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How to Organize Your WordPress Media Library into Folders

How to Organize Your WordPress Media Library into Folders

Looking to tidy up your WordPress media library? Perhaps you’d like to create your own folders to better organize your files. While WordPress does automatically sort files by year and month, sometimes it’s just not enough. 

Luckily, there’s a plugin that can help! With CatFolders, you can easily create, upload and categorize WordPress media files into custom folders, collections, or galleries. Plus, it even allows you to streamline your file organization by uploading folder trees from other platforms. 

So if you want to approach the quickest way to categorize files into folders and organize the folder tree in your WordPress media library, check out the steps for streamlining the process. 

We also have some nifty tips and tricks to help you effortlessly execute all of the operations to organize the Offload WordPress media, including uploading all types of files, folders, backups, and even importing and exporting. 

How to Upload & Organize WordPress Media Files

Uploading files to your media library is as easy as pie, but let’s chat about how to effectively manage those files and save some precious time down the line. That’s where our friendly helper, CatFolders, comes in. 

CatFolders is HERE! Get Organized with WP Media Folders

Step 1: Set the Startup Folder to Categorize Media Files.

After activating CatFolders and going to Media, this setting tab will pop up. It helps you determine which folder is active when you first open the media library. By default, the startup folder is set to “Uncategorized” 

However, you have the option to choose from several other folders, depending on your preferences:

  • Previous folder selected
  • All files
  • Uncategorized
  • Specific File

Step 2: Create a Folder to Organize WordPress Media Library

The process of creating a new folder on the media file page is straightforward. At the top of the page, you will find the “New Folder” icon which helps you to create a new folder or subfolder.

After clicking on the “New Folder” icon, you will be prompted to enter a name for the folder. Once you enter the name, click on “Save” to create the folder.

If you need to rename or delete a folder, simply right-click on the folder, and a popup menu will appear with options.

Step 3: Upload and Categorize your WordPress Media Files

You can categorize the existing media files and you can add new media files directly into the folder.

  • To categorize existing media files, you can drag and drop the media file into the folder. CatFolders plugin allows you to bulk select multiple thumbnails too.
  • To add a new media file, go inside the folder by selecting the target folder and then click on the Add New button to add new media. Once the uploading is completed it will be placed inside the selected folder.

How to Streamline Folder Tree WordPress Media Library

With WP Media Folders, not only can you upload files into folders in an organized manner, but you can also upload entire folder trees from your computer or other plugins in a similar fashion to FTP.  Let us show you how it’s done!

Import Existing Folder Tree

CatFolders is a useful tool that allows you to easily upload multiple folders from your computer to a selected folder. This tool ensures that the folder tree format is maintained during the upload process, making it a seamless transfer to your WordPress media library. 

Upload Folder Trees from the Computer

For example, you want to upload the folder “Computer import” involving two sub-folders “Demo” and “POD Pattern” from your computer to the WordPress media library.

All you have to do is just open up the folder location on your computer, drag and drop the folders into the Media Library, then sit back and relax while CatFolders uploads all your files.

And the result is a new folder containing two sub-folders has been created with 30 files insides. What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of folders you can upload!

Import Folders from Other Plugins

CatFolders also offers an easy way to import your media files and folders from other WordPress media file organizer plugins. By simply activating the plugin, it will automatically detect all folders and categories you created in the past using other plugins. 

To import them, you just need to select the folder you want to import and click the “Import now” button. This will import all the folders and their organized media files into CatFolders, making it a convenient, all-in-one solution for managing your media files in WordPress.

To date, CatFolders supports easy folder import from these plugins:

  1. FileBird by NinjaTeam
  2. Enhanced Media Library by Webbistro
  3. WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry
  4. WordPress Real Media Library by Devowl
  5. WP Media Folder by JoomUnited
  6. HappyFiles by Thomas Ehrig
  7. Folders by Premio

If you have any additional requests for support, you can create a ticket and our CatFolders team will promptly provide customized assistance to meet your needs.

Organize WordPress Media Library’s Folder Tree

Streamlining and organizing the folders in CatFolders is even easier. 

To change the order of a folder in the folder tree, simply drag and drop it to the desired position. This feature allows you to create a temporary order for the current view. 

Additionally, you can sort the folders by either ascending or descending order based on their names. This can be useful in organizing your folders and finding specific ones quickly.

How to Export Folder Tree from WordPress Media Library

If you have a well-structured folder system within your WordPress media library and you wish to maintain a backup, you can utilize the Backup and Restore tool of CatFolders. 

The backup file will contain numerous attachments depending on the number of files and folders you have. And here is what your backup file might look like.

That’s it! The guideline is so simple, we’ve already shown you how to do it above! Don’t wait any longer, give CatFolders a try for free today and experience the joys of organized files.

Best Plugins to Organize WordPress Media Library

1. CatFolders

CatFolders provides a fast, flexible, and professional way to categorize your media files, allowing you to easily access and find the files you need. With CatFolders, you can create custom folders directly within your WordPress media library, all while minimizing loading time and maximizing performance. 

Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or creative professional, this plugin is the perfect solution for taking your media organization game to the next level.

Key Features:

Streamlined drag-and-drop interface benefits in various aspects of file management and helps organize WordPress media library into folders with ease. It allows users to:

  • Move a folder within a parent folder.
  • Select and move multiple files in bulk to a folder.
  • Move multiple folders, including their contents, into another folder while preserving their organizational structure
  • Upload multiple folders from your computer into a selected folder in the media library for hassle-free organization.
  • Use Folder permission functionality so that administrators can assign varying permissions to different user roles.

2. FileBird

With over 100,000 happy users, FileBird is the ultimate solution to help organize WordPress media library with ease.

With FileBird, you can effortlessly categorize your media library using a simple drag-and-drop system, complete with a clean and intuitive user interface, native icons, dynamic galleries, and advanced sorting options. Plus, the free version of FileBird lets you create unlimited main folders and subfolders.

Key Features:

  • Startup Folder: Smartly select a specific or previously opened folder for quick access and to save time.
  • File Location: Easily locate and change the containing folder of any file through its details modal.
  • Context Menu: Effortlessly create, rename, cut, paste, or delete folders by right-clicking on the FileBird folders section.
  • Migration: Seamlessly import and synchronize media category/folder structure from other popular WordPress media library plugins.
  • User-Based Folder View: Administrators and other users with access can create their own categories/directories, without affecting others’ structures. This allows for personalized folder management.
  • Custom Folder Color (PRO): Users can select a unique color for specific folders, making it easy to distinguish them from others.

3. Filester

Filester – a charming WP File Manager Pro plugin that you can download and use completely free of charge. With all the premium features you could want from an advanced file manager, Filester allows you to manage your WordPress configuration files with ease.

With Filester – File Manager Pro, you can effortlessly copy, paste, create archives, download, upload, edit, delete, preview, duplicate, and get info on your WordPress configuration and directory files – all without the hassle of FTP access.

Plus, all the necessary file operations have been fully provided and tested on a variety of servers and browsers.

Key Features:

  • Smart context menu: right-click on any files to make operations
  • Manage files and folders easily: copy, move, upload, create folder/file, rename, duplicate, etc.
  • Built-in advanced code editor: Integrated development environment ACE Editor, CodeMirror, CKEditor, TinyMCE, and others
  • Flexible configuration: access rights, uploadable file types/extensions, maximum file size limit, and more
  • Create/extract archives: .zip, .rar, .xz, .tar, .gzip
  • User authority settings: file extensions to be locked, file visibility, root path access, .htaccess file
  • Edit media files: using Photopea, TUI Image Editor
  • Multiple languages supported: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, etc.
  • RTL supported: Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, etc.
  • Multi-root support
  • Hidden files/folders options: Set hidden files for other users
  • Root path for each user role

FAQ about Organizing WordPress Media Library

1. Can I create subfolders in the WordPress media library?

While the default WordPress media library does not have this feature, you can utilize a WordPress media folders plugin, such as CatFolders, to create and organize your media content into folders and sub-folders. 

There are two methods for creating sub-folders: 

  1. Right-click on the folder where you want to create the sub-folder and choose “Add New Folder”
  2. Select “New Folder” from the top right of the menu toolbar to create a new folder and then drag and drop it into the desired mother folder to turn it into a sub-folder. 

This will allow for a more efficient and organized media library within your WordPress site.

2. How can I import a preexisting folder structure?

With CatFolders, you can upload entire folder trees from your computer or other plugins in a similar fashion to FTP. 

  • If you want to upload from your computer, all you have to do is just open up the folder location on your computer, drag and drop the folders into the Media Library, then sit back and relax while CatFolders uploads all your files and folder structure.
  • If you want to import preexisting folder structure from other WordPress media file organizer plugins, CatFolders help you automatically detect all folders and categories you created in the past using other plugins. You just need to select the folder you want to import and click the “Import now” button. 

3. Does it affect permanent links when reordering the WordPress media library files and folders? 

This WP Media Folders – CatFolders plugin helps create virtual folders for your own view. It doesn’t make changes to your physical media folders or affect your media file URLs.

Conclusion: Best Ways to Organize WordPress Media Library

In conclusion, organizing your WordPress media library may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of the CatFolders plugin and our tips and tricks, it’s easier than ever. With the CatFolders plugin, you can easily create and customize your WordPress media library into well-organized folders to suit your specific needs. So, take some time to tidy up your media library and enjoy a more efficient and organized WordPress experience.

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