Multi-Location Maps WordPress Plugin

Multi-Location Maps WordPress Plugin

Displaying Google Maps on your website using a WordPress plugin can make it easier for users to find your location if you run a business. Your customers will be attracted to and able to locate you when you integrate Google Maps into your WordPress website.

You might be able to increase the number of people who visit your website by improving its visibility in search engines. 

A map-like interface is frequently used in multiple locations to locate objects using digital media.  Over the past ten years, geolocation and virtual mapping have made significant strides thanks to the development of Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, and a slew of other applications.

Users of Multiple Locations are able to pinpoint their location at any given time and receive all types of information in real-time from any connected device.

What are the multi-locations?

Multi locations can be used for different things, and each one can be customized for particular apps, places, or businesses. Examples of current uses include localizing and/or customizing provided content, implementing access and delivery restrictions based on location, preventing fraud, and managing networks.

 By expanding these systems and the demand for them, the problem of the information linked to them, which is frequently sensitive or private, is also being expanded. As a result, in order to properly use geolocation tools, one must pay close attention to this concern regarding security and privacy.

When you are running an online business and an owner of a WooCommerce website. You badly feel the need of adding multi-location maps to your site to engage more and more customers. Adding your location makes the customer sure about your business’s reliability and trust. 

You can have multiple showrooms or shops in different locations. In that case, you have to add all these locations to your website correctly. Because privacy and security depend on it. So you need to find a WordPress plugin that helps you to add multi locations maps to your site. 

These are the features to look for in a WordPress Map Plugin.

We compiled a list of the top characteristics for you to take into account when doing your own research because a quick Google search or the WordPress depository, returns far too many WordPress map plugin options.

These feature guidelines were used to create a list of the best WordPress plugins available, which we compared based on features, ratings, reviews, and user interfaces.

What qualities should you look for in a map plugin when compiling your own list of the top ones?

  • A typical geographic map maker with visual elements and the flexibility to alter locations, colors, and labels.
  • Tools for making unique maps, such as those of shopping centers, eateries, body parts, or product galleries.
  • The map displays well across all devices thanks to responsive building blocks.
  • Simple, editable map labels can be used to label map objects and enhance presentation through interaction.
  • Make sure that no one has to start their creation from scratch by utilizing map themes that assist with the design process.
  • It shouldn’t be necessary to have a location’s exact coordinates when making a map because nobody is aware of them and it takes time to look them up online.
  • One of the most frequently requested features in a map plugin is the ability to locate stores, though not everyone requires it.
  • Drawing, writing, and animation are all possible ways to share information about a route or add images to the map. They’re excellent for mapping out road trips or adding pictures to maps to highlight landmarks.
  • Full interactivity, including links to view more details like phone numbers, store hours, and driving directions.
  • Adding custom markers and additional map elements using uploading tools. 
  • The map plugin has quick translation tools so that anyone can use it, regardless of their location or language proficiency.
  • Choices for drawing unique shapes like rectangles, triangles, or routes.

The list of essential qualities to consider in a WordPress map plugin could go on forever, but now is the time to contrast the best choices.

Let’s discuss the top 5 multi-location maps in WordPress.

1. gooMaps

Adding a location to your WordPress site is simple with gooMaps. gooMaps is the most user-friendly map plugin, offering maps ranging from simple to advanced and customizable. Any map you can imagine can be made using gooMaps. There are numerous such maps that you can incorporate into your websites.

 If you are prepared to install a suitable plugin to include Google Maps on your website, the first step is to select the plugin that will best serve your needs. This makes the incredible plugin gooMaps for your WordPress site a top recommendation.

  • The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which provides maps that can be customized and range from basic to advanced. You can create any kind of map with Google Maps. gooMaps allows you to create virtually any type of map. You can incorporate a variety of these maps into your websites.
  • Utilizing gooMaps’ super features, you can create intricate maps for your business locations so that clients can find them quickly.
  • Allow users to choose whether the direction’s start or finish is at their current location on a map. Your directions can have however many waypoints you require. Every waypoint might have its own map marker. There may be a separate map marker for each waypoint.
  • Site administrators can easily create routes between locations and view them on a map.  The user interface of the route can be easily customized on the backend.
  • Without a doubt, our gooMaps plugin, which supports multiple countries, is compatible with WPML. Therefore, employing a guided marketing approach makes clients from all over the world feel more at ease.
  • Site administrators can quickly display multiple maps on one page. Our plugin produces 100% responsive maps on every single one.

2. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps achieves simplicity and cleanliness when it comes to launching maps and making them without any need for code. WP Google Maps succeeds in achieving simplicity and cleanliness when it comes to launching maps and producing them without the use of code. The main features you get for viewing the maps on your website are themes, quick settings, and simple publication tools because the developers are aware that iframes are no longer used for maps.

