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NextWoo for WooCommerce  Works with Gutenberg

NextWoo for WooCommerce Works with Gutenberg

When it’s about creating a perfect WooCommerce store that can balance your demand, then NextWoo comes up with a lot of customization options and predefined templates with the most user-friendly process. And the welcoming fact is that NextWoo for WooCommerce is accessible with both Elementor and Gutenberg.

If you are interested to access NextWoo through Gutenberg. Then stop being worried about that, the builder will meet your need regarding Gutenberg and allows you to furnish a single product, cart, checkout, my account, shop loop, related product, quick view, up-sell, cross-sale, and so on of your WooCommerce store. 

Introducing Gutenberg Block Editor

The functions of  Elementor widgets and Gutenberg blocks are the same. Elementor provides you with a variety of handy widgets to help you construct your website quickly and easily. Additionally, you can save specific blocks, rows, or the complete template for later use.

On the other hand, Gutenberg is a boon to WordPress users who are unfamiliar with padding and margins, want a quick way to add buttons, tables, and other similar features, or wish to apply various styles to specific blocks, and so on.

With Gutenberg, you have unlimited control over how you modify your content. This block editor includes a robust API, allowing plugin creators to design their unique blocks. 

Why Gutenberg is important for the WooCommerce site?

NextWoo for WooCommerce is not only able to integrate with Elementor, but also it is supportive of Gutenberg. Because Gutenberg is gaining popularity, WordPress users search for the plugins and builders that are compatible with Gutenberg.  

In the year 2022, Gutenberg is expected to completely transform the WordPress industry. With the release of WordPress 5.9 in 2022, Gutenberg will transition to Full Site Editing (FSE). The idea behind Full Site Editing is that you’ll be able to use the Gutenberg editor to design your entire website.

Have a look at some beneficial points of accessing the WooCommerce site with Gutenberg. 

  • Gutenberg has a more visual design aesthetic.
  • Because Gutenberg is a core feature, there are no compatibility issues to worry about.
  • As Gutenberg is a fundamental feature, all developers can include it in their plugins, enhancing compatibility.
  • Gutenberg generates code that is cleaner and lighter. When all other factors are equal, a design created with Gutenberg will typically load faster than a design created with a page builder.

From the brief description of Gutenberg, hope you are pretty sure about the reason for integrating NextWoo with Gutenberg.

Why Integrate NextWoo for WooCommerce with Gutenberg? 

NextWoo for WooCommerce sites is a thousand steps ahead to create a perfect WooCommerce store by Gutenberg. NextWoo for WooCommerce can build Single Product, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Shop Loop, related product, Quick view, Up-sell, Cross sale, and so on by Gutenberg as well as Elementor.

The most amazing WooCommerce solution NextWoo allows you to access Product Variation, WooCommerce Order, Unlimited Templates, Product Swatches, and Ready Templates. Let’s make a clear vision on some features of NextWoo with editor flexibility Gutenberg. 

Shop Page Builder

Select Shop Page from the field of Category. Select Type and editor (Elementor or Gutenberg). Now you have the overall flexibility to customize the Shop Page. You can go for the ready templates, or you design a particular template of your taste and need. 

As well, you are allowed to discover the widgets for Shop Page.

  • Shop Thumbnail
  • Shop Title
  • Shop Rating
  • Advance Info
  • Shop Slider
  • Shop Price
  • Shop Cart

Single Product Page Builder

NextWoo also provides all customizing options for Single Product Page. You can design custom templates for the product description page. Choose your required layout belonging template and make your WooCommerce site more eye-catchy. 

Some available widgets:

  • Product Title
  • Product Slider
  • Product Price
  • Product Content
  • Product Gallery
  • Product thumbnail
  • Product Excerpt

Cart Page Builder

Custom templates for the cart page are accessible with the wp plugin NextWoo. Moreover, you may use one of the 10+ pre-built cart layout templates with only one click.

Some available widgets:

  • Breadcrumb
  • Cart Total
  • Empty Message
  • Cart Table
  • Cross-Sells

Checkout Page Builder

Using the standard templates that come with NextWoo, customize your checkout page to meet your needs. You can also create your checkout page layouts.

Some available widgets:

  • Breadcrumb
  • Form Billing
  • Review Order
  • Coupon
  • Form Additional
  • Form Shipping
  • Payment Method

Account Page Builder

NextWoo allows you to personalize your Account page. Additionally, you can use one of the 10+ pre-built layouts for My Account with only one click.

Some available widgets:

  • Breadcrumb
  • Nav Menu
  • Dashboard

Last but not the least, more pages can be customized with the wp plugin NextWoo’s ready and custom template by Gutenberg block. So you have the total freedom to decorate every corner of your WooCommerce site with a suitable block and widget. 

Final Words

With Elementor widgets, you had to drag and drop widgets onto the designated sections. However, with Gutenberg blocks, all you have to do is click the blocks.

So, Gutenberg is the most demanding editor with its easier accessing process. 

When it comes up with a feasible WooCommerce builder NextWoo, it becomes more robust and workable to make a felicitous WooCommerce site. 

Why so late? It is the right time to enjoy all customizing options with a lot of functions and features. 

Make a great deal with NextWoo for WooCommerce which works with Gutenberg WooCommerce.

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