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How to Install and Use Cleanly Plugin in WordPress 2023

How to Install and Use Cleanly Plugin in WordPress 2023

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll show you how to effectively install and use a cleaning service booking plugin WordPress, Cleanly.

In this short guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of using a cleaning service booking WordPress plugin, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user.

From choosing the right plugin to customizing its settings, we’ll provide you with practical tips to optimize your website‘s layout and create a seamless user experience.

What Purpose Does The Cleaning Service Booking WordPress Plugin Cleanly Serves? 

By completely changing how cleaning services are booked and managed, the Cleaning Service Booking Plugin WordPress fulfills a vital need. Its main purpose is to offer consumers an easy and convenient online booking system for cleaning services.

Customers can choose their chosen service, specify the preferred date and time, and include any particular instructions or requests without having to make phone calls or send emails, saving time.

The WordPress booking plugin also makes scheduling appointments easier for service providers. By automatically updating availability, avoiding multiple bookings, and providing a calendar interface with well-known programs, it guarantees a smooth workflow. 

How To Install WordPress Booking Plugin Cleanly?

Add the most efficient cleaning service booking plugin Cleanly by just following some easy steps to your WordPress dashboard. Let’s see the installation and activation process of the Cleanly Plugin

Add a WordPress booking plugin to the WordPress website from the dashboard.

To install the cleaning service booking plugin Cleanly first purchase the Cleanly plugin from ThemeDev’s website. Get the WordPress book plugin and license. After that Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to the Plugin >> Add new >> Upload Plugin

This page will redirect to the upload plugin page. Then click on Upload Plugin.

 Then Click on Choose file and upload the Cleanly WordPress Plugin from the zip file. After that click on Install Now. Thus the installation process is complete. 

After completing the installation process go to the Installed Plugin and activate your required plugin Cleanly. 

How To Use The Clean Plugin In WordPress?

To access this cleaning service booking on your website, first of all, install and activate the plugin in your WordPress Dashboard. After activating the WordPress booking plugin plugin, you will have a tab for Cleanly. Go to the tab to access all the features.

All Booking.

After activating the cleaning service booking plugin WordPress, you can see a Cleanly tab on the left side of your admin panel. Click on this. At first, you can see the All Booking tab. All Booking redirects to a page where you can see all the bookings and each of these booking details. 

You can search for particular booking details. You are also allowed to filter bookings on dates, status, etc. Bulk action is also applicable for your convenience.

Settings Section 

Click on the Settings tab. Settings will redirect to a page where you will find all the features and functionalities to access and customize the form.

In Settings, there are Booking Settings, Form Data, Additional Form Data, Payment Settings, PDF Invoice, NextCRM, Email Invoice and Backup.

Booking Settings

Now go for the Settings option and you can see here Booking Settings. In this portion, you can choose the design for the booking form as default or advance. After making any changes always remember to click on Save All Changes.

Now go for the Settings option and you can see here Booking Settings. In this portion, you can choose the design for the booking form as default or advance. After making any changes always remember to click on Save All Changes.

Now it turns to create a single form or multistep form. In Booking Settings, here is the enabling option for Single form settings. Use the shortcode for a single form and also select a particular page and position to display the Single Form for the booking process. 

Let’s see the single form in the front portion.

Similarly, below the Single Form settings, you can see the Multi-Step Form Settings. For having it use the shortcode for the multistep form and choose a page, position, and layout for the multi-step form’s placement.

Here is presented the multi-step form in frontend.

You can also add a My Account section for your customers. That means every customer can create an account and access its functionalities very easily. Use the shortcode to display my account section anywhere on a page. 

You can also select a page, position, and layout for placing the My Account section.

Here is my account page on the front end.

In the Quick Booking Form’s section, you can find the shortcode of the Quick Booking Form portion.  Select a page and position to display the Quick Booking Form.  You have to set a title for this quick booking form.

Let’s see the Quick Booking form in the front.

Cleanly offers the facility to display a booking summary where all booking details, costs, and others will be displayed in a short tab.

Whenever a customer changes anything, it will also be changed immediately in the booking summary section. 

To access this, Enable the Booking Summary. Set a title for the Booking Summary and also select a layout for it. 

Next, there are Terms & Conditions. You can also add a section of Terms & Conditions.  Select a page to display the section of Terms & Conditions.

The Booking Summary in the front portion seems like the following image.

If you want, you can reset all the settings with the help of this button Reset All Options.

Form Data

Enter your required Form title and Form subtitle into the related fields.

In the Tax Settings section, you can enable the option for Vat & Tax with a perfect Vat & Tax title. 

If you enabled the Vat & Tax then fix the types and amount. You can also reset the settings.


Set the form wrapper’s border color and style. You can also change the border width and radius you want. The Form wrapper’s padding, shadow, and background color can also be customized.

You can fix the Heading Typography title and description color, fonts, align, weight, and transform. 

Typography for the Booking summary can be customized. The color, and font, align. weight and transform can be changed as per your demand. Below the Typography there are Color, Padding, Border color and style etc provides available options to pick.

Now it’s turn to the Minimize Icon. You can pick any icon color and its background color. 

