How to Fix Elementor Not Loading Error Step by Step?

How to Fix Elementor Not Loading Error Step by Step?

Are you facing the “Elementor Widgets Not Loading” error on your site? If yes, you are one of the several users who have been troubled by this issue. We have been continuously receiving similar reports from our customers as well.

After fixing the issue on several sites, we decided to write to share the possible solutions.

What is Elementor not Loading Error?

Elementor not Loading error leads to the following situations:

  1. An inactive Widgets panel when Elementor is active on any page.
  2. Blank Screen when trying to load Elementor

Since the widgets don’t get loaded and activated, the page builder becomes unusable. However, we have noticed that sometimes you can edit existing content on the page without any issues. But, adding new sections or content to the page is not possible. Here’s a screenshot of the issue:

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How to Fix It?

“Elementor not Loading,” or “Elementor Widgets Panel not Loading” can be caused due to several factors. It could be due to limited server resources, plugin conflicts, third-party addons, etc. Most of the time, we noticed that using several Elementor addons leads to high resource usage. With Elementor’s increasing popularity, there are a lot of add-ons coming out every day. But, a lot of these are not following the right coding practices or borrowing code from each other.

7 Ways to fix Elementor not Loading error

1. Check Plugin Conflicts

The first step to debug any such issues is to look for possible plugin conflicts. Deactivate all the plugins on your site except Elementor and Elementor Pro. Now, check if Elementor is loading or not. If Elementor loads correctly then probably we have a plugin conflict or the server is running out of resources.

Start activating plugins one by one and at the same time keep checking Elementor’s functionality. If Elementor stops loading after activating a particular plugin then this could be a plugin conflict.

Now, check if you see any JS errors or Messages in the Console when you try to load Elementor on a page.

2. Check PHP Version & PHP Memory Limit

If the web hosting server is running an outdated version of PHP or has a limited PHP Memory then it can also lead to “Elementor not Loading” error. Elementor recommends using PHP 7.0 or higher for best performance with a preferred 128M or higher memory limit. In case your site uses some third-party Elementor addons and plugins then it’s recommended to have a higher memory limit.

3. Disable Unused Widgets

If you are using Elementor addons, then you can try disabling unused Elementor Widgets. Deactivating/Disabling unused Elementor widgets will reduce resource usage and can fix the loading errors.

4. Check .htaccess File

If your site is running on an Apache server (most of the shared hosting providers use this setup) then you can the contents of the .htaccess fileIncorrect settings in the .htaccess file can also break the functionality. You can create a backup of the existing .htaccess file and create a new one with the default content as mentioned here.

5. Increase Apache Service Limit

Sometimes the server reaches it’s resource limits, in this case, you can increase the limit by adding the following code to the .htaccess file 

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 30m

6. Change Editor Loading Method

Elementor provides an option to change the front-end editor’s loading method. But we don’t have much information about what and how it works. Use the option switch front-end editor loader method. You can find it in the settings of Elementor in your WordPress Dashboard (see the screenshot below). Enable this option and check if it solved the issue.

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7. Use well-coded Elementor addons

Using a lot of “free” elementor addons will consume more server resources, conflicts and several other compatibility issues. So, it’s always recommended to pick one or two of the best elementor addons for the best performance. Before making a decision, check the Elementor addon has good reviews, is regularly updated and is backed by a strong team of WordPress experts.

If you are looking for a reliable Elementor addon, check out Next Addons for Elementor. It’s lightweight, optimized for performance that offers 60+ Elementor Widgets and 20+ Elementor Features.

Did these solutions work for you? Let us know if you come across any other way to fix the Elementor not Loading error in the comment section below.

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