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Rezervy vs Cleanly: Which Should You Use?

Rezervy vs Cleanly: Which Should You Use?

Are you worried about choosing the right booking plugin for your cleaning service business? If so, this blog on Rezervy vs Cleanly can help. 

Rezery and Cleanly are feature-rich online booking plugins for WordPress websites. They have some differences in features but both of them are powerful online booking plugins.

In this article, we’ll discuss Rezervy and Cleanly in brief and their key features at first. Then we’ll go over the detailed comparison of Rezervy and Cleanly. After that, we’ll compare them with a comparison table. And finally, we’ll help you to decide which plugin is better for you. 

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Introduction Of Rezervy

Rezervy landing page

Rezervy is an online appointment booking software designed for service businesses. This tool is easy to use to streamline your booking with client satisfaction. 

It provides a seamless scheduling experience to manage appointments easily. Rezervy offers the option to add categories, services, add-ons, and staff members with an integrated list of popular online payment and SMS gateways.

Rezervy allows you to make recurring appointments, online payments, Google Calendar sync, POS addon, Packages addon, drag & drop calendar, CRM, task manager, and more features to make bookings seamlessly.                                                                           

Key Features:

  • It is fully responsive on all devices.
  • It has the super customizable option to enable/disable settings easily.
  • Rezervy is translation-ready into multiple languages.
  • It has an individual client dashboard to check appointments and view all transactions.
  • It allows you to add multilocation and serve your services at various locations from one booking system.
  • You can easily change appointments between staff using the drag & drop feature of the Rezervy Calendar Addon.
  • It has a POS addon to provide additional features to add new sales of service.
  • If the weekly schedule is insufficient, set an advance schedule for a specific date.  

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Introduction Of Cleanly

Cleanly landing page

Cleanly is an amazing cleaning service booking plugin. It also offers one of the best cleaning service booking apps for Android and iOS.

This WordPress plugin allows you to create booking forms, accept bookings from your clients, assign your staff, manage bookings, take payments, and do anything related to booking for your cleaning businesses.

Cleanly provides mobile apps and some premium addons to create effortless booking. Using the app and the plugin, you can manage your home cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, chimney cleaning, or any other cleaning service businesses.

Note that, this plugin integrates with NextCRM.  

Key Features:

  • It allows your client to make life calculations based on the entire cost of cleaning booking.
  • You can create a single or multistep form.
  • Easy toggle option for user.
  • It allows PDF invoices.
  • It allows you to create a quick booking form that’ll provide fast booking facilities.
  • Provides various booking features for house cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Clients can choose the type of cleaning service that they want. (Ex. Standard, Deep, Move In/Out).
  • Clients can specify the cleaning requirements, such as specific areas, room number, size, etc.
  • Provides booking service duration, such as one-time, weekly, or monthly.
  • Provides an extra service section that the client can pick extra service easily.
  • Effortless time management system that clients can pick their preferred time and date with just a few clicks.
  • Allows you to set a discount code for discount coupons.

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Detailed Comparison of Rezervy vs Cleanly

Real-time Calculation

Rezervy is an amazing online booking service. But it doesn’t provide real-time calculation.

Cleanly provides real-time calculations based on your reservation. It includes total reservation cost, discount, and net amount. 

Cleanly realtime calculation

Image Source

Multistep Booking Form

Rezervy online appointment booking software has a multistep booking form. 

Cleanly allows you to create multistep booking forms (as shown in the image below) for client’s demands. You can set the shortcode anywhere on the page. You can also customize the form to meet your needs.

Cleanly multistep form

Image Source


Rezervy has an amazing customizable option. It has a lot of features that are customized easily.

With Cleanly, you can create a fully customized form. It provides 100% modification capability.


Rezervy allows you to add unlimited addons with single & multi quantity systems. You can manage categories services and addons status to show on the front end.

Cleanly has some addons to extend the online cleaning booking service. 

Cleanly addon page

Image Source

Online Payment Gateway

Rezervy supports online payment. This multi-currency set with popular payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout.

Cleanly allows online payment gateways for easy booking. It includes Stripe-Card, WooCommerce checkout, and cash/offline payment.

Cleanly payment procedure

Image Source

Types of Booking Services

Rezzervy has unlimited services for your business and is linked under categories and sub-categories.

Cleanly allows various online booking cleaning services offered by your company, such as house cleaning, commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.                             

Email Reminder

Rezzervy sends email and SMS reminders to your clients, staff, and admin before the booking date time.

With Cleanly, it is easy to send emails to all the stakeholders related to booking including you and the client.

VAT and Tax Section

Rezervy lets you control simple, quick, and automatic tax, VAT, and GST calculations during checkout from the schedule appointment page.

There may be tax and VAT issues to confirm a reservation. The booking preview and invoice can have a section dedicated to taxes and VAT. You must enable all tax and VAT-related options to do it. With Cleanly, clients can easily see the available VAT, tax, and service charges while they book your service. 

Cleanly vat and tax

Image Source

Twilio SMS GetWay

Rezzervy has a Twilio SMS gateway to send notifications. It also has Plivo, Nexmo & TextLocal SMS gateway for notifications.

Another recent feature on Cleanly is Twilio SMS. With this functionality, sending confirmation messages to your consumers is a breeze. To obtain the Account SID, Auth Token, and Twilio phone number, you must first register for a Twilio account to use the service.

Cleanly Twilio sms gateway

Image Source

Graphical Report

Although Rezervy meets all the requirements of a service business, it doesn’t provide a graphical report at all.

Cleanly mostly displays general reports in a graphical format. You may view and analyze comprehensive order reports, including total amount, total discount, total due, tax, etc., from the backend of your website. This feature makes it quite easy to observe all of these items at a look.

Cleanly graphical report

Image Source

Support System

Rezervy includes a built-in email support system that allows clients to contact the business administrator. Also, it offers documentation

Cleanly has a strong support system. So, you can book a cleaning service in a very simple way. It also offers extensive documentation


Rezervy sells their regular license at $69.

Rezervy pricing

Image Source

Cleanly starts their annual pricing at $99. It provides a lifetime plan as well.

Cleanly pricing

Image Source

Feature Comparison Table Of Rezervy vs Cleanly

Rezervy and Cleanly both are feature-rich WordPress booking plugins. If you want to choose them you should focus on your website requirement. Here, we’ll show you the feature comparison table of these two plugins.

Graphical Report
Lifetime support
Well documented
Integration with CRM
Support Online Payment
Support Offline Payment

Which Plugin Should You Use for Your Website?

Choose Rezervy if…..

If you want to choose an organized and feature-rich plugin, Rezervy is perfect for you. It provides an option to add categories, services, add-ons, and staff members with an integrated list of online popular payment gateways and SMS gateways.

Choose Cleanly if…..

If you focus on super easy, lifetime support, cleaning business-focused, and real-time calculation of booking amount for clients, choose Cleanly. You can easily create booking forms to receive bookings from your clients, assign your staff, manage bookings, take payments, and do anything related to booking for your cleaning businesses. Cleanly plugin, with its apps and add-ons, will ensure effortless scheduling, streamlined operations, and exceptional client experience.

Final Thoughts

Now, we’re at the end of the blog on Rezervy vs Cleanly. 

Every plugin has some unique feature. For your website, you must focus on your requirements. Choose the one that best meets your needs. Though choosing the best one is the toughest thing ever.

Hope, this article will be helpful for you. If you’ve any queries please let us know.

You may connect with us on Facebook and X. Also, check out our YouTube channel to view videos.

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