • It takes a backup of your media files and assets.
  • It can optimize your database automatically.
  • You can remove all offloaded media files from the server in the background to free up storage space.
  • It automatically rewrites media URLs to the cloud including Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi Cloud, and Bunny CDN.
  • It increases your site speed by offloading media files to the cloud. 
  • This plugin connects WordPress sites with 20+ CDNs and S3-compatible object storage like Cloudflare R2, MiniO, IDrive e2, StackPath, UpCloud, and so on).
  • It allows you to switch among your preferred cloud providers.
  • You can minify and offload CSS and JS files by enabling the assets loader.
  • You can submit important files using the drag-and-drop method. 

Introducing Imagify

Imagify landing page

Imagify is one of the simplest image optimization plugins for increasing online performance and saving time. It only takes one click to resize, compress, and convert your photographs to WebP and AVIF.

You do not need to know anything about image compression levels. Imagify will automatically balance performance and quality using Smart Compression.

Key Features of Imagify:

  • It allows you to optimize JPEG, PNG, PDF, and GIF files.
  • You can convert your images to the latest image formats, such as WebP and AVIF.
  • Imagify’s Smart Compression optimizes each image while balancing quality and performance.
  • It optimizes images and reduces their weight without losing quality.   
  • The plugin’s asynchronous bulk optimization option allows you to optimize photos all at once. 
  • Image compression will load your photos faster and enhance your website’s overall performance.
  • It takes back up your original files before the optimization process.
  • It can optimize your file size automatically.

Introducing ShortPixel

ShortPixel landing page

ShortPixel compresses all of your previously saved images and PDFs with a single click. With this plugin, new images are automatically resized, rescaled, and optimized in the background. It also works with all galleries, sliders, and eCommerce plugins.

This plugin offers glossy JPEG compression, which is a high-quality lossy optimization method. ShortPixel uses few resources. It is compatible with any cloud, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting plans. 

Key Features of ShortPixel:

  • ShortPixel compresses JPG (and its variants JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR), PNG, GIF (still or animated) pictures, and PDF files.
  • This plugin converts JPEG, PNG, and GIF files, including animated ones, to WebP and AVIF formats.
  • It also supports WP-CLI for background processing.
  • It is compatible with WP Retina 2x; all retina images are automatically compressed.
  • It easily tests lossy, glossy, and lossless versions of the images with a single click in your Media Library.
  • This plugin works perfectly on both HTTPS and HTTP websites.

Introducing Smush

Smush landing page

Smush is a well-known image optimization plugin. It optimizes, resizes, and compresses images, as well as converts them to WebP format for faster page loading.

If you install this plugin on an existing site, all you have to do to activate it is navigate to the plugin’s settings. Then it will optimize all of your current images. 

Key Features of Smush:

  • You can remove unused data and compress images with lossless compression.   
  • It optimizes images up to 2x more than lossless compression with multi-pass lossy image compression.
  • This plugin uses the Local WebP functionality to automatically convert and deliver images in the next-generation WebP format.     
  • It allows background image optimization. 
  • It supports Gutenberg block integration.
  • Smush can optimize all of your PNG and JPEG files.

Detailed Comparison of Smush Vs. Imagify Vs. ShortPixel Vs. Next3 Offload

Next3 Offload, Imagify, ShortPixel, and Smush are powerful image optimization plugins. Let us just present a detailed comparison of those plugins based on some key factors.

Auto-Compress Images on Upload

Next3 Offload compresses images before uploading. As a user, you don’t need to individually compress the images before adding them to your site. This plugin compresses all the images at a time.

You can also read the image optimization for better SEO blog.

Imagify enables this option if you add new images to your Media Library, they automatically get optimized. If you only want some images to be optimized and prefer to manually select which images to optimize, you can disable this option.

ShortPixel is capable of auto-optimizing images on upload.

The Smush automatically compresses your images for super fast compression on upload.

Backup Original Files

With the importance of your files in mind, Next3 Offload offers backup options for offloading data. It keeps all files and data in the cloud, decreasing the amount of space required on your website host. This plugin automatically clones all media or assets, so you don’t need to keep more backups.

Imagify can back up the original files to prevent data loss.

In ShortPixel, all the original images are by default stored in a local backup. It can be restored with a click, either individually or in bulk.

shortpixel backup files

Image source

Smush keeps a backup of the original image. It allows users to return to the uncompressed form if needed.

Next-Gen Image Creation

Next3 Offload compresses and converts images on your website into WebP format. There is no need to compress individual images from other sites.

next3 offload WebP

Image source

You can convert all your images to next-gen image formats such as WebP and AVIF. To convert images to next-gen format, using the Imagify plugin will save you a valuable amount of time.

ShortPixel allows you to convert any JPEG, PNG, or GIF (including animated ones!) to WebP and AVIF. 

shortpixel WebP and AVIF

Image source

Smush uses the local WebP functionality to convert and serve images in next-generation WebP format.

CSS and JS Files Optimization

Next3 Offload provides an amazing plan to offload your existing JS and CSS files. You can easily offload and minify your site’s JS and CSS files to optimize your site.

Imagify is an amazing image optimization plugin. It doesn’t exist for file optimization.

ShortPixel doesn’t contain a file optimization option. But its other option makes it a perfect optimization plugin.

