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How to Fix Failed to Open Stream Error in WordPress

How to Fix Failed to Open Stream Error in WordPress

Are you seeing the ‘failed to open stream error in WordPress? This error usually points out the location of the scripts where the error has occurred. However, it is quite difficult for beginner users to understand it. This article will show you how to easily fix the WordPress failed to open stream error.

This error generally points out the location of the scripts where the error occurs. However, it is a hard task for newbie users to understand it. in this post, I shall show you how to fix the WordPress failed to open stream error.

Why Failed to Open Stream Error Occurs?

Before I try to fix this error, it is necessary for you to know that what causes failed to open stream error in WordPress.

This error arises when WordPress is not able to load the file mentioned in the code of the site. When this error occurs, at times WordPress will show a warning message that will continue to load the website. sometimes, it will display a fatal error and will not load anything else.

The phrase of the message can be different because it depends on the location of the error and the reason for failure. In addition, it also gives you clues about what do you need to fix.

Fixing Failed to Open Stream Error in WordPress

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As I described earlier, the error can be a result of a number of reasons and the error message will also be different. It depends on the location and cause of the file which is causing the error.

In every example, failure to open stream phrase will be a result of a certain reason. For instance, no such file or directory, permission denied, the operation failed, and so on.

Now if your error message consists of ‘no such file or directory, then you need to go through the code to find out which file is mentioned at the specific line.

If it is a theme file or plugin, then it means that the theme files or the plugin were either not installed properly or deleted. Simply deactivate and reinstall the plugin/ theme to fix the error.

However, there is also a chance that WordPress is unable to find the files because of a missing .htaccess file available in the root folder. In this situation, you need to visit the Settings>Permalinks page in the admin of your WordPress and click on the save settings button to regenerate the .htaccess file.

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If the error message is something like ‘Permission denied’, then it means that WordPress does not have the right permission to access the directory referenced in the code or file.

To resolve this, you need to go through our post on Fix File and Folder permissions in WordPress and correct them if required.

In the end, there are some WordPress plugins that load scripts from third-party sources including Facebook APIs, Google AnalyticsGoogle Maps, and other APIs.

Some of these APIs may need authentication or may have changed the way of accessing them by developers. A failure or authenticate or incorrect access method will result in WordPress failing to open the needed files.

To resolve this issue, you need to contact the author of the plugin to get support. They will be able to help you and fix the error.

I hope that you liked the post, and you learn how to fix the WordPress ‘failed to open stream error. You may want to see our post on How to Change the WordPress Database prefix to improve security.


We hope this article helped you fix the WordPress “failed to open stream” error. Good luck!

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