Form Data

Enter your required Form title and Form subtitle into the related fields.

In the Tax Settings section, you can enable the option for Vat & Tax with a perfect Vat & Tax title. 

If you enabled the Vat & Tax then fix the types and amount. You can also reset the settings.

Step: 1 # Types

In the Form Data portion, there are numerous steps to edit the data and fields of the Single or Multi-step form. The first step is Types.  Enable the option for booking type. That means there will be the option about what kind of cleaning will be provided and your customer will pick the desired one. You have to choose the title, subtitle  

Set any Input type between Box and Select. You can add different kinds of cleaning stages according to the need. Advanced search can also be displayed if you need it. 

Always remember to click on Save All Changes after making any changes to the features.

Step: 2 # Like 

This portion allows you to provide some options about how often your customer may want to get the cleaning service. It can be on one time, weekly, monthly, or daily basis according to your service-providing terms. 

Enable this section and choose a title so that the customer can easily understand your questions. Also set a subtitle, tab title for Multi-step form, and input type as box or select. 

You add more and more options for your customers to pick one. Enable the Display Advance Search to show the Advance Search box.

Step : 3 # About

Enabling About your Home/ Office/ Others you will define the places and rooms that could be cleaned up by your service providers. So long you’re providing options like home, bedroom, office, bathroom, etc. customers can select their desired one.

Set the title, subtitle, tab title, and input type for this section. 

Select one input type like a box or select. And add possible places names that could be cleaned up.

Step: 4 # Extra

If you want to provide extra services on some extra things like cleaning the oven, cleaning the window, ironing, etc then you can set this portion. From this portion, your customer can pick any extra thing to clean up. 

For this, you need to set a particular title, subtitle, Icon type, etc. 

Add more and more options or types for extra cleaning purposes.  

Step: 5 # Time

To get the cleaning service your customer must select one date and time. So you have to create a field from where your customer can select the time and date specifically. 

First of all, enable this feature and set a title as well as a subtitle and tab title. 

Fix the Input Type and add the times available for providing cleaning services. 

Similarly, you can enable the today date. Set the limit of days and weekends. 

There is another option Disable Date which allows you to pick the date from the calendar. 

Step: 6# Custom

Setup Custom Field provides a field where customers can write about their extra requirements or any special comments. 

Fix the label, type, etc for this field. 


Now it’s turn to set the style of the Form Data section. To access the features of Style,  click on this tab. 

At first, you can see the features to customize the Type/Like Button. Set the Typography font and color, Border color and type, Background color, Padding, etc.

Now the Active Button can also be customized with color, border color, type, Background color, etc. 

Icon/Image allows setting the Typography, Padding, Border, and Background

Customize the quantity section’s Color, Border type, color, Input Border, etc.  

Additional Data Form

Enable it to display Additional Form Data. Add an Additional Data form and set a title and subtitle for it. 

You can add new items with multiple choice and set the icon type. If needed you can add more child items. 

Payment & Settings

Now click on Payment & Settings. Create a Tab title for the multi-step form. 

Set up the booking time. Select the type of time and a particular time to expire any booking if a customer could not complete the payment.

Then go for Personal Information. Create the necessary fields to collect the personal information of a customer to confirm a booking.

Set the title and subtitle for this section and then create fields for First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, etc. as you want. 

Then create a Payment Method portion. Enable the required button and then select the currency that you want to use and set a title. 

Set the subtitle and select a payment gateway as well as a default gateway.

You can fix the stripe test settings. First, enable the test mode, Then enter the required publishable key and secret key.

You can create a perfect Thank You page for your customers after confirming the booking. Use the shortcode, select a page, and position it to display the Thank You page. 


Now you are allowed to customize the style of Payment & Settings related features. Just click on the Style tab.

Firstly you can set the payment card’s color, border style and color, input background, and background.

Then customize the style for the personal info section. Set the typography color and font. Also set the border color, style, background color, and padding. 

Customize the styles of the Submit button. Set the typography color and font, background color, and padding for Submit Button. 

PDF Invoice 

To create a perfect PDF invoice insert a logo. Set your company name, name, address, city and store, country, company email, etc. 

You can also enable the option for showing the website address. You also have to set the Header message, footer message, and template tags. You can also create a field for additional notes.

Next CRM

The most amazing thing is you can connect with NextCRM. Your Cleanly customers automatic listing into NextCRM.

Email Invoice 

In Email Invoice, you can set an email template. You have to set the sender email and receiver email here. You also need to fix the subject line and template tags.

Then there is the available field for inserting the email body template. Create a perfect email body template for your convenience. 


This plugin also provides you the facility to import data as well as export data for a backup purpose by accessing the Backup tab. You can export and download backups if you need. 

Final Thought

Simply installing the best cleaning service booking plugin WordPress like Cleanly will enable your business to be more adaptable in its cleaning operations. By utilizing WordPress to build a professional services website for your business, you can connect with potential consumers and advertise your online presence.

Finding the best WordPress scheduling plugin plugin for cleaning service booking, on your website may be challenging given the wide range of options.

Consider your options carefully and select the best cleaning booking system to meet all of your needs. Simply installing the best cleaning service booking plugin  for cleaning service booking 

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