Although Smush is an amazing optimization plugin in the market. But it can’t minify JS and CSS files. 

Database Optimization

Next3 Offload allows database optimization. Your database is automatically cleaned once each week. You can delete post and page drafts, posts and pages in your trash, comments marked as spam, comments in your trash, and all expired transient. So that your database gets some free space.

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Next3 offload database optimization

Image Source

Imagify is a powerful image optimization plugin. It doesn’t contain a database optimization feature. But its advanced compressing algorithm will compress images, and reduce their weight without sacrificing their quality.

ShortPixel doesn’t directly relate to database optimization. Although it contains other image optimization features.

Smush uses lossless compression to reduce disk storage space and speed up your website. Smush extracts data from your image files to save space, minimize large images, and increase speed – all without sacrificing quality.

Offload the Media Files to the Cloud

Next3 Offload successfully offloads your media file to the cloud. It includes Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi Cloud Storage, Bunny CDN, and S3 Object Storage. You can simply free up server storage space by removing unnecessary media files that once were offloaded.

For more information follow: The best offload media plugin.

Imagify doesn’t offload your media file to the cloud. It has powerful AVIF conversion that keeps images as light as possible, completes a crucial Google PageSpeed audit, and strengthens Core Web Vitals. 

SortPixel optimizes your photos and PDFs as soon as they are uploaded to your Media Library, using ShortPixel’s optimization cloud and without loading your server. It optimizes all of your existing photos and PDFs in your Media Library with a single click.

Smush optimizes your media files and uploads the files to the cloud (Amazon S3).

Support and Update

Next3 Offload has a strong support team. They give the best support for all your queries. They respond to your ticket within 6 hours. It is regularly updated to ensure a smooth experience and access to the latest offloading features. 

Imagify has a well-supported team. They responded to their tickets daily, but mostly between Monday and Friday during business hours. They regularly update it.

ShortPixel also has a well well-supported team. They updated their plugin regularly.

Smush has a 24/7 support team. They consistently updated their plugin to ensure a good user experience.


Next3 Offload starts its basic plan from $159. It’s a lifetime pricing plan. You will get lifetime updates and support from this amazing plugin.

Imagify’s basic plan is free but if you want to get advanced features you must buy it. It offers you $9.99 per month.

ShortPixel is same as Imagify. Its basic plan is free. If you want to get the advanced features you must use its pro version. This plugin offers an unlimited monthly package at $9.99 per month.

Smush is a free plugin. However, its pro feature includes limitless sites at $20 per month.

Comparison Table of Smush Vs Imagify Vs ShortPixel Vs Next3 Offload

FeaturesNext3 OffloadImagifyShortPixelSmush
Lifetime deal
Image compression
File backup
Convert WebP
Convert AVIF
Upload media files to the cloud
Support CDN
Resize and compress images without losing quality

Which is the Best Plugin for Your Website? (Next3 Offload Vs Imagify Vs ShortPixel Vs Smush)

In this section, we’ll help you to make the right decision for selecting the plugin. Selecting the right one for your website depends on so many things like price, plugin support, features, and other advantages that you want.

Choose Next3 Offload If…

If you want to optimize and offload together then you can choose the Next3 Offload plugin. Next3 Offload is the award-winning optimization plugin. In 2023 Next3 Offload won the Monster award for the best optimization plugin. Next3 Offload not only optimizes your image but also offloads your images and other assets to the cloud. 

This plugin provides cloud service with 20+ CDNs and S3-compatible object storage providers. You can switch to any provider with minimum effort. It also provides file optimization, cloud file restoration, database optimization, CDN integration, plugin and theme compatibility, and delivery cache support. You’ll get all the functionalities in one plugin.

Choose Imagify If…

If you want an image optimization plugin you can choose Imagify. Imagify’s Smart Compression optimizes each image while maintaining both quality and performance. It optimizes photos and reduces their weight while maintaining quality. 

The plugin’s asynchronous bulk optimization feature allows you to optimize multiple images at once. Image compression speeds up the loading of your photos and improves the overall performance of your website.

Choose ShortPixel If…

You can select ShortPixel if your site’s performance difficulties include “images not properly sized” or “delayed offscreen images”. ShortPixel Adaptive Images quickly overcomes your site’s image-related issues. 

ShortPixel Image Optimizer automatically sends your uploaded images to ShortPixel’s optimization cloud. Their advanced algorithms will optimize and convert them before downloading and replacing them in your Media Library. 

Choose Smush If…

Smush is another powerful and feature-rich optimization plugin. It can optimize, resize, and compress images, as well as convert images to WebP format for faster loading of web pages.

It can increase website performance (as well as Google PageSpeed Insights scores) by compressing and optimizing images. This plugin also enables lazy loading, all while providing a better user experience.

You can choose the right one from these for your website. You must consider your requirements. And also pricing is very important. You have to be careful about this.

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right one for your website is the toughest thing ever. We hope that this blog on Smush vs Imagify vs ShortPixel vs Next3 Offload will help you choose the right optimization plugin for your website. You must prioritize the plugin’s features, advantages, disadvantages, price, support, etc while choosing the best optimization plugin for your website. 

In this article, we’ve discussed all of these things for you. We hope this article will be effective in making the right decision.

Please let us know if you have any queries or recommendations; we would love to hear from you.

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