You could, for instance, create a contact page for your travel blog that includes a map and add routes to it. Delivery zones are great for restaurants, and shape-builders make your maps more entertaining and imaginative.


  • A geographic map builder with visual settings is included in the WP Google Maps plugin so you can preview your map before publishing.
  • Options for alignment, color, height, and width are among the customizations. Instead of using coordinates, you can choose markers based on an address search.
  • Select a template from a list that includes options for a store locator, a directional map, and maps with marker ratings.
  • Visit websites offering directional maps, such as Google Maps and OpenLayers. The plugin makes use of search engines to obtain the most comprehensive map data.
  • Include icons and text-based descriptions to give your marker listings some style.
  • To display products on a map or use markers to denote product features, integrate WooCommerce.

3. MapPress Maps for WordPress

By utilizing interactive Google and Leaflet maps, MapPress Maps for WordPress, or simply MapPress, gives your maps a dash of high-function design. Despite the somewhat dated designs, the plugin provides one of the quickest ways to add a map to your WordPress website.

Despite this, the goal of these maps is to appear authoritative and concise. If your primary goal when installing the MapPress plugin is to make your travel blog appear cute and whimsical, you shouldn’t be doing so.


All WordPress posts and pages can now have maps created on them thanks to the plugin.

  • You get a professional, straightforward design for your maps, free of any extraneous details that would detract from their main function as a navigational aid.
  • On all devices, there is a one-click navigation button that takes users straight to Google Maps.
  • The shortcodes are useful for positioning the maps in particular locations on your website, like in the middle of a blog post or in a widget.
  • Make several maps, then arrange them on a single page. Create a number of maps and arrange them on a single page.
  • The template tags facilitate organization and future search for the appropriate map templates.

4. Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

The Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress imports from multiple sources and offers street views and custom icons for maps on WordPress. That all sounds fairly standard, but the reason this plugin is so popular is that all of the features work well, you receive quality customer support, and the developers have kept up with making the plugin as modern as possible.

The plugin boasts the highest number of five-star reviews for a WordPress map plugin. Part of the reason we expect this notoriety is because of the visual builder and the various tags and markers available to mapmakers.

This includes triangles, squares, and other shapes, along with fun and relevant icons to influence where people should go and inform them what to expect. Adjust colors for all maps and include information like addresses and coordinates.


Add customer itineraries for tour companies and vacation packages. This is combined with pre-installed icons, routes, and other components to give all users better maps. This is combined with pre-installed icons, routes, and other components to give all users better maps.

  • Fill in the blanks on your maps quickly by importing data from JSON and other files.
  • A number of integrations, including BuddyPress, Gravity Forms, and AirTable, are included as standard with the Advanced Google Maps plugin.
  • Frontend submissions are excellent for including links to real estate listings and accepting contact forms for particular homes.
  • Instantly convert an Excel spreadsheet or MySQL database into a Google Map.
  • Your maps become colorful guides thanks to the customizable viewpoints and various skin tones.

5. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

The goal of the Progress Map WordPress Plugin is to show routed progress on maps. It is a tool for creating locational maps that allow users to insert physical map locations and then be directed there by road drawings. With the help of this tool for producing locational maps, users can enter actual map locations and then be directed there by road diagrams. To put it simply, the Progress Map plugin points travelers in the right direction.

They can see what the fastest route looks like without having to open a different app, like Google Maps, to get directions. Naturally, the Progress Map plugin also has a built-in feature for finding directions that allow for both a quick overview of the route and turn-by-turn navigation.

The listings are presented as markers and in a carousel so that a user can switch between them and view additional information without immediately selecting one.


The Progress Map plugin includes editable elements for locating and displaying images of those locations.

  • A search and filter tool is provided for you to compare marker distances and location descriptions.
  • Add routes by drawing shapes and lines, connecting listings, and highlighting the most advantageous options for traveling by car or foot.
  • Select from more than 70 map themes and styles, the majority of which appear contemporary and user-friendly.
  • Include an informational carousel to go with the maps. You could include a larger image of, say, a church and then list the name and significance of the church because the map is connected to the carousel. By clicking on markers or navigating the carousel, users can scroll to view the detailed information.
  • Create your own unique markers when there are many location listings in a small space, and add marker clusters.
  • When a user clicks on a listing, a link to user reviews appears.
  • Establish distinctive design components like image labels, ground overlays, and image opacities.

Final Thoughts

You must integrate Google Maps with your WordPress website in order to run a flawless business and increase customer accessibility. For this reason, you must adhere to a simple and effective procedure for including a Google map when using a plugin. Why the delay then? Use a plugin that is appropriate and a Google Map to effectively display your customers. 

Provide a better Google Maps on your site with gooMaps that serve all your purposes.

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