How to Modify WooCommerce Shop Page?

How to Modify WooCommerce Shop Page?

Searching for various approaches to altering your shop page? You’ve gone to the ideal spot. In this aide, you will learn various techniques to alter your WooCommerce Shop Page bit by bit: physically, utilizing page manufacturers, and modules.

The shop page is the place where you show your items so it’s one of the main pages in your store. That is the reason it ought to have an alluring and easy-to-use plan.

The shop page is a pre-planned part of your store and doesn’t have an implicit apparatus to change its look and feel. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t transform it by any stretch of the imagination. In this aide, you will figure out how to alter the WooCommerce shop page utilizing three unique techniques.

What is WooCommerce Shop Page and Why Should you Modify It?

A shop page, as characterized by WooCommerce, is “a placeholder for a post kind document for items”. Basically, it’s the page where you show your items so it’s imperative for the accomplishment of your business. Prior to going into how you can alter it, how about we view why you ought to tweak the WooCommerce shop page.

Presently, envision you stroll into a store to purchase something. What decides your fulfillment with the shopping system? Perhaps the main thing is the manner by which the items are orchestrated and how effectively you can discover what you’re searching for. We live in an interconnected world on account of the Web. Also, particularly in the hour of the worldwide pandemic, shopping has moved from physical to online stores. It is normal that in the following 20 years, around 95% of all buys will be on the web.

Individuals shop online on the grounds that it’s simpler and quicker (or if nothing else it should be). So how you organize your items on the WooCommerce shop page and how you show them to your clients can make a major difference. Not just to your transformations and income yet in addition to the standing of your shop.

Benefits of customizing the Shop Page

All things considered, modifying the WooCommerce Shop page has a few advantages:

  • Stand apart from contenders. Most stores have a similar shop page, so you’ll stick out in the event that you modify yours
  • Further, develop client experience
  • Increment change rates and deals
  • Enhancements in Website optimization. Aside from altering its plan, you can alter the shop page and add content that your clients will discover on Google

Since we better comprehend why you ought to modify the shop page, we should zero in on the accompanying inquiry. How might you establish a decent connection with your clients when they arrive at your shop page? The key is to have an appealing and easy-to-use plan that makes the purchasing system simple. That is actually quite difficult.

Nonetheless, in this aide, we’ll tell you the best way to deal with the plan of the WooCommerce shop page.

How to Modify WooCommerce Shop Page: A step-by-step Guide

In this part, we’ll tell you the best way to tweak the shop page utilizing three unique techniques:

  1. Automatically
  2. Build Shop Page by NextWoo
  3. With modules

1) Redoing the WooCommerce Shop Page Automatically

In the first place, how about we perceive how to tweak your WooCommerce shop page without depending on a page developer or a module. The best benefit of this technique is that you will not add any outsider application to your site. Despite the fact that this shouldn’t take in excess of a couple of moments since we will not do any troublesome coding, it’s better in the event that you have some essential coding abilities.

Stage 1: Make a youngster subject

On the off chance that you haven’t made a kid topic for your subject so far, it’s about time you had one. We suggest a youngster subject since, supposing that you make changes to your topic and afterward update it, the new documents will supplant the old ones and you’ll lose the changes.

Notwithstanding, you can stay away from that by redoing your topic from the youngster subject. You can make a kid topic utilizing various techniques. You can utilize a kid topic module or code it yourself. For more data about the two strategies, look at our aide on the most proficient method to make a kid subject in WordPress.

Stage 2: Make the envelope structure in your kid topic

Presently, we’ll utilize an FTP customer to change the site records. In the event that you don’t have an FTP account, we suggest FileZilla programming yet you can utilize any customer you like. Subsequent to making your kid topic, go to your site documents and follow this course:/wp-content/subjects/your-topic.

Suppose, you have made a youngster subject for the Twenty topic. The envelope name ought to be something like the twenty-twenty-kid topic. Then, at that point, click it and make an envelope called WooCommerce. From that point forward, make a record called file product.php, which is the shop page layout document. You’ve made a WooCommerce shop page in your store yet it’s clear so presently you need to add some substance.

Stage 3: Make content for your shop page

Remember that whatever you write in the content manager of the document product.php will show up on the shop page, and your clients will see it. Here you can utilize some coding to do something amazing with your shop page. Notwithstanding, in case you don’t know how to do it, go to the subsequent stage.

Stage 4: Make a shop page format

Rather than making a WooCommerce shop page without any preparation, you can utilize a current format and adjust it. For this, return to the parent topic and search for the single.php or the index.php document. On the off chance that you see both of the two, duplicate it and glue it into the WooCommerce organizer you have made in Sync 2. On the off chance that you see the two documents, duplicate single.php. Then, at that point, erase the document product.php record and change the name of the document you have quite recently glued here to file product.php.

With this, we will utilize the post format record as your shop page however it’ll appear as though an item page. In any case, this isn’t great. You need your WooCommerce shop page to seem as though a shop page, not an item page. To modify it, we’ll utilize some shortcodes.

Stage 5: Modify the shop page utilizing shortcodes

In the first place, partition items into segments or lines. For instance, assuming you need to show your items in 2 sections of 6 items max, you need to glue the accompanying code into the file product.

Let’s have a look at another example of what you can do to programmatically customize your shop page in WooCommerce. Let’s say you want to display your most popular products.

#HowtoModifyWooCommerceShopPage #NextWoo #ShopTemplate #WooCommerceTemplate #ProductTemplate

Similarly, you can display top-rated products, best-selling products, and much more. We recommend you play around and customize the shop page using shortcodes or via coding to give it the perfect look and feel for your business.

For more ideas about how to customize your store with a bit of coding, check out our guide on how to edit the WooCommerce shop page programmatically.

2) Modify the WooCommerce Shop Page with Page Builder and NextWoo Plugin

NextWoo is the best plugin for customizing the WooCommerce shop page and you can setup ready templates.

Albeit the past strategy saves you some time, it could be hard for individuals without coding abilities. That is the reason here we’ll show a simpler method to finish the stunt without changing your subject’s documents. In this segment, you’ll figure out how to modify the WooCommerce shop page utilizing your page manufacturer. With page developers, you can change the shop page plan, format, item types, and items to show.

What’s more, you will not have to compose any code or adjust the subject records. Whether or not you’re utilizing Elementor, Visual Arranger, Divi, or some other page manufacturer, this technique is viable with every one of them.

NOTE: You will not have to compose any line of code yet it’d help in case you’re comfortable with WooCommerce shortcodes. Our shortcodes guide is a decent beginning stage. Presently, we should view how to tweak your shop page utilizing a page manufacturer. To do this, there are two fundamental stages:

Make a page to show your items with a page manufacturer

Make that page your shop page

Stage 1: Make a posting page with the page manufacturer and fill it with content

I accept that you’re all acquainted with page manufacturer, so here we will not disclose to you how to utilize it. In this aide, we’ll use Elementor as our page manufacturer. The principal thing you need to do is make another page:

#HowtoModifyWooCommerceShopPage #NextWoo #ShopTemplate #WooCommerceTemplate #ProductTemplate

Normally, in your WooCommerce shop, you would display featured, best-selling, and new arrival products. Here, we’ll create a shop page with featured and best-selling products.

#HowtoModifyWooCommerceShopPage #NextWoo #ShopTemplate #WooCommerceTemplate #ProductTemplate

Now, let’s add some content to the page. To do this, we’ll use some WooCommerce shortcodes. There are many shortcodes that you can use depending on the categories of products you want to display.

Stage 2: Make the recently made page your Shop Page

After you’ve made the new page, you need to make it your WooCommerce shop page. To do this, we suggest you introduce a youngster topic. On the off chance that you haven’t made one yet, we suggest utilizing any of these youngster subject modules that you like. Here, we’ll keep accepting you’ve introduced and made a youngster subject.

  • Get the URL of your recently made page
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard
  • Snap Appearance > Subject Manager, and afterward click I comprehend on the off chance that you see a spring up
  • From that point onward, you will be taken to a page where you will actually want to get to the Topic Capacity records on the right
#HowtoModifyWooCommerceShopPage #NextWoo #ShopTemplate #WooCommerceTemplate #ProductTemplate

IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste the code as it is without deleting anything, and remember to replace your URL within the wp_redirect(‘[yourURL]’) Then, update the file and that’s it! You have just created a customized WooCommerce shop page.

3) Customize WooCommerce Shop Page with Plugins

In this part, you’ll figure out how to modify the shop page in WooCommerce utilizing modules. Probably the best ones out there are:

  1. WooCustomizer
  2. WooCommerce Item Table by WC Item Table (Free and premium)
  3. WooCommerce Item Table by Barn2 (Premium)

In this part, we’ll tell you the best way to alter the shop page utilizing both free and premium devices.

3.1) WooModify

#HowtoModifyWooCommerceShopPage #NextWoo #ShopTemplate #WooCommerceTemplate #ProductTemplate

WooModify is a magnificent module to tweak the WooCommerce shop page. It permits you to alter your item, truck, client record, and checkout pages in a couple of snaps. This module has a lot of provisions and allows you to customize your entire WooCommerce store. Zeroing in on the shop page customization alternatives, with WooCustomizer you can:

  • Alter shop pages with in excess of 20 settings to browse
  • Eliminate or alter components from the WooCommerce Shop, chronicle, and item pages
  • Erase WooCommerce breadcrumbs from shop and item pages
  • Eliminate or alter shop page components, for example, the coupons segment on the truck page, or the text for the truck coupons drop-down
  • Add an AJAX item search bar and an item fast view spring up on your shop pages
  • Redo the number of items per column and page on the shop pages
  • Change the number of segments shown on the shop and document pages
  • Add item fast view to allow clients to see the items from the shop page
  • Alter the shop page and file deal flags
  • Furthermore, considerably more


All things considered, the plan of the shop page and how you show your items can enormously affect your transformations. In WooCommerce, the shop page is pre-assembled and despite the fact that there are a few choices to alter its design, they’re really restricted.

So altering it utilizing any of the three strategies portrayed in this aide will make you stand apart from the group. Moreover, it’ll better address your business and will show a polished methodology to your clients. We’ve told you the best way to redo the shop page utilizing three distinct techniques:

  • Physically
  • With page manufacturers
  • With modules

Every one of them has its upsides and downsides however they’ll all take care of business so utilize the one that best suits your necessities and abilities. In the event that you don’t have coding abilities, you can alter the shop page with your page manufacturers or with modules. We prescribe WooCustomizer as it’s not difficult to utilize, gives you a lot of elements to enhance your store, and has free form.

At long last, on the off chance that you have a solid presence in web-based media, you ought to consider interfacing Facebook Shop to WooCommerce. Thusly, you will actually want to transfer your item inventory to Facebook so clients can see items and go straightforwardly to your site’s checkout page to finish the buy. Assuming you need to modify different segments of your store, look at a portion of these aides:

This present time it’s your opportunity to make the most out of it and enhance your WooCoommerce shop page. Have you attempted any of these techniques? Which one is your top choice? Kindly let us know your opinion about them and let us know whether you have any inquiries